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  1. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA in its final configuration.
  2. Hey guys check out my Ak in action. ...and no thats not full auto i can pull the trigger pretty fast though.
  3. Hey guys check this out. So i was upset one day and saw the prices of ca legal mags skyrocketed. I send him a message saying how i didnt like his prices and that i thought he was price gouging.. this is what he sent me back.. Ticket status: Completed Department: General Subject: check this out We have filed a police report. Any and all further communication and evidence will be provided and logged to your case number. It will be transferred to your local authorities who will be handling it from there. Not a good idea to attempt to harass someone with many friends in the LE / GOV community.
  4. http://inagist.com/all/297906837804691456/
  5. Hey guys so way off topic..i guess not too far off, as you guys know im getting a Citadel 1911 45 acp. and am wondering if anybody knew of a direct replacement barrel that i can drop in without a gunsmith or much fitting at all. i am pretty knowlegable with all guns and am willing to tackel any project. any help is appriciated.
  6. hey guys just noticed a tiny burr lookin mark at the end of my barrel on my saiga ak. it is very small but was wondering what the chances are of a crack occuring in this area. it is about 1.5 inches from the muzzle. it doesnt look like a crack really but i just wanna make sure. i figured if it was a crack it would happen near the chamber where most of the pressure occurs.
  7. Hey guys would you be able to tell if the rear end of the bolt on an ak was soft because it wasnt heat treated properly? If so how would u be able to tell? Would you be able to get 2000 rounds through it and have minor wear or would it be all smashed in?
  8. Is it true that Hoppes 9 solvent is bad for chrome lined bores. i hear it can get under the chrome and attack the supposed copper lining that the chrome adhears to. Ive always used it and it sounds like bullshit. what do you guys think.
  9. So I am wondering if ammo will ever go back to normal and be stocked up again. I doubt any ban will happen so i hope everyone realizes this and calms down with the panic buying. it has caused every shop in town to put a limit on boxes you can buy. its really not worth the trip to town unless im gettin at least 200 rounds.
  10. So as most of you know ive been wondering about my hammer dingin up the end of my bolt. well im wondering if it could get bad enough to where the hammer rests on the firing pin as well as the end of the bolt? could this break firing pins?
  11. So Dianne Fienstein failed miserably with her assault weapon ban with the senate. I figured that much but since she cant get her way federally, shes goin for the same laws but in California. I think shes goin after the bullet button and gonna make it hard to get ammo such as background checks and waiting periods and an annual ammunition permit. Shes a fucking moron. Alls she is doing is making it hard for law abiding citizens to protect their families and them selves from the criminals.
  12. Hey guys I need someone to slap the shit outta me. I am thinking of selling my ak (the one i posted pics of) to buy another pistol and get my ccw. I know deep down i really dont wanna sell it and i know ill miss the hell outta it. this is my favorite gun and hobby so someone talk me outta of it please.
  13. Hey guys i had to reface the hammer on my saiga. It was hitting only the top part of the bolt instead of hitting it flush. Any body have similar experiences?
  14. From the album: Variety

    Since "picture worth one thousand word", here it comes. AKAR-DA scope sighting on (cheep but dependable) TulAmmo 55 grain .223 (ran out of time to try with match-grade ammo). (Please, notice: precision marksmanship was not a goal here, nor it is my "forte"). Even with "birdcage", muzzle rise is easily manageable and recoil is very AR-ish light. Happy Shooting!
  15. Was at the range today and shot a Yugo PAP for the first time. I must say this rifle is very sexy and would love to have one of my own. The guy wanted to trade me strait across for my Saiga Ak but I dont think the Yugo is better quality than the Saiga line of rifles. Any ways was just wondering what you guys thought about em. The Yugo wasnt nearly as accurate as my black beauty but was still a very fine piece of art.
  16. So heres my beauty.. ..and heres another..by the way those are all 10 round blocked mags with 30 round bodies. So what do you all think?
  17. Hey guys I know I will get knocked for this but I wanna ask anyway. So I think my hammer spring is actually too stiff and I think this because my bolt on my other saigas is even where the hammer makes contact but on this particular one it is leaving a small enough dent where the face that contacts the hammer is wearing very slightly uneven. I dont think it will get any worse but I just had to ask. Does this really matter. I tried to take pics but my camera wont focus that close. If you look at the rear end of your bolt where the firing pin is struck I think it should be evenly wore but on mine
  18. Hey guys remember that gas tube I was talking about purchasing a while back and I was complaining about it being too tight. Well it someone how, after shooting about 1000 rounds with it loosened up a bit. It has a tiny bit front to back and up to down but doesnt affect performance in any way. Should I worry about this?
  19. Location : MA Description : BRAND NEW unfired saiga 308. 21.8" bbl, original wood furniture Accessories : fact box, 1 x 8 round mag Price : $900 or BRO plus shipping to CONUS Contact Information: matt@drftraining.com Pictures: Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law when both buyer and seller live in same state), I wi
  20. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA (project in work) features: - built-in permanent AR mag adapter with LRBHO (solid 4140); - "bird cage" flash suppressor on 1/2x28 barrel threading; - MI 30mm AK sidemount; - Leatherwood CMR 1-4x; - custom Fuglystick hand guard; - Harris bipod.
  21. So I wanted to share a little information I have found so far in hand loading for my Saiga .308. I have a converted Saiga .308 with a 16" barrel. I use this information to load in bulk. I am much more exact with bolt guns or when making hunting/match loads. Always remeber to approach max loads cautiously as each gun is different. Start low and work your way up being mindful of pressure signs. Due to the short barrel and my love for Hodgdon Extreme powders, I decided to try Benchmark which is the same powder I use in reloading for my .223/5.56 AR's. Benchmark is an extruded powder cu
  22. Hello, I am loking for a new trigger for unconverted Saiga .223. ...an I am from Europe. Cheers, Ferch
  23. Well, lot of shit going on here in NY right now. Just wanted to post a pic of my New converted 410. Why? As far as I'm concerned... It's gonna be business as usual here, I will not conform. Chinese t-hole butt stock and a custom made forearm I made up from oak.
  24. From the album: Variety

    My .223/5.56 AKAR in the process of its "Gen 2" transformation with built-in LRBHO AR mag adapter, MI 30mm AK sidemount, Leatherwood CMR 1-4x and custom Fuglystick hand guard.
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