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Found 17 results

  1. LongIslandsaiga

    Need new bolt for Saiga 7.62

    Hi I lost the bolt for my Saiga 7.62. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks Bryan
  2. This is the start of a list for people who have mailed in there parts to Pauly for Fabrication. Please list your last 3 digits of your guns id, what was being done and date you have sent in your parts. There was a workshop thread list before Pauly dropped off the grid. There are also many people who have sent in parts and were never on that workshop thread. So this list is for EVERYONE who have not received their parts back. This list is so everyone can actually find out how many people are out there missing very important pieces to their firearm. I hope that maybe in some way if this list is reviewed by Pauly that it can help him send our parts back to us (hopefully completed because he is the best.) Or just send them back just so I don't have a fully converted boat anchor. Starting things out 041-GBS-PPVCH-----8/11/13
  3. TrapMan

    Need to buy a bolt assembly

    Hello. I recently disassembled my MKA and discovered that it has a cracked bolt. The crack isn't very severe and it hasn't gone all the way through to the other side yet but I would like to replace the bolt anyway. It is also missing a little piece of metal where on the top of the bolt near the crack. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement bolt assembly? I have the XN model by the way. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. danwize

    Bolt Problems

    I just got a Saiga .410 from my cousin and I'm having trouble loading it. When I push the bolt hold open button and pull back on the charging handle, the bolt goes forward at least 1/4 of the way forward before the hold open catches it. Because of this I can't load a mag, unless I hold the bolt back with one hand while inserting it. Is this common? Am I doing something wrong or do I need to have that fixed?
  5. Voodoo407

    S12 BOLT and carrier

    Looking for a S12 bolt and carrier.
  6. Spetnaz Soldier

    IsThis Rare

    Hey guys so I am wondering how rare it would be for a 7.62x39 Saiga Ak to fire without being fully locked into battery. That small tail on the end of the bolt carrier I understant is just for that so that the hammer hits that until the bolt is locked into battery. Can that tale wear down to the point where this could happen and if it did happen would it act as if the rifles headspacing was off and blow the gun up and possibly your face?
  7. Spetnaz Soldier

    Would you be able to tell?

    Hey guys would you be able to tell if the rear end of the bolt on an ak was soft because it wasnt heat treated properly? If so how would u be able to tell? Would you be able to get 2000 rounds through it and have minor wear or would it be all smashed in?
  8. Spetnaz Soldier

    Bolt Issue

    So as most of you know ive been wondering about my hammer dingin up the end of my bolt. well im wondering if it could get bad enough to where the hammer rests on the firing pin as well as the end of the bolt? could this break firing pins?
  9. Madwand

    Bolt slams on mag pull

    Haven't fired the gun yet, but just messing with it to see how it feels. Put in an empty magazine, pull the bolt back, push the magazine release and pull the magazine, the bolt slams shut. That's not supposed to happen. Put in a magazine with one shell in it, pull and release the bolt, pull again to eject the shell and simulate firing, push the magazine release and pull the magazine, usually it will stay open. Is this thing defective?
  10. Hello S-12! After lurking for about 2 months I decided to join the forum here and take better advantage of the wealth of knowledge you all have to offer! I received my converted S-12 about a month ago and have been in love with it since. (I know, I should have converted it myself, but I got a good deal and didn't have to tear down my gun with tools I'm unfamiliar with.) That being said, the only thing I don't like about the platform is the inability to load on a closed bolt. I know there are several solutions to this, including mag wells, bolt re-profiling, and a LRBHO (which I understand are both relatively non-existant and are a sore spot for many on the forum). I wanted to see what the community thought about the advantages/disadvantages of each. To my knowledge, that list is as follows: Magazine Well Pro: Looks nice, functions well, can be relatively inexpensive Con: Must tap receiver, magazines must be modified, inability to accept all magazines (JTE may be solving this problem?) Bolt Re-Profiling Pro: Looks NICE, functions well, generally smooths the action of the S-12 Cons: Expensive (if done by a professional), must ship parts away to have it done right, replacement parts hard to find LRBHO: Pro: Potentially works perfectly, no permanent changes made to receiver (?), drastically reduced reload times Cons: Magazines must be modified (I think?), nearly impossible to find These are the options I've found and some of their pros and cons as I have come to understand them. This list is probably not comprehensive, given my short experience with the platform, but this is what I have found. What does the community think is the best option out of these or other options available?
  11. Spetnaz Soldier

    Saiga 7.62x39 Bolt Interchangability

    hey guys i have 2 saigas now and i was wondering if the bolts were interchangable. they seem to be the exact same size.
  12. Hey All, Quick question. My bolt is riding over the top of the round every so often causing a FTF. I polished my bolt and some other parts, but i really don't think I took any material off. It seems to me that it has to be one of three things: 1) I really did take some material off the bolt, and now the bolt doesn't hang down low enough to push the next round into place every time. Could anyone with calipers give me a reading from their own 7.62 bolt, bottom to top? 2) I did take a very very slight bit too much off my mag catch. On my metal mags, they don't move up and down. I have some plastic 30 rounders that can move a little bit up and down, maybe 1/32". 3) I bought 4 plastic 30 round mags, a 20 rnd steel and a 10 rnd steel mag off somebody on Craigslist for $40. Maybe he was selling them cheap because they weren't good mags? I ground the underside of the feed lips on the plastic mags so that the top round on each side would sit a little bit higher. That seems to take care of those. I really wanted to check the bolt dimensions before I started dremeling my metal mags too though. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Hi guys, Playing around with my Saiga 12 yesterday and I had a catastrophic jam up running birdshot. We were doing beer can skeet with el cheapo Federal bulk walmart birdshot out of a promag drum when on the last round my BHO jammed up into the gun and caught the bolt. Needless to say I was suprised to say the least. After much fidgetting I managed to move the bolt forward just enough to clear the spring and break down the gun. I was perplexed at what happened ... somehow the BHO spring had come loose and jammed the BHO inside the gun, locking the bolt, well, open. Weird. Needless to say this is my zombie gun. I took the BHO out. In my opinion it's just another moving part that could potentially break. I don't really need it. Now onto my question ... I have one factory 5 round mag, two 10 round SGM magazines, one promag 10 rounder (I know, I know ...) and one promag 20 round drum. So here is the problem: The promags and the factory magazine are the only ones that I can charge on a closed bolt! I can not even get the charging handle back an inch with an SGM magazine loaded on a closed bolt. I prefer to keep a magazine in the gun but no round chambered so this is an issue. Any ideas how to profile the SGM magazines to ensure they will feed on a closed bolt? Is this somehow due to the fact the promags both have steel feed lips and the SGM magazines do not?
  14. Rifle is cross-posted. I accept postal money order, personal check (must clear before shipping), or discrete Paypal +4% (I'll invoice you). I will trade the K-31 with the ammo for a 7.62x39 Saiga (barrel length doesn't matter). The Saiga MUST have receiver dimples. A huge plus would be one with receiver dimples and "X, Y" dimples, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. Swiss K-31 in excellent condition. All matching, beautiful walnut stock with equally beautiful bore. Original sling included. No tag. Has a factory repair on the right side of the stock (the part that looks like a crack). Also included is 126 rounds of Swiss GP11 ammo already loaded into original K-31 stripper clips. - $395 shipped (this includes shipping ammo to your door) Other trade items I'll consider are: Krink FSB Bulgarian waffle mags 5.45 mags (Bulgy or EG Bakelite) Krink gas tube Krink hg retainer Krink laminated hg's Side folding stock (Russian/Bulgarian pattern) 7.62x39 ammo 5.45x39 ammo AK-74 FSB AK-74 gas tube AK-74 muzzle brake AK-74 recoil spring AK-74 barrel (AK-Builder) AK parts kits
  15. Voodoo407

    Bolt carrier

    Im looking for a bolt carrier to replace mine. My welded on galil charging handle recently bit the dust. If you could help out, name a reasonable price. Thanks for looking
  16. so i found a new carrier for my saiga!!!! I hope that it will work correctly. I still have the old carrier and was wondering if there is anyone out there that can weld this better than my gunsmiths "professional" welder. if its not possible to weld this thats fine. I know some people are making short barrels so im willing to sell it if you want it. lemme know what the best thing to do is. Thank you all for your help. p.s the image has the fracture line circled in red. The welder i took it to was supossed to fill and reinforce. I put about 100 rounds at the correct gas setting and it refractured. HELP!!
  17. Hi everyone. Newb here so please be patient. The piston that is located at the front end of the bolt carrier has sheared and is missing a piece of metal. Called everyone i know and no one has ever heard of this happening. im assuming it was operator error :/ . Is there a way to get a new bolt and carrier? I dont know very much about guns this was/is my first gun. I want to make this a reliable weapon ,but i feel i am to inexperienced to mess with it. Espically now that its damadged.