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Found 106 results

  1. I never though I would have to ask this , but where is a good place to sell my saiga-12?
  2. Got a few extra TAN mags for sale like the title says. I can let 9 go i think. They are brand new, never even loaded. 1 for 35, 2 for 65, 5 for 149 shipping is included with usps priority with delivery confirmation. pm me any questions. Discreet gift paypal or money order as payments.
  3. Being drug into the modern age.....guess I'll use it till the world collaspes later this year. Just to see if anyone is paying attention.....I have a couple WW2 Garands for sale. Just honest old guns, WW 2 serial numbers, but one is a Winchester reciever...thats about the only Winchester part on it as it went thru rehab. No rust no surprises....$1000 each. These are used guns....good shooters..good shape, but don't expect a pristine weapon. Pics available...
  4. I have a couple items here for sale that im never going to use. 1st is a Dinzag handguard retainer. Used it once and then sent my gun in for modification and no longer will use this setup. This will allow you to mount your modified AK handguard or IWD S12 handguard to your saiga shotgun. A critical part if you're converting your gun to have that ak look. $45 $40 $35shipped _____________________________________________________________________________ 2nd is a Kvar quadrail. I have no need for this. good to excellent condition. Mounted once but never used. $95 $90 $85 shipped buyer please post ill take it in the thread and follow up with a PM please. all forum rules apply. USPS money order preferred, or paypal is fine as long as I dont get stuck with any fees and the actual amount I receive is what the item is being sold for. thanks for looking crossposted AZG
  5. Hi Everyone, I bought a new RWC imported 24" model with adjustable rib sight knowing that I would not be able to do a trigger group conversion due to NJ's State AWB. I plan to use it for casual skeet/trap and steel matches. In NJ a semi-auto shotgun is not allowed to have a "well defined handle, similar to that found on a handgun, that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, and which permits the firearm to be held and fired with one hand" and folks have reported back that the state police consider thumb hole and skeleton stocks as making semi-auto's into assault weapons. My understanding is that there is no replacement trigger for sporter configurations. I'm looking to plan out my build and I'm a little unsure on what I'm going to get the most "bang for my buck". Advice from those who have gone down this path is much appreciated. So far, in order, what I plan on getting is: 1) Polychoke 2) Second factory stock to mod by adding some weight and texture the top so I can get a more consistent mount (suggestions highly recommended) 3) Send parts to Pauly for polishing and/or gas plugs if cycling is a issue 4) Elevated Front Sight or build/buy elongated rib (Something like this: http://www.izhmash-arms.ru/im/imp/127.html) 5) Mod my mortgage and job to anywhere besides NY, MA, CA I dream of upgrading to wood furniture but the Ironwood Designs set leaves me to do checkering, possibly an adjustable comb, stain, and end up way too much $ and time into the stock for my first project gun.
  6. I'd like to use this opportunity and say hello to everyone on this forum. I live in Azerbaijan Republic. In case somebody wonders, this is half way across the earth from the U.S. Today I got myself a saiga 12C exp 01-030. I also have a saiga 410. But I'm most proud of the 12C which I bought today. I feel sorry for myself. Because I have the OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Don't get me wrong. I'm not crazy. I have masters degree in mechanical engineering and so on. I am educated. But I feel stupid because the OCD makes me do funny things. Just research OCD on google and you'll know what I'm talking about. I don't consider myself dangerous, on the contrary I try to stay super-safe. For example, normal people check to make sure the chamber is empty only once and dry fire only once. But I will check that for like 6 times, and dry fire at least twice. These can be classed as the symptoms of OCD. Do you think I would be ok shooting at the range?
  7. Gents, I recently purchased a saiga 12C exp01-030. They say this model cycles low brass as well as high brass. Because its got a gas plug that automatically releases excess gas when firing magnum loads and doesn't require adjustments for low brass. So far I have only fired a couple of 2 3/4 cartridges of 50 grams (buck shot) and 2 3/4 cartridges of 32 grams (slugs). I have to confess that the 32 gram slugs were ejecting very weakly. I fired 10 rounds. No FTE though. I was under the impression that anything weaker (weaker than 32 grams?) would cause FTE. What's the LOWEST load (in grams) that saiga 12C exp 01-030 will cycle? Any ideas? Can it cycle 28 grams? I'm surely hoping it can because if i told you how much high brass costs in where i live, you would probably have a heart attack. Oh and by the way, 3 inch cartridges are non existent in Azerbaijan Republic. How much i've paid for the saiga is also mind blowing (due to corrupt customs) Thanks very much in advance.
  8. I have been scouring the internet and local gun stores here in Columbia SC for Saiga 12 w/ 24" and 22" choked for about a month now. The only postings I find are all at least a few month canceled. Can anyone tell me where I cand find one? Or at why these guns seem to be extinct or at the least very very rare all of a sudden? 19" abound but nothing you could really take into the woods and hunt with. WHY?
  9. Hi everyone, I am going to convert my Saiga 12 in to the below image. The parts I will be using are (bought from Carolina Shooters Supply). 5% off with "CSS" code at checkout TRIGGER GROUP HOLE PLUGS FOR SAIGA CONVERSIONS @ $1.00 RECOIL BUFFER-SAIGA SHOTGUNS @ $9.95 TRIGGER GUARD-CAROLINA SAIGA 12 BOLT ON @ $45.00 SAIGA 12 KVAR HANDGUARD WITH BRACKET @ $59.95 AXIS PIN RETAINING PLATE FOR THE SAIGA 12 @ $7.95 BOLT HOLD OPEN LEVER KIT SAIGA 12-MODIFIED @ $14.95 GRIP AK/SAIGA MOLOT STYLE @ $11.40 TRIGGER GROUP- TROMIX SAIGA FIRE CONTROL GROUP @ $42.75 Saiga 12 w/ scope mount @ $659 All accessories = $192.95 plus Flat Rate shipping of 8.95 twice = $17.90 The parts I have just from the past are. Bulgarian Wire Folder (Metal Folding Buttstock) Pistol grip screw Dupli Color Semi-Gloss Black Rust-oleum Spray Grip Tools are. Thin needle nose pliers Screw Driver Tie Strap Drill W/ 3/16 cobalt bit Vise grip Chisels Painters Tape Blow Dryer Dremel Tool Mallet loctite threadlocker red 271 for trigger guard screws Photos of set. My instructions are provided by My question is. Is how strong is that CSS trigger guard? What should I buy next? You can view the photo album at photobucket[dot]com/amani74saiga Thanks a lot, -Amani74
  10. Just red on a Russian news site that Izhmash will increase S-12 sales to the USA by 50% of what they initially planned for this year. Thanks to increasing demand.
  11. Looking for the full length vented galil-style handguard for a 19" Saiga 12.
  12. Looking to sell 5 brand new 2011 stamped 10rd AGP GEN 2 Saiga 12 mags. Price: 2 for $62 shipped with USPS priority and delivery confirmation or all 5 for $141 shipped same way. Money Orders or PayPal accepted! Pm me for feedback if needed. Thanks
  13. This is an imported threading die, with a two-handled fixture. 22X0.75. Matches threads on the Saiga 12 shotgun. Includes a "barrel guide" that slips into the barrel to keep the die straight. A nice die, I used it once, with cutting oil, to thread the shortened (within legal length!) my Saiga 109. I don't think I'll ever need it again. I am listing this on eBay as well. I will end that listing if someone buys this kit here. I am in Colorado so you will receive this kit in two or three days after buying it. hobomatt (at) aol (dot) com I can send a picture to interested people.
  14. From the album: Saiga 7.62 and Saiga 12

    Almost done with the new Pelican 1720 case. Decided to just use it for the SBS and mags/accessories. Not completely done, but It's coming along. Still need to clean the chalk marks off of it. and cut a couple more slots in it for other muzzle attachments.
  15. Who has them for sale???? Ive been looking since these things hit the US and cant find any. Everyone has them as Sold Out. which to me means they haven't received them yet.
  16. clvnlyns

    clear mags

    Do anybody no where i can get 1or 2 ot these at?? Please help!!! Found sum on gunbroker they want a ridiculous price for them $150 a piece
  17. If I wanted to do a ghost ring or really any other front sight on my Saiga 12, I have a question and need some math help. if the front sight is raised by a certain amount (say "x"), does the rear sight raise by a the same value "x", or is it a variable? Is their a formula specific to a Saiga 12 to calculate this? I want to keep the sight length the same, just maybe raise the front sight. Does this make sense? This may have been answered before, but I cannot locate an exacting answer. Thanks!
  18. clvnlyns


    Im new to the saiga world and was wonderin does the bolt stay opened on the last round, mine is stock and was built in 2011 and it has the bho. Just curious
  19. Decicded to start new thread for testing info on new imported 030's Range day with the legion 030 unconverted. So far great news!! This test is with a completly stock and untouched legion 030 IZ-433 using federal wallmart bulk pak and fioucci 2 3/4 HV buckshot. w/ IZ-433 4 rd mags...yes only 4 round capacity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THDfK2sq_3I I even built a short tappet but never needed. I have shown the 030 gas system to several other engineers and they agree there is not a resonable explaination on how it can regulate between pressure differintials. I also found the lower handgaurd retainer is held in place by the upper handgaurd. I intially thought there was no locking mechanisism. I will test more ammo and look for carrier overtravel in the next day or two. Someone ask about carrier weight: Just checked with ohaus triple beams IZ-433 529.5 grams 109 508 grams Thought it would be better to put all pics on one page also
  20. http://en.ria.ru/mlitary_news/20120131/171045859.html
  21. Title says it all. Used is fine as long as it performs without issues. Would be ideal if it was unconverted with stained wood furniture but I could also buy the furniture separately. PM me if interested. Thanks
  22. Does the Saiga 12 factory 5rd mag support roll crimped shells? If so, where can I find them online?
  23. Looking to purchase a Saiga 12 here in Idaho! Would rather buy from a private party but would also purchase from a gun dealer.
  24. From the album: TapeWorm3

    2011 Saiga 12 Ace Stock 8.5" Ergo Pistol Grip Modified Tapco Hand Guard Modified Universal ATI Heat Shield DIY Muzzle Brake based Izmash Design Nothing Special Just Functional
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