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Found 8 results

  1. I shot a couple of videos showing the SAS-12 that was recently imported by DDI. If anyone is looking for information, I cover most things in the videos. I own 3 of these shotguns now. Great firearms for the price for sure. The first video shows the unboxing and disassembly / overview of the shotgun itself. The second video shows the new factory 5-Round magazines that I pre-ordered, compared to the original 3-round mags. Unboxing & DIsassembly: Factory 5-Round magazines: Hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. With the new batch of these shotguns coming in and selling for $139.00, I thought I would ask if you have any magazine plans for the SAS12. I haven't really seen them talked about in a few years, but I picked one up two days ago from my dealer and I have another one on the way. There are supposed to be five-round magazines coming in soon, but other than that, there are still absolutely no magazine options for this shotgun, due to it's previous lack of popularity. Any chance you might give this a shot? The demand is definitely there. -KC913
  3. UPDATE 07/23/14: EVERYTHING IS SOLD Hi guys, I am looking to sell the following Saiga-12 drums. NOTE ABOUT SAIGA-12 DRUMS: These drums are designed for the Saiga-12 models without a mag well only and WILL NOT WORK in the mag well equipped Saiga-12s, Vepr-12s or Cantamount Furies. Due to the liberal manufacturing tolerances causing slight variations in mag catch sizes between different Saiga-12 weapons, both MD Arms and ProMag ship their drums with generously oversized locking lugs and fitting instructions which involve filing. They might lock into your gun as they are or they might require a bit of filing off the top of the locking lugs until able to lock in. In addition, these drums are designed for the standard sized 2 3/4" shot shells only and will not work with either 3" inch shell or certain cheap foreign made 2 3/4" shells, which are slightly longer than normal. Both MD Arms and ProMag offer very generous lifetime warranties for their drums. I CANNOT ship these drums to the following states: Alaska California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York WTS: MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum with Two Extra Covers (NEW, in original packaging) Pic: Brand new, unopened drum that I've had sitting around. The asking price is: $90 (shipped) MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum (USED, in excellent condition. Drum only) This one is used, but not a whole lot. Works perfectly, but has a few unavoidable minor scuffs on the body. As per MD Arms' instructions, I had to file the locking lug until it locked in my gun. Chances are, it will fit perfectly in your specific weapon, but if your mag catch is larger than my S-12's, you might have to file the locking lug a bit more until the drum locks in. However, if your mag catch is smaller than mine, the drum will have a little bit of play when it's locked in, which isn't a big deal. Pics: The asking price for this one is: $70 (shipped) ProMag Saiga-12 12 round Drum (LIKE NEW, drum only) This surprisingly good quality and perfectly sized "mini drum" is in mint condition. I've tested the manual feeding, but never had a chance to take it out to the range. It locked in perfectly in my gun, not requiring any fitting (your results may vary). Pics: Asking price: $60 (shipped) SPECIAL PACKAGE DEALS: Both (2) MD20 Drums: $150 (shipped) All three drums (x2 MD20s & x1 12 rd ProMag): $205 (shipped) PAYMENT AND SHIPPING DETAILS: Payment via discreet PayPal. Drums will be shipped via USPS First Class. I pack my stuff well and ship the next business day or sooner. Post "I'll take it <item name>" as a reply here and PM me to buy something. Thanks for looking!
  4. I have decided to sell my son’s backup R&R Open Saiga Shotgun because he has now made it through 2 years of competition with no problems with his primary gun (a duplicate of this gun but in Green). This gun has less than 200 rounds through it (just to sight it in and verify mags) and comes with one 20 round mag and two 12 round mags. The gun also comes with a set of Black furniture (with a short hand guard) that I had R&R remove when they put on the Red furniture with the extended hand guard. Here is what R&R does to the Saiga to create the Open Package: #1. Completely disassemble the shotgun, not one part is left alone. #2. R&R Targets machines/welds the following: #3. Install and fit the following R and R Targets custom-made Saiga parts: #4. Install/fit the following parts: Modifications: -Weld/fill in holes in the receiver and mill new slots for the safety, magazine release and stock adapter
 -Weld/fill in the original gas ports in the barrel
 -Mill in new gas ports for a shortened gas system
 -Shorten the gas system and polish/fit
 -Mill gas ports for the compensator
 -Ream the forcing cone for more uniform shot and less felt recoil
 -Cut barrel so there are no threads on the exterior end
 -Cut and thread barrel to accept Remington chokes
 -Cut bolt and bolt carrier to accept a loaded magazine without holding the bolt back
 -Polish and smooth action

Install Custom Parts
 - R&R Targets AR 15 Stock Adaptor
 - R&R Targets Trigger Guard / Grip Adaptor
 - R&R Targets Magazine Well
 - R&R Targets Magazine Release (left side of SG for a RH shooter)
 - R&R Targets 2" X 11” Vented Handguard
 - R&R Targets Double Shotgun Barrel Compensator (Approved by original designer, JP Rifles )
 - R&R Targets Scope Base

Install Additional Parts:
 -Veltor collapsible stock
 -Ergo Grip
 -Aimpoint Micro H-1 sight
 -Briley Improved choke
 -Tapco trigger, straighten the trigger and perform a trigger job
 -Ceramic coating of barrel and frame
-Fitted Surefire magazine Retail Price: $3,398.0)....as configured....it is well over $4000 YouTube Video of Open Gun: YouTube Video of our duplicate Open Gun (in Green) winning USPSA MultiGun Junior National Championship:
  5. STATUS = AVAILABLE My dog broke her leg (Avulsion of Tibial Tuberosity) and she needs immediate surgery (within next 2-3 weeks), which I don't have money for. I'm am forced to sell or trade my new converted saiga 12. I will sell the gun for $800 and this will include the converted saiga shotgun, oil container, tool kit, cleaning rod, 10 round magazine (made by AGP arms) and a lock (required by law I believe). I can throw in the optics mount (in pics) for an additional $25. I can throw in a soft gun case for an additional $25. OR If you live in Texas (preferably close to the Dallas area) and are an orthopedic veterinarian surgeon, then I will trade the gun FREE of charge in exchange for your services to perform surgical repair on my dog (including anaesthetic costs). An X-ray of the injury is at the very bottom for you to assess. Dog age is 4.5 months and weighs 29.5 lbs. Breed is poodle (standard). More on the gun: - Made by izhmash (not sure if in 2011 or 2012) - Converted and legalized by Legion USA Inc - Here is the model http://legionusainc.com/izsl-109a-saiga-12.html - I purchased it less than 6 months ago (LIKE NEW AND FLAWLESS!!!!!) - It's had less than 100 rounds through it - I added an ambidexterous extended mag release after purchase (comes installed) If you have any questions do not hesitate to PM me or post in this thread. GUN VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2ZSGxwhks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THig-34Pjpg GUN PICTURES SCOPE MOUNT (Additional $25) -- SOFT CASE "Not Pictured" (Additional $25) XRAY PIC (For veterinarian surgeons "Trade" option)
  6. I'm selling my Saiga 12 that I converted myself. The rear tang is cut off for the Tromix polymer stock with folding adapter (folding to the right side atm). Attached to the stock is a tromix cheek riser. Has a Hogue pistol grip, Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard, and Tapco single hook FCG. Also has a Carolina Shooters Supply puck, Tac-47 Auto plug that is tuned to the shotgun, and a Poly-Choke II Breacher. The shotgun has ~600 rounds through it, and I've hunted with it in Ohio for two deer seasons. Thats why they cheek riser is kinda tattered, going through brush and what not. Shes a fine shooter, shes tuned real well for low-brass (namely Federal Bulk birdshot from walmart). Slugs get a nice 5" group at 100 yards. I have not had the time yet to paint over the bottom of the shotgun, as you can see. EDIT (I went ahead and painted it as of 10/15/2012) Comes with a stock 5 round mag, 10 round AGP mag, and a 2 round mag. Not pictured, but also will be shipped with the cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and lubricant bottle. Also comes with original gas plug, metal muzzle thread protector, and a sling. I'm asking $750 shipped, that includes shipping costs and the FFL transfer fee. Will only accept Money Orders, Cash, and Cashiers Checks. Check to make sure your state laws allow you to purchase this first. Thanks for checking my listing out, if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Cross posted on Akfiles.com
  7. What is a reasonable reference weight for a 9 pellet 12 gauge 00? Based on that weight per buckshot, what is the American soldiers max ammo load?
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