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Found 16 results

  1. Since Bulgaria is stopped imports of their Circle 10 AK mags to the U.S. for at least 2 years. I've been trying to get some manufacturers to make some 5.56x45 AK mags, but they’re still don’t seem to be for the idea, “Until” enough people ask for them to be made. I still think that if someone made some steel 5.56x45 AK mags or maybe even a polymer mag with a steel top/feed lip area, that would be mated to the polymer mag body, like the Lancer 5.56 AR mags, or the CZ Scorpion Hybrid mags by Manticore Arms and Prepper Gun Shop, they would sell like crazy. The making of a 5.56x45 AK magazine would fit the majority of the World’s 5.56x45 based AK’s: like the Bulgarian 106, Polish Archer, Polish Beryl, and Vepr AK's, and with a slight fitting, would also fit the Siaga .223/5.56 AK's. Promag is the only current maker of new 5.56x45 AK mags, in the U.S. Any current surplus mags are hard to find and are priced higher than they should be. I heard that there was a custom $5 magazine follower that was made by Robinson Arms that would convert 5.45x39 AK mags to work with .223/5.56 ammo. I would love to acquire one of the Robin magazine followers, to see what the dimensional differences were. Also if anyone knows if those converted mags functioned great or had any issues. I believe that the best bet for a new manufactured steel 5.56x45 AK mag is from Csspecs. I also believe that the best bet for a new polymer 5.56x45 AK mag is from Magpul. If enough of us emailed Csspecs, we could have a full steel (Around $40) U.S. made 5.56 AK mag very soon. If enough of us emailed Magpul, we could have an ($13 to $20) polymer U.S. made 5.56 AK mag soon. It will just take enough of our voices to make it happen. Please help bring a newly manufactured 5.45 AK mag to the U.S. market and beyond. Copy and paste the paragraph below, if needed: “I would like for you to please bring a 5.56x45 AK magazine to the U.S. market. One of these mags would fit most of the World’s 5.56x45 based AK’s: like the Bulgarian 106, Polish Archer, Polish Beryl, and Vepr AK's, and with a slight fitting, would also fit the Siaga .223/5.56 AK's. Thank you.” Csspecs: http://stores.csspecs.com/customer-service/ Magpul: https://www.magpul.com/about-magpul/contact-us
  2. SgtRaven

    New toys

    From the album: Variety

    SIG556xi and XDs 3.3
  3. I'm new to the St Louis area and I am trying to figure out where all the gun ranges are and what they support. I've visited quite a few of the indoor ranges and as expected, they don't allow steel core ammunition, does anyone know of any ranges in the area that allow it? I have all sorts of steel core or bi-metal jacketed ammunition, but I haven't seen a place that is willing to let me use it. The three outdoor ranges within 1hr drive were the hopefuls, The Busch and Jay Henges ranges don't like steel and the last hopeful in Arnold, MO (Arnol Rifle and Pistol Club) is invite only. Sure, these spam cans will last for another 40 years no problem, but they are my only realistic means until I get some spare cash for bullets/brass for 5 different calibers. Sidenote, anyone have any favorite .54r or .308 rounds for deer hunting? If all else fails, I have a German K98 that shoots like a dream with Remington Core-Lokt.
  4. PredatAR® 5.56 Overview The PredatAR® 5.56 is designed for those who are searching for a lightweight, ultra-reliable and accurate 5.56 mm NATO rifle for home-defense, competition-shooting or hunting. The PredatAR® takes the highly accurate OBR 5.56 “Lite” design, and lightens it in every possible way with the least possible impact to the accuracy that the standard OBR is known for. By contouring the barrel, skeletonizing the handguard, lowering and simplifying the upper rail, and using a low-profile gas block, we were able to reduce roughly 2 pounds from the standard OBR 5.56 rifle. The barrels are lightweight-profiled with rifling in a 1/8 twist rate. All barrels are threaded in ½ x 28, with an A2 flash hider attached* (other muzzle devices can be added at an additional cost). The handguards on the PredatAR® extend out 14.75”, to suit a larger range of shooting styles. The zero-MOA upper rail provides plenty of room for weapon-mounted night-vision day/night combinations. Both the upper and lower are CNC-machined from billet aluminum for the optimum fit and consistency. Even though we lightened certain features, there is still additional material in strategic areas to achieve maximum accuracy. Each rifle ships with one, 3” long, MIL-STD-1913 detachable rail section. Both models come with a 6-position LaRue RAT Stock and LaRue medium A-PEG™ Grip. The Bolt Carriers are hand-polished hard-chrome with staked carrier keys, with Texas-Spec Bolt assemblies. (Iron Sights, Optics and QD mounts not included in price) Base model includes black LaRue RAT Stock and LaRue medium A-PEG™ Grip, 1 Aluminum Magazine, 1 Rail Strip, and A2 Flash Hider. About LaRue Firearm Accuracy: LaRue accuracy is known world-wide. The accuracy of each LaRue Rifle is proven at our 100-yard tunnel using match-grade ammunition. No LaRue firearm can leave the facility unless it obtains accuracy of less-than 1 MOA (1.047”) at 100 Yards. Each firearm ships with a copy of a 3-round group obtained from that actual firearm. While we guarantee the rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy, we can not guarantee the end-user will be able to shoot sub-MOA…since we have no control over shooting proficiency, familiarity with the system, ammunition choice, environmental factors, etc. LaRue firearms are precision instruments that require discipline, training, proper ammunition and maintenance to yield the best results. IN STOCK NOW!!! http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/larue-tactical-predatar-556-16inch-p-3769.html Starting at $3000
  5. IWI Tavor 16" barrel with Aimpoint Micro T-1 and SWR Specwar 5.56 Suppressor IWI Tavor 16" = Starting at: $1,999.00 http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/iwi-tavor-16-barrel-black-p-3512.html Aimpoint Micro T-1 = $678.00 http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/aimpoint-micro-t1-2moa-complete-p-3416.html SWR Specwar 5.56mm Rifle Suppressor = Starting at: $695.00 http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/swr-specwar-556mm-rifle-suppressor-p-2532.html Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc. 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011 sales@mississippiautoarms.com
  6. IWI Tavor SAR 16 in 5.56, Silencerco Saker with Aimpoint M4S Price: IWI Tavor SAR 16: $1999.00 Silencerco Saker: $1100.00 on sale! Aimpoint M4S: $815.00
  7. not sure where to put the WTKnow whats it worth threads. Mods are welcome to move it accordingly. Trying to get an Idea of what to sell this for. Being Saigas are not being imported (to my knowledge ) Its hard for me to gauge prices. Its a Tactical Saiga .223/AK102 conversion done by Overland Industries I believe from either 09 or 11. I can double check if need be. Has: linkage holes have been riveted up new paint job correct ak trigger guard Kvar US made handguard G2 trigger set ultimak rail Hogue grip 1000m rear sight leaf bulgarian FSGB CNC worrior extended flash hider. barrel has been professionally cut and recrowned, and flash hider permanently attached AK/AR buffer tube with magpul 6 position adjustable moe stock Bipod US piston(not sure, can double check) comes with 1 30 round bulgarian clear mag with magpul about 60 rounds of federal brass through it. Very accurate. Very tight groups when I sighted in. Any help is appreciated, Thanks G
  8. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA with Miculek .223 compensator, shooting 5.56NATO. My favorite .223/5.56 muzzle device.
  9. From the album: Variety

    Final configuration of .223 Saiga. Complete conversion with AR magazine well and true LRBHO (by the company, who is not a Business Member here yet; therefore won't be named). Happy Shooting!
  10. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA in its final configuration.
  11. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA in its final configuration.
  12. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA in its final configuration.
  13. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA (project in work) features: - built-in permanent AR mag adapter with LRBHO (solid 4140); - "bird cage" flash suppressor on 1/2x28 barrel threading; - MI 30mm AK sidemount; - Leatherwood CMR 1-4x; - custom Fuglystick hand guard; - Harris bipod.
  14. From the album: Variety

    My .223/5.56 AKAR in the process of its "Gen 2" transformation with built-in LRBHO AR mag adapter, MI 30mm AK sidemount, Leatherwood CMR 1-4x and custom Fuglystick hand guard.
  15. Hello all. This is my fist post here. I tried to run a search for this info, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Sorry if I'm doubling down on a topic. So, I've been looking into Saigas for a while now, and I've decided to get one. Trouble is, I'm having a bit of a time deciding on caliber. I see split decisions on almost every thread on almost every forum, so I thought I would ask for some more specific opinions. For my personal uses (weekend rec shooting, occasional target/group shooting, and of course SHTF/home defense) I'm trying to find out if the frequently-stated benefits of these particular cartridges carry over to the Saiga platform. For example: 5.56x45 accuracy. I've seen so many threads about 5.56 vs 7.62 Soviet, and most of the proponents of 5.56 cite accuracy as the deciding factor. The problem for me is that the accuracy from this round is as much from the tight, precise AR-15 platform and it's brothers as it is from the round itself. Can the Saiga, with its loose tolerances. take full advantage of the potential in 5.56? At what range does 5.56 show a practical advantage in accuracy over the 7.62 Soviet in a Saiga? (Practical would be hitting a man-sized target or missing completely.) .308 power and range. We all know the pitch for .308. It's one of the most prolific sniper/DMR rounds in the world. Again, though, I have to wonder if the Saiga is a viable platform for it. I would LOVE to hear that it makes a great DMR comparable to the M14, but all wishes aside, that doesn't seem very likely. I commonly see figures of 2-3 MOA from talented shooters with good rifles, and that's about the most I could hope for from any rifle at the moment. Again, though, is the ~800 yard range of the .308 lost on a platform not designed to take advantage of it? If I shoot .308 and 7.62x39 side-by-side, how much of a difference would I see at 100 meters? 300? 400? (If I shoot past 400 I'm getting something just for that purpose.) And, of course, 7.62x39, the native cartridge. The major selling point when comparing the three is normally price. So, taking the above points into consideration, is the price advantage of 7.62x39 enough to overcome the potential accuracy lost? I mean, if I have to take 3-4 shots to hit a target vice 1-2 from the the other calibers, would it be worth it still? I've been staring at pictures and forums for days, and I just can't decide. I know that "just buy what you like the most" is going to pop up a few times, and that's fine. But I'm a statistically oriented person, and I'm not going to buy one caliber over the other without at least some specific, kinda-sorta practical justification. Thank you in advance.
  16. ** Cross-Posted ** I have a spare bolt carrier for a Saiga or Arsenal SGL 7.62x39 that I was going to use for a project but never got around to it. This came off of a brand new Arsenal SGL (Saiga) rifle. It has only seen a few rounds. The number on it is 662. Excellent / like new condition. It will also work in a Saiga 5.45 and .223/5.56 K-Var had the same bolt carrier listed for $95.00 plus shipping. I'm asking $70.00 (OBO) shipped. Paypal only. The only trades I will consider are: - 7.62x25 Tokarev ammo - Hex receiver Mosin Nagant rifle in good condition (+ a little cash on my part if necessary)
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