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Found 31 results

  1. Hey Everyone hope all is well, I just acquired a rifle which came with a wood case full of 7.62x39, all packaged in a way I have not seen before. So makes me wonder what I have here, so need some help knowing what this is exactly before I start to shoot it? Thanks
  2. I'm mostly hosting this thread in the 300 BO forum. However, I've started developing a semi custom mold suitable for 7.62x39 / 300 BLK. It casts out a 125 grains of linotype. Powder coated it ought to be more or less a clone of factory ammo. For some reason, no one is making a mold in this size range for 30 cal. Initial testing seems to indicate that this bullet is stable and handles pressure without difficulty, but I don't have a lot of range time on it. I expect we can get it to accuracy consistently under 2moa for normal rifles in the ruskie caliber and the "modernized 8 kurz" caliber. If you are interested in the project let me know. I need a couple people who reload for AKs to test it out. PM me if you are interested. Mold specs would be CTL 312-125-2r I shaved down one less tumble lube groove than the original plan, by removing the amount I measured, which leaves 3 TL grooves instead of 2. So the projectile length is .802" and they weighed 124.5 +/1 .1 grain naked. They hand cycle nicely, both fast and slow, loaded in or out a bit from my projected OAL. A bit of paint showed no interference with the lands. I am particularly pleased at how clean the surface finish was for the machining, and that I trimmed at exactly the perfect depth to get a clean, semi bevel base effect from the tumble lube band. Exactly as I hoped.
  3. I'm pretty sure this question is floating around somewhere, but where can I get a replacement or spare bolt carrier? The reason for it, is I'm planning on converting my 7.62x39 sporter. Instead of drilling and changing out the gas piston, I rather get a spare and do it. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong, I should change it. Any input or direction toward getting one would be appreciated, thanks!!!
  4. 8 Tapco 30rd AK47 magazines. They have never been used, never even been assembled. They have been stored in a cool, dry place, so they're in perfect condition. I bought them several years ago as repair kits in CA, and I don't want to have them around anymore. I'm selling all 8 at once, no exceptions. PRICE: $6 each, plus $12 shipping = $60 total I accept PayPal. Thanks in advance for taking these off my hands!
  5. Hello everyone! Just got my first Saiga about a week ago and this is my first post here and it's going to be a long one I'm afraid. A couple of things to note that may be relevant later, the rifle is in 7.62x39 and I have the misfortune of living in central New York. I'm a big fan of wood furniture and a big fan of the svds, psls and all. What I'm aiming to do is build a shorty saiganov of sorts. Now, that may be an overstatement. What I really want to do is get some wood psl handguards fitted and figure something else out for the buttock. As I mentioned I live in N.Y. and kommander kuomo says I'm not allowed to have things he finds scary on my firearm. So a conversion isn't exactly on the table right now. I don't want to have to hide this thing in the closet until we get our rights back. I'm looking at a psl handguard set from Ironwood Designs and I feel like I can make that work. The question is what combination of retainers gas tubes and handguard mods is going to fit together and get me lookin spiffy? After I sort that out, I'll go on to figure out what to do about the butt. Thoughts? Thanks for hanging in there if you got through all this!
  6. TAPCO AK47 30 Rd MAGAZINES FOR $5.75!!!!!!!!! This U.S. made magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammo. Along with a rugged exterior, the mag also features a heavy duty mag spring and anti-tilt follower. It is available in Black, Dark Earth, and Olive Drab. This mag also counts as 3 Sec. 922r compliant parts (when inserted in your rifle). Backed by a LIFETIME guarantee from Tapco. DPH Arms Saiga 7.62 Bullet Guide We also have Saiga 7.62 bullet guides from DPH Arms. With the instillation of a bullet guide, your Saiga 7.62 can use these standard AK-47 magazines. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-762x39-bullet-guide-round-trunion-p-3829.html http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/ak47-30rd-magazine-black-tapco-p-348.html
  7. I went to the Texas International Firearms Festival and shot quite a few AR pistols in different calibers suppressed and non with the Sig brace. Few weeks later of some back and forth, I've decided to build one for myself in 7.62x39. I"m not a big fan of 5.56 out of the shorter barrels. I've bought a Phase 5 tactical Pistol lower and their Hex2 buffer tube kit along with the SBX brace. I plan on using a 10.5 barrel but if there are good arguments for a 7.5, I"m welcome for someone to sell me on it. I'm also looking at lower parts kits. Right now, the Palmetto State Armory kit with the ACT trigger on sale is my probable buy, but I"m an AR newb. Any advice on lower kits and/or triggers would be awesome. I'll post pics as everything shows up and it comes together. And here's the old sb15 brace mounted to their buffer tube.
  8. I'm new to the St Louis area and I am trying to figure out where all the gun ranges are and what they support. I've visited quite a few of the indoor ranges and as expected, they don't allow steel core ammunition, does anyone know of any ranges in the area that allow it? I have all sorts of steel core or bi-metal jacketed ammunition, but I haven't seen a place that is willing to let me use it. The three outdoor ranges within 1hr drive were the hopefuls, The Busch and Jay Henges ranges don't like steel and the last hopeful in Arnold, MO (Arnol Rifle and Pistol Club) is invite only. Sure, these spam cans will last for another 40 years no problem, but they are my only realistic means until I get some spare cash for bullets/brass for 5 different calibers. Sidenote, anyone have any favorite .54r or .308 rounds for deer hunting? If all else fails, I have a German K98 that shoots like a dream with Remington Core-Lokt.
  9. SIG556 Russian, chambered for the widely used 7.62 x 39mm caliber. Uses AK-type magazines, side folding stock 16” barrel, when folded is only 26”. Price: $1,249.00 + tax. Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc. 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011 sales@mississippiautoarms.com http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/sig-sauer-sig556r-foldingtelescopic-stock-mini-red-dot-sight-p-2421.html
  10. Whats up guys..I am selling my Bulgarian SSR 85C-2 AK47 ..It is a great rifle and i dont have alot of rounds through it..I am asking $850 obo shipped to your local FFL..These are hard to come by and are actually built on a thicker stamped 1.6mm receiver and it has a chrome lined barrel.everything in the pictures below will be included.I have made a few upgrades since ive owned it and will be including it in my asking price..If interested let me know..
  11. Hello, everyone As my first AK type rifle and first gun purchase I bought a GP WASR-10/63 made in 1971 The rifle works flawlessly I have ran over 3,000 rounds through it with no FTE or FTFs at all, that being said what dose your WASRs look like ? and how have you configured them? I will post pics of mine soon Thanks for reading!
  12. After receiving many requests to convert our Saiga-M models, we have finally completed our first batch. The Ak-100 folders have no play in them, very solid lock up. We had several technicians that work for Izhmash, come here to make sure everything was properly installed. The Saiga-M has a thicker barrel and receiver so the recoil should be very low, and accuracy is increased when comparing the standard saiga rifles. I will be testing the new Saiga-M at the range this weekend, and I will have a range report on Monday. We have 2 options in both calibers, one with all polymer furniture and the other with wood handguard and metal buttstock. http://legionusainc.com/saiga-rifles-for-sale/ak-tactical-rifles.html
  13. Zastava O-PAP M70 in 7.62x39 with Huntertown Arms Kestrel 7.62AK Suppressor. Zastava O-PAP M70 in 7.62x39 PRICE: Starting at $599.99 www.mississippiautoarms.com/zastava-pap-ak47-hicap-semiauto-rifle-ri2090n-century-arms-p-3102.html Huntertown Arms 7.62 AK Suppressor PRICE: $499.00 http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/kestrel-762-ak-suppressor-p-3552.html Mississippi Auto Arms Inc. 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011 sales@mississippiautoarms.com www.mississippiautoarms.com
  14. AK Pistols are a great way to play with your gun while waiting for your SBR paperwork (ATF Form 1) to be approved. Pictured below is a Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc Battlefield AK SBR 7.62x39MM, MAA Battlefield AK Pistol in 7.62x39 and factory new Zastava krinkov M90 Pistol and M85 Pistol. 11" MAA Battlefield AK SBR in 7.62x39 $999 taxes 11" MAA Battlefield AK Pistol in 7.62x39 $699 + tax (MS Only) Zastava M85 in 5.56 $899 + tax(MS Only) Zastava M90 in 7.62x39 + tax(MS Only)
  15. Good Day all. Just thought I would share this with you. I ordered several 7.62x39 Hungarian steel 20 rnd mags. These were in stock and shipped today. I also asked how many they had in stock and was told, "more than you will need for tonight". Don't cha love a smartass. Also said they had some 30 rnds in stock. Also purchased a few SGM 10 rnd S12s. During the 20 minutes I was on the phone they sold out completely of S12 mags. Passing this along if you r interested. Centerfire Systems.com.
  16. Hey guys so after hearing some rediculus info from someone i know i gotta ask about it. He was saying it would be a good idea to get a spare set of rivets if you own a saiga. How likely is it for one of the rivets to come loose or egg the reciever on a saiga 7.62x39? I dont think they would ever come loose, rivets are freakin tough from what i understand. Sorry for polluting the forum with this crap but i had to ask. Thanks for any input.
  17. Exactly what it says... Brass or Steel or Who cares it's a Saiga? I know steel does more wear and tear on the gun from what I've read but should I do like most guns and break it in with 500rds of brass first?
  18. Hey i doubt this is true but someone i know was saying that they are talking about banning the foreign mil-surp ammo. Is this true you guys? I doubt it.. (who knows what will happen after that piece of shit murdered those innocent childeren).
  19. Here's my Saiga... tapco G2 fire control group mako shock resistent stock surfire magazine chaos quad rail magpull sling magpull forward grip s.a.w. pistol grip wolff extra power recoil spring black jack recoil buffer
  20. Hey guys, I want to get a sling adapter plate for my modified saiga 7.62 to run a single point sling. Anyone know of one that fits on well? I'm running a tapco saw grip with the g-2 trigger build and want it to fit nicely. I see this on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ambidextrous-AK-Sling-Adapter-Plate/dp/B006YH7LK0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1346820135&sr=8-3&keywords=ak+47+slings. Let me know if anyone knows of one that works and fits well. thanks.
  21. Hey... Looking for a reasonable tactical vest to use at the range. I have my eyes on a leapers UTG tactical vest that has pretty high reviews on the web. Anyone own one or know of a comparable one thats around the 60$ range? Again, its just for range shooting to hold 30 rd. ak mags and a .40 cal pistol w/ mags. Thanks.
  22. Looking for an unconverted 7.62x39 Saiga. MUST HAVE DIMPLES! New or used, doesn't matter.
  23. I am wondering what the best way of removing the DIMPLED FSB and Dimpled gas block log. I would like to install my 74 FSB and GBL any advice would be great. Thanks
  24. Hello all. This is my fist post here. I tried to run a search for this info, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Sorry if I'm doubling down on a topic. So, I've been looking into Saigas for a while now, and I've decided to get one. Trouble is, I'm having a bit of a time deciding on caliber. I see split decisions on almost every thread on almost every forum, so I thought I would ask for some more specific opinions. For my personal uses (weekend rec shooting, occasional target/group shooting, and of course SHTF/home defense) I'm trying to find out if the frequently-stated benefits of these particular cartridges carry over to the Saiga platform. For example: 5.56x45 accuracy. I've seen so many threads about 5.56 vs 7.62 Soviet, and most of the proponents of 5.56 cite accuracy as the deciding factor. The problem for me is that the accuracy from this round is as much from the tight, precise AR-15 platform and it's brothers as it is from the round itself. Can the Saiga, with its loose tolerances. take full advantage of the potential in 5.56? At what range does 5.56 show a practical advantage in accuracy over the 7.62 Soviet in a Saiga? (Practical would be hitting a man-sized target or missing completely.) .308 power and range. We all know the pitch for .308. It's one of the most prolific sniper/DMR rounds in the world. Again, though, I have to wonder if the Saiga is a viable platform for it. I would LOVE to hear that it makes a great DMR comparable to the M14, but all wishes aside, that doesn't seem very likely. I commonly see figures of 2-3 MOA from talented shooters with good rifles, and that's about the most I could hope for from any rifle at the moment. Again, though, is the ~800 yard range of the .308 lost on a platform not designed to take advantage of it? If I shoot .308 and 7.62x39 side-by-side, how much of a difference would I see at 100 meters? 300? 400? (If I shoot past 400 I'm getting something just for that purpose.) And, of course, 7.62x39, the native cartridge. The major selling point when comparing the three is normally price. So, taking the above points into consideration, is the price advantage of 7.62x39 enough to overcome the potential accuracy lost? I mean, if I have to take 3-4 shots to hit a target vice 1-2 from the the other calibers, would it be worth it still? I've been staring at pictures and forums for days, and I just can't decide. I know that "just buy what you like the most" is going to pop up a few times, and that's fine. But I'm a statistically oriented person, and I'm not going to buy one caliber over the other without at least some specific, kinda-sorta practical justification. Thank you in advance.
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