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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone, does anyone know of anywhere to get barrels besides Kings Armoury. I'm also REALLY hoping someone knows of a place to find front trunions. Much appreciated!
  2. I've run into this quandary a bunch of times lately. I go buy a few tools to do a job, and I use them once. Like ever. Now, here I am again. I want to cut my .308 Saiga barrel down from 22" to 20", reface it, put an 11 degree crown on it, then thread it in 5/8x24. I'm still on the fence about moving the FSB back and repining it. I'll likely never use the iron sights, so why bother. But I'm going to end up dropping like $250 on it, then using it once. After that, it'll sit in my roll away collecting dust. I wish this site had some sort of tool exchange where we could borrow each other's tools and share the love. I'm sure there are members out there who have every tool I need, but most people wouldn't just loan tools to a guy they don't know, and would worry about damage. If we had a system where we could pay a deposit, then get the money back when we were done with the tools that would be sweet. Well, because the golden rule, I do have a die, tat, and handle for 14x1LH if someone wants to borrow them. they'd have to cover shipping both ways, though.
  3. Since the topic of my other thread was about drilling the gas ports, I felt this topic deserved it's own thread to hopefully make it easier to find for other users should they encounter an issue like mine. Replacing the Saiga 12 barrel is an expensive process and I've found that very few people would be comfortable even attempting it regardless of their fee. Hopefully this will prove valuable to someone in the future. In the process of hammering out the lower dowel pin to remove my gas block to drill the gas ports, I dented my barrel. While the bottom dowel pin was still installed, I was trying to hammer it out with a punch when it was apparently hit with too much force causing the gas block to cant on the barrel which rode the dowel pin up the side of the barrel causing this dent (pictured below) The dent was approximately 1mm high and the same width. After calling several gunsmiths from around the country for quotes or advice, explaining to them that the dent was in a delicate area (if the barrel were to be bulged slightly during repair, replacing the gas block could prove problematic and create an all-new set of problems). After receiving mostly confusion as to what a Saiga 12 actually was, I decided to take matters in to my own hands. Stumbling around the Internet in search of advice, I found a website that rents gunsmithing tools including the Brownells 12 gauge Dent Raiser tool which costs nearly $500 shipped. This website (of which there is a link to in the following video) charged around $70 shipped to rent the tool for 7 days, which is quite a savings. Here is the video I made shortly following my correction of the dent in the barrel. To use this tool correctly it is to be used as an anvil. Once you have the spacer on the tool set to the end of your barrel with the anvil under the dent, open the hydraulic ledge/anvil until you feel a slight resistance on the dent and can no longer turn the tool within the barrel. I gave mine another 1/2 turn on the hydraulic control to ensure a tight pressure against the dent. Take a small hammer and rap on the dented area on the outside of the barrel being careful not to overdo it, as that could cause major headaches when you attempt to reinstall the gas block. Go slow, and check after every tapping session to see what progress you've made removing the dent. Once you think you have the dent removed, insert the tool again. Raise the hydraulic in the barrel to the point where the tool will just barely turn within the barrel. If you can make a full rotation with the tool inside the barrel with no noticeable resistance in any particular spot then congratulations, you've fixed your barrel. Otherwise, back to tap tap tapping. GO SLOW. Really want to thank you guys on Saiga 12 for participating in helping me drill my ports, hopefully this tidbit will help someone solve their dented barrel in the future. Accidents happen and this was going to be a costly fix, but with the cost of all the tools and rental involved, I went from a possible $3-400 fix (or more depending on installation charge) into about a $100 fix total. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi Guys, ANYONE HAS A NEW 7,62x39 BARREL TO SELL, that has all components pinned in and it's threaded? just got myself a new Saiga M3 in Italy (It would be considered an AK 103 everywhere else) I am attaching a picture of it. It shots great, but I don't like the fact that the barrel comes withouth the cleaning rod attached and it's not threaded for a muzzle break. So, I would like to substitute it. And make it look like a real AK family member. Would prefer the one where all items are already pinned in. Don't wanna go through the hustle of threading. IF YOU HAVE A BARREL TO SELL PLEASE EMAIL ME HERE rinofc@gmail.com, as I don't come here often. Thank you. Rino +39 348 4641453 (Italy)
  6. Hey guys so I heard that on our Saiga 7.62x39 Ak's, the barrel is bored out of a 5.45x39 (ak-74) barrel to a .30 cal (7.62x39). So does that mean that our barrels are thinner than other ak-47 barrels? Ive been looking at it and it looks pretty thin for the caliber of bullet its shooting.
  7. Hey guys so I have a few saiga 7.62's and finally came across one with a stepped chamber. It seems to me that the one with a stepped chamber kicks and muzzle climbs noticly more than the others. I have an ak-74 brake on all of my saigas. What do you guys think.
  8. How long are the barrels of the US imported Veprs? I've heard inconsistent figures about this. Ranging from 18, to 19 to 20.25inches. Anybody know for certain?
  9. I purchased a RWC 24" Saiga 12 in hopes of being able to shorten the barrel (I have a local guy who could shorten it). Will I be able to shorten the barrel to around 18" without having to modify the gas system as well? I am not sure if there are more/less ports drilled for a 24" barrel VS a standard 19" barrel model. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  10. I'm getting into AR building. Hopefully it will become part of a career path for me. I just bought some AR tools and slowly collecting stuff to start off cheap. I'm looking for parts you are willing to part with. I don't want to pay retail or really even close to it as I need to lose as little money as possible when I resell the rifles. I need to gain confidence in this and that means building, shooting, selling. Parts most interested in: Barrels Stripped uppers Barrel Parts ***Stripped lowers (if in the state of PA. I'll provide necessary documentation but I could deal with an FFL via ordering online)*** Buffers, Tubes (mil spec), Stocks (stocks are not that important. A2 buffers and tubes welcome) Gas blocks LPKs (unused or at least with all the parts) Maybe other key parts I missed. Not looking for everything, just stuff that is usually pricey so can start this on the cheap. I blew a bunch of money on the tools so I'm looking to ease the pain. Let me know if you have anything. I'll do Paypal with no-description.
  11. SSK 45-70 Stainless 14in Barrel. Barrel was mangaported. Rifling is nice and crisp, bore shines like it just came out of the box. VERY well kept barrel, shot very little. Comes with TSOB and the Pentax scope that is on it now. >>More Pics. Here<< $350 shipped, CONUS only. USPS MO or PP if you pay the fees. Click HERE to get a fast response via email. Or send me a PM through the site. Barrel is cross posted. Thanks for looking.
  12. Howdy there everybody! Working on putting together some 74 builds and I have everything except the barrels. Need 4 but if you only have 1 I'll buy it. US made or Bulgarian, virgin or ancient, fresh chromed or pitted.... whatever. Price negotiations based on condition, I'm a fair businessman. Wide variety of payment methods. PM or reply in this thread and I'll get right back to you.
  13. How short can an experienced gunsmith get the barrel of a Saiga 12 before it becomes unsafe to operate? I would consider any requirement of gloves or a reasonable chance of hearing damage, whether temporary or permanent, to be unsafe. This is based on the premise that you won't have on hearing protection, gloves, or other safety measures when you need it. What about OAL? Has anyone experimented with shortening the stock or receiver in combination with the barrel? (I was just reading about the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System... and I'd rather have a Saiga then a Judge for protection in my truck)
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