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Found 21 results

  1. Anubis

    TAC-12 Receiver Set

    Might as well post this here, it's been on our Facebook page for a little while. Here's a couple shots of our new TAC-12 receiver set. This configuration allows for a free-float handguard that bolts directly to the upper. No more wobbly handguards if a retention nut comes loose, no more indexing pins or alignment plates. Availability and pricing coming soon.
  2. Firebird has a few matched receiver sets from older model guns that are for sale. Stripped lower and matched upper, they'll come with the ramp installed and both pistol grip and buttstock adapters. Three of them are black and two are in camo. Price is 250, contact Firebird if you're interested.
  3. This will be a comparison of the T&N handguard and the Firebird handguard. It covers the alignment of the handguard with the upper, and the methods used, components and manufacturing techniques, assembly and disassembly, and details along with descriptions of all parts used by both companies. The T&N handguard is manufactured from a length of extruded aluminum tubing in an oval configuration. They have various models of various lengths, and a variety of detachable rails that bolt directly to the extrusion. The front face of the extrusion is capped with an aluminum plate, and I would assume it is either TIG or heli-arc welded in place. The front of the handguard has a hole for the handguard, and a hole that slips over the original guide rod. They have a variety of slot configurations and can also be obtained with a side charging system. The example we have does not have the side charging system. The rear of the handguard interfaces with the upper receiver via a small, aluminum plate that is captured underneath the guide rod. In the example we have the guide rod and this plate must be removed in order to remove the bolt and carrier from the receiver. As the guide rod is now spaced forward by this indexing plate .125", in the XN versions of the gun it requires an additional .125" spacer between the spring cup and reverse-thread retention nut. In the non-XN version, this spacer is not required since the spring cup and the retention nut are on the same pitch thread. The handguard is retained via the original MKA handguard retention nut, with a heavy-duty O-ring underneath to prevent it from loosening. The finish appears to be paint, but unsure of what type of paint. T&N offers their handguard in a fairly wide variety of colors. The Firebird handguard is available in many configurations, and in two lengths. The shorter version is used with our High Energy Operating System and a system that retains the original operating system, excluding the high-pressure bypass. The longer verison is designed accomodate the stock operating system. All Firebird handguards are manufactured from 8 individual parts, all machined from billet bar stock. In the standard configuration they all come with the non-reciprocating side charging system that Firebird developed. They can however be ordered with or without the side charging system, and with anywhere from no rails to 4 rails. The 4 railed version cannot use the side charging system. The Firebird handguard datums to the face of the MKA upper via a radius cut in the rear plate of the hand guard that fits snugly on the face of the barrel extension, as well as an indexing dowel that interfaces into the existing dowel hole in the MKA upper. In some cases the MKA upper has incomplete holes, and require drilling with a 1/8" drill bit for proper fit. Further note, this hole in the MKA upper can vary in position slightly from the original MKA design prints. In some cases there have been .015" error in placement. The front of the Firebird handguard interfaces to the firearm via the seal sleeve, which is a spacer that fights tightly on the guide rod, and mates into a recess in the rear of the front plate, it also interfaces with the gas block. The system is retained with a machined 3/4" hex retention nut, and a 5/16" allen locking bolt. All Firebird handguards are milspec hard anodize black. They can however be special ordered with various hydrographic films, and there have been a few anodized in other colors. All Firebird handguards also come with a precision ground, stainless steel guide rod, and the machined retention nut. This is the interface of the T&N handguard to the MKA upper, side view. In this example the barrel extension measures 1.250" and the ID of the handguard measures approximately the same, but they do not align. The extension prevents the handguard from fully seating against the receiver and thus the gap. If a relief cut were made in the handguard this surface would be flush, and would also greatly help with any side to side motion the handguard could have in relation to the barrel. This is the interface of the Firebird handguard to the MKA upper, side view. Note the slight vertical misalignment of the MKA rail and the Firebird rail. This reflects the most extreme case we could find in the variance of the dowel hole location on the uppers. Interface between T&N handguard and MKA upper, top view. Handguard has torque applied to show "play" in the first picture, and no torque in the second picture. Interface between Firebird handguard and MKA upper, top view. Same situations as the T&N pictures. T&N complete system and components. Note the T&N gas piston comes with a gas ring. The Firebird piston uses the ring from a customer's stock piston. T&N XN spacer Firebird complete system and components Firebird XN spacer/gas bypass cutoff T&N rear handguard interface Firebird rear handguard interface
  4. In this post I will discuss the differences in the Tooth and Nail buttstock adapter, and the Firebird buttstock adapter. The first photograph shows two iterations of the Tooth and Nail buttstock adapter, along with the original Tromix adapter. Note Tooth and Nail's first attempt had no provision for the location of the threaded hole in the upper receiver to vary. This resulted in customers breaking their lower receivers. The design was refined and can now accomodate variances seen in the MKA factory parts and it also sports a nicer paint job. It should be noted Firebird uses only high quality milspec hard anodize on all of their aluminum parts. With the T&N design, the customer is limited to using only collapsible type stocks and the buttstock's rotation is controlled by a single small set screw on the bottom of the adapter. In the Firebird design, a generous slot was provided from the beginning to allow for the variances in the MKA uppers. Also, with the Firebird design, the customer is not limited to a collapsible only stock arrangement, but instead has the ability to use any collapsible or fixed stock on the market made for an AR-15. Also, stock rotation is controlled by the forward face of a fixed stock, or in the case of a collapsible stock, the originally designed egg plate, exactly the same way stocks are indexed on an AR-15. Compared to a Firebird adapter.
  5. This will be a side-by-side photographic and functional comparison of a complete Tooth and Nail built MKA-1919 and a complete Firebird built MKA-1919. In this post I will compare the machine work performed on a stock MKA lower receiver in order to accept both buttstock and pistol grip adapters. Just for information, Tooth and Nail originally told their customers to cut the buttstock off at .600", Firebird had recommended to never cut this less than .900" so the receiver could maintain structural integrity. But we found on this example Tooth and Nail has cut this receiver to .900". Tooth and Nail Armory has posted a video showing how they make their cuts on the buttstock and pistol grip with a bandsaw and a file. Firebird fixtures the receiver in a CNC mill and makes their cuts with CNC precision. The manufacturing processes and results speak for themselves.
  6. In this section I'll show and discuss the differences between the Tooth and Nail Armory pistol grip adapter, and the Firebird pistol grip adapter. In the T&N design, the pistol grip adapter freely falls into the lower from above, and is retained by a small shoulder measuring a mere .032" thick. It is held in place by the pistol grip and pistol grip screw. It is identical in design to the original Tromix pistol grip adapter, with the exception of the thickness of the retention shoulder. The Tromix adapter had a substantially more robust shoulder, but keep in mind this feature protrudes into the fire control cavity above the level of the floor, thus actually raising the floor of the cavity and changing the fire control geometry. The floor is the correct geometry to base the design of your fire control group. In some cases, the trigger being raised by this change in floor level created interference with the safety, as well as substantially decreased engagement of the primary sear. This is why there have been posts on this forum about people having to grind their safety or trigger to get their gun to function. In any case, making these modifications have no corrective effect at the reduced sear engagement. In the Firebird design, the correct geometric floor of the fire control cavity is maintained. The forward face of the adapter has a heavy tang that interfaces into a recess in the MKA lower mold, and the rear of the adapter has an extremely robust section that interfaces with a large internal radius in the lower as well as a 10-32 retention screw to completely solidify the installation. It may be noted this is a patented part. It also features a secondary hole next to the pistol grip screw hole which will allow a gunsmith or someone with competent knowledge of AR-15 fire control groups to precisely set primary sear engagement values. Again, the Firebird component is not painted, instead it is milspec hard anodized. The Tooth and Nail example shown is from a customer's gun with approximately 80 rounds fired. The Firebird example shown is from Anubis' old polymer lower that had thousands of rounds downrange. In this last close-up image, you can see that the .032" shoulder on the Tooth and Nail adapter is beginning to shear. This was taken from a customer's gun built by Tooth and Nail with only 80 rounds down range.
  7. In this installment we will discuss the T&N and Firebird fire control group. Since the trigger used by both companies is a standard, milspec AR-15 trigger, I will only cover the hammer and disconnector. Baseline facts, the fire control group is based and designed around an AR-15 fcg, with obvious differences in the geometry of the secondary sear and the design of the striking face of the hammer. The original MKA hammer is manufactured from .200" thickness tool steel, and has a mild heat treat of apx Rockwell 48 to 50. It weighs approximately 510 grains, but 82 of those grains are in the trunion itself, which has an OD of .355". This diameter prevents the use of an AR-15 hammer spring, and the MKA's original spring is marginal to impart the necessary force to reliably ignite all primers. Secondly, due to geometric misdesign, the hammer overcocks and strikes the disconnector(or secondary sear), imparting shock into the trigger and it consistently bends trigger pins. The T&N hammer is constructed from .187", or 3/16" material of an unknown alloy and unknown heat treat. It features an AR-15 dimension trunion that weighs approximately 33 grains. The total weight of the hammer is 441 grains. T&N's hammer incorporates a feature that Firebird designed to prevent the hammer from overcocking and striking the disconnector by applying a rectangular feature to the back of the hammer that strikes the top of the safety trunion before it can strike the disconnector. This feature also adds to the mass of the hammer, allowing it to deliver more kinetic energy to the firing pin. Although 3/16" tool steel is readily available, and relatively inexpensive, Firebird opted to have precision ground tool steel milled to the correct .200" thickness. The tool steel used for this hammer is American milled S7 tool steel, EDM cut, and the critical surfaces precision ground. It is heat treated to Rockwell 60. The hammer features a weight of 503 grains, 33 of those being the trunion. At this weight it is calculated to be optimum for reliable ignition of all primers. The other, unique design in the Firebird hammer is the addition of the weight/impact surface that prevents hammer overtravel. The design of all 3 disconnectors is somewhat irrelevant, as all 3 perform the function properly. The differences however, show up in manufacturing and metallurgy. The following pictures will display photographs of the hammer and disconnector taken from a customer's T&N built shotgun with 80 rounds downrange. The Firebird hammer and disconnector were taken from a test and eval gun having many thousands of rounds downrange. Here we have a Firebird hammer, a T&N hammer, and a factory hammer. Note the reason for the T&N hammer being off-center on the trunion is simply because their trunion slides freely in the hammer. Close up of the striking surface of the T&N hammer, approx 80 rounds fired. Note the brinelling(deformation) where the hammer strikes the firing pin. This is indicative of no, or improper heat treat, or incorrect metallurgy. Close up of the striking surface of the Firebird hammer, approx 4,000 rounds fired. Close up of the secondary sear surface of the T&N hammer. Close up of the secondary sear surface of the Firebird hammer. Close up of the secondary sear surface of the T&N disconnector, approx 80 rounds fired. Close up of the secondary sear surface of the Firebird disconnector, approx 4,000 rounds fired.
  8. Forgive the state of my table, but here's my MKA with my new TAC-12 lower.
  9. Anubis

    All in a Day's Work

    This is what happens when all those "mythical" parts come together into complete guns. These are some MKA's and some complete TAC-12's that are on order. Only 60 more to build and ship until multi-gun nationals!
  10. Anubis

    TAC-12 Waiting List

    We're having a few stragglers on the waiting list who we haven't been able to get in contact with. If you're number 1 through 90 on the waiting list give us a call.
  11. Finally started on prepping for multi-gun nationals and decided we needed mag holders for the MKA. Built a few of these today.
  12. Anubis

    New Stuff from Firebird

    This is the new Firebird SS Blade Adjustable Stock and TAC-12 Extended Mag Button shown on a TAC-12 lower.
  13. Comes in 6 different videos, here's the first one. The rest will be on the same channel shortly.
  14. Here's some pictures of the production model TAC-12 and some conventional MKA's with various hydrographic films.
  15. My new TAC-12 that I'm building up for Multi-Gun Nationals MKA-1919-XN Upper/Barrel/Bolt/Bolt Carrier Firebird Precision TAC-12 Lower Receiver w/ ARR Firebird Precision Handguard w/ Side Charting Handle Firebird Precision High-Energy Operating System Firebird Precision Hammer/Trigger/Disconnector/Ambi Safety Firebird Precision Oversize Magazine Release Firebird Precision Extended Charging Handle Firebird Precision Entry-Length SS Blade Stock ErgoGrip Precision Rifle Grip Magpul AFG EoTech Red-Dot Firebird Precision 10/15 Round Magazines Atomic City Tactical 20 Round Magazine (one-off, not in production) I haven't decided on which color anodize to use, or if I'm going to do hydrographic film. Time will tell.
  16. Here's a few pictures of our new buttstock adapter. This design is compatible with all versions of the MKA. This adapter incorporates all features required to use any AR-15 compatible stock. With a collapsible stock it accepts the "eggplate" to index the buffer tube, and can also be used with any accessory eggplate that may include single-point sling attachment points. It also works with all fixed stocks. Retail is $49.95, call to order!
  17. Anubis

    The Simple Days

    Back when we were just getting started on these and business was slow. Early on we were only building customer guns for competition and 922r guns for distributors. Back then we only had to keep production of components up for our own use. Nowadays, trying to meet the increasing demand, it seems our CNC never stops running, 16 hour shifts 7 days a week. Still, people seem to think we aren't shipping product or even answering our phones. It only takes about a half an hour for our voicemail to overfill and the phone never stops ringing. We're doing the best we can but there's only two of us in the shop and one on the phones!
  18. Firebird is back! It was a long, busy week at SHOT show but it was an awesome time. In the last week the new production run of extended charging handles was completed, they'll be shipping early next week. Also, the latest batch of handguards is complete, they'll be shipping very shortly too. Finally, the aluminum lower receiver will be shipping as early as 45 days. Give Firebird a call at 505-847-0108 to order and pre-order!
  19. Sneak peak at a Firebird Tac-12 in the white.