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Found 25 results

  1. I received this e-mail the other morning. You can imagine my surprise when I read it. After the initial setbacks with the release, things seemed to be going well. Obviously the product is selling. If Bjorn is indeed ending production and this isn't just a genius marketing ploy, maybe he will give/sell the rights of ownership and production. I hadn't seen anything else about this on the forum. But hey, I spent 45 minutes looking for a 10mm boxed end wrench that I had in my hand the entire time. Kushnapup availability email0001.pdf
  2. From the album: kdog45ak

    Kushnapup with GK-01 attached
  3. video update of it in action. First time wife had ever heard it!
  4. cSnells

    20140422 171833

    My K-Pup
  5. For Sale: Kushnapup bullpup stock (currently installed on S223). This sale is for the stock only, and included the butt stock adapter which will allow you to retain your tang. Also includes the rail sections. The color and texture of the stock is very sharp and looks like a factory coating. (The color in the pics do not do it proper justice). $200 shipped flat rate. If you plan on installing it on another S223, I have a total of 5 tapco mags that have been coated to match that I will include for an additional $10/each. Check, MO or Paypal gift option accepted. Thank you for looking.
  6. I loved my stock .308 but wanted to make it more exciting. I have owned only a couple of guns, but have never really made one "mine". Gun Started off stock, simple, great. The only non stock thing I had were the 24rd Magazines, and some cheap ass hunting / plinking ammo. The OAL length was never a problem, and gun performed flawlessly during hunts. Nosler Ballistic Tip dropped this 260 lb Hog with 1 shot. Whole right side of face blown off where arrow pointing. (Nosler) For reference purposes: Nosler 30 Cal I was also able to drop two 115-135 lb Doe 20 minutes later with my Hornandy Hollow Point All 3 shots accurate as hell. I have had great results with cheap (Tula, PMC) ammo and expensive hunting rounds. However, Federal Power Shok has given me some trouble for some reason. After getting some good use out of the gun, Bored of its look and simplicity, I decided to spruce things up a little bit. I know the kush conversion is a personally preference, But I liked the look and wanted the shorter OAL. So I ventured into doing it.
  7. From the album: cpk-photos

    Kushnapup modded S12 with: - LaRue Tactical Irondot w/ Docter II reflex sight - Anglesight (for scoping out around corners) - Chaos Porkypine & Warthog ... resting up against a plastic skeleton.
  8. After seeing Indy's post on his Kushnapup build for the S12, I finally got off the fence and ordered one. I will not go into the detail that Indy did as his observations and review were spot on and don't need to be repeated for the purpose of this post. I just wanted to add my comments on the build with the Saiga .223, as I encountered a couple of issues that I think were unique to using a .223 on the build. I ordered my Kushnapup last week and received it in 3 days. Evidently there is plenty of stock and they ship the next day. I used a Saiga .223 with a 16.5" barrel. I kept the tang on for future options and legal compliance and cut the end off of one of the saiga stocks to use as an extension. I used a PMag from my AR to mock up the appearance with a high capacity mag. Mags for the S223 are on the way. The installation is straight forward, but I had to do a lot of fitting inside the stock to get the pup together. The primary areas of the stock that needed to be modified were: the mag release (which was expected), the trigger guard, and the safety pivot point. The kush already had areas milled out for the trigger guard and safety, but they were slightly off with the Saiga .223. The easiest way to see what needs a little taken off with the dremel is to brush on some line level powder inside and put it together and then mill down the contact points. You will not be able to see where the stock and receiver are touching without someway of marking it. The photo below shows the stock extension for the tang and where the stock had to be milled out for the mag release. One final issue with the Kushnapup build with Saiga rifles as opposed to the shotguns is the barrel ends up being free floated. There is a place where the Saiga 12 hand guard screw secures the kush stock to the FGB. Since the Saiga rifles do not use this setup (handguard is attached to the front of the receiver) you will not have this extra attachment point for the stock. However the rifle sits securely in the stock without it. Because I am cheap and had a rail section from a S12 quad rail that I no longer used, I cut it down to fit, roughed up the surfaces, and JB welded the top picatinny rail to the gas tube. It seems very secure and had plenty of surface area to bond to. We will see how it holds up. If it doesn't, I'll just buy the ultimak. Other than that, I plan on removing the FSB, threading the barrel, and adding a muzzle brake / flash suppressor. Overall, I love the way this gun feels when shouldered. It is back end heavy, and should facilitate quick target acquisition. The trigger leaves alot to be desired, but can be fine tuned, so I will play with those adjustments. The final specs as the gun sits is 16.5" barrel, 27" OAL, and a weight of 7.5lbs with no mag. I will update after I get it finished and get it to the range next weekend.
  9. cSnells


    Finished Product
  10. I have seen other threads regarding the .223 kush JB weld picatinny mount (which was gorgeous by the way, and awesome green color). I was wondering if there have been any updates or new ways of mounting a picatinny rail on the gas tube of the .308 without interfering with piston. Gun is about half way built. Have red dot, recoil pad, side rail mounts, lasers flashlights sling ect ready to go. Just need tangs sawed off, picatinny rail on tube and dremel around magazine release. (Screws are out in pic) Does not sit flush because of Mag release All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks
  11. cSnells

    .308 Kushnapup

    Just finished sandblasting, cerakoted matte white. still need to dremel back near mag release so it fits flush. Tangs chopped, and gas tube picatinny mount. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  12. From the album: kdog45ak

    Kushnapup with GK-01 attached
  13. Hey all, I've been working on this project little bit at a time as money allows. I'm itchin to show it even though it's not done. There isn't much to finish, I need to decide on a color/camo pattern. I am hooked up with TWN Water Transfer and there are just too damn many patterns to choose from. I am also planning on adding a magnifier. The eyes aren't quite what they used to be. EO Tech has a 3x, Aimpoint the same, and Mako has 3x, 5x, and 7x. Choices/choices/choices. Money/money/money. So far I'm using an EO Tech 512 holographic, Magpul BUIS front and rear, Ultimak scout rail/gas tube, AK Scout Scope Rail, and UTG .80" risers. Sticking with 20 round mags so as to avoid cutting into the pistol grip for clearance to install. There is quite a bunch of modifications to the inside of the stock for durability. Here are the teasers and there will be more to come when finished. Thanks for eyeballing.
  14. From the album: Kushnapup

    Painted Krylon Camoflage Khaki

    © Chris Vasilakos

  15. Ordered a Kushnapup for my 223. It came pretty fast. Installation ended up being a pita. Probably just my bad luck. I spent hours filing trying to get the gaps to sit right. I ended up tightening the screws in a different sequence and it worked out for me. The barrel sits a little crooked on the stock. Quality is ok. It arrived to my house with a broken tab. The box appeared fine but is was packaged with plastic sitting on plastic, no protection at all. No big deal for me as the tab is for the fore end screw on a Saiga 12. I ended up not using the trigger spring and replaced the plastic tube with a smaller aluminum one from Ace hardware. The factory tube would not let safety engage. I plugged the front sling hole with a plastic plug also from Ace. The sling mount looked cheap to me. The rear sight was not usable after installation. This bothered me. I filed the factory rear sight and drilled a hole in it. If I the flip the sight up so far it will catch on the spring and be secure. Looking through it makes me think I drilled a little to big but who knows I may like it at the range. I still need to paint also. Anyways heres the pics. I need some ideas for a red dot and a rail. I do not want to modify the gun or stock. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Looking to sell a black anodized cbrps spike kit for the saiga 12. I put it on my gun, showed it to my wife and she hated it. So now I have to sell it. It's slightly modified to fit a jte magwell and goes In smooth. First one with 250 takes it shipped. Which is a steal since they go for 380 http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html
  17. Looking to sell a black anodized cbrps spike kit for the saiga 12. I put it on my gun, showed it to my wife and she hated it. So now I have to sell it. It's slightly modified to fit a jte magwell and goes In smooth. First one with 250 takes it shipped. Which is a steal since they go for 380 http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html
  18. From the album: cpk-photos

    What you would see when you hold the gun out in front of you, trying to look around a corner. Setup = LaRue Tactical with Docter II reflex sight + Anglesight
  19. Really like the Porkypine & the Warthog... nice finishing touches on my Saiga build. Cameron... Your part quality is TOP NOTCH. Really impressed by the fit & finish of these components. Chad
  20. From the album: cpk-photos

    Kushnapup modded S12 with: - LaRue Tactical Irondot w/ Docter II reflex sight - Anglesight (for scoping out around corners) - Chaos Porkypine & Warthog
  21. From the album: cpk-photos

    What you would see when rotating the mirror facing up... With some practice, it's possible to hip-fire and still have your red dot so you're not firing blind. Setup = LaRue Tactical with Docter II reflex sight + Anglesight
  22. From the album: cpk-photos

    What you would see when holding the gun like normal, looking straight through the optical path. Setup = LaRue Tactical with Docter II reflex sight + Anglesight
  23. Kdog45ak

    aimimg 4

    From the album: kdog45ak

    Rear portion of K-pup.
  24. Kdog45ak

    aimimg 2

    From the album: kdog45ak

    IZ-447 (040) in a Kushnapup stock. Tangs not removed yet.
  25. New to the forum. Anyone have any thoughts on best way to comply with a 30in OAL when doing a Kushnapup in 5.45? From my numeral crunches you start with 37in (IZ-240), Kushna says it chops that down 13.5in so you're at 23.5in yikes! Any ideas on ways to get to the 30in line?
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