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Found 8 results

  1. I recently picked up a Legion Saiga 12 030 Taktika and have been having some magazine fitment issues. Out of the box the factory 4 rounder had to be slapped once or twice with a good amount of force to get it to lock once inserted into the magwell. I didn't think too much about it at first but after picking up 2 factory 8 rounders and 4 SGM 10 rounders the problem has persisted and I'm not 100% sure how to remedy it. I've inserted and removed the mags a good amount to try and break them in but that has not seemed to help. Any known quick fixes for this? I'm assuming I will have to sand the magwell or something of that nature but wanted to get some opinions first.
  2. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the parts for conversions and modification of some magazines for LRBHO. First: Looking at the conversion kits at California Shooters Supply at my options for converting my newly purchased IZ-433, and I have some concerns about the trigger guard. I don't really see any information showing if either of the trigger guard options will interfere with the tab up front for the mag well. I would imagine the answer is no, but I have no way to make a real mock up other than to use the pins in the receiver for an approximate of where the trigger guard will end up. The trapezoidal one (Tromix DIY) looks neat and seems to offer more space for gloved fingers, but would get pretty close to my magwell and reduce the overall space for the mag release tab. Here is the proposed kit. Does anyone see any problems/compatibility issues or am I over analyzing this? Here's the second project: (Note: I am aware that there are magwell magazines, but I got 4 new mags for just under the price of two 10 rounders) I got a killer deal on some SGM 12 rounders, so I decided I'd sacrifice one in the name of being poor (ironic right?) and see if I can get it to work with my gun like some of the other people in the forums have done. With a dremel/file and some eyeballing it locks in perfectly with very little side play and no wiggling front to back. It basically sits in the same position as my factory mag. Here's the mags side by side, the angling was a little tricky and ended up involving lots of time with my file. After enjoying a brief victory, I noticed that these SGM magazines do not have a BHO. So while I made myself a little notch for the BHO lever, I need to figure out a way to get the SGM followers to engage the BHO lever or just replace them outright. Each option has its problems. If I were to keep the stock follower, I would have to add a bho tab that would need to physically extend past the top of the follower about 1/4 inch to properly engage the BHO. Some late night garage experiments were promising with small pieces of steel picture hanger hooks, but the looseness of the follower caused the thin piece of steel to move forward and not properly engage the BHO. I have found several other donor pieces of metal that could possibly serve as tabs to engage the BHO latch listed below: A salvaged PSU heatsink, a CPU heatsink, a bracket for a recessed light and a thin piece of spring steel that is just the right width of the follower and with the perfect curve and pre punched holes that would work for rivets. I have three options for mounting it onto the follower, one being to glue it, which would work pretty good if I decide to use more polymer, or maybe alright for metal, but ideally I'd either use the small slit I made in the picture below to fold a piece of metal inside and grip the plastic. (it worked very well for the picture hanger, until I snapped it after adjusting the length multiple times.) The last that I am thinking about is using rivets to secure it, and hoping that the channel will provide enough clearance and hopefully that the rest of the mag will not interfere with the attached piece. The last and easiest would be to just find followers with BHO and drop them in, which I have (so far) had no luck in locating. I noticed that the sgm followers are (as claimed) made from the original design, but have a few changes that vary it from the original. Pleasingly enough the follower from the factory 4 fits right in....except for these two little feet which I am guessing serve as anti tilt. As much as I would love to take the feet off or bend them in to test it. I don't want to risk messing a more expensive/rarer mag to make the common one operational. You can see what I am talking about below. So to wrap things up, while I am scratching my head trying to make heads or tails, has anyone seen or know of a place that sells followers with bho or does anyone have any suggestions that might help with this dilemma?
  3. First of all, let me say hello and say this is my first post here. Short back story - I think I made some rookie mistakes with my first venture into Saiga shotguns. I am starting to think my first mistake was purchasing a Legion IZ-433...but I can't change that now. Anyway, I wanted to change the hand guard and add a rail system...turns out, no one makes a rail system for the IZ-433 Type 030. Well, not releasing that, I Dremelled off my retainer and now factory handguard won't stay in place. Yes, I am an ass, but does anyone here have any solutions for me, as the gun is basically unusable at this point? This is my first issue, there are others but I need to get this fixed first! Thanks in advance! - Jon
  4. I recently purchased the Iz-447 from Legion. I plan on taking off the dragunov stock and forearm and hopefully replacing it with traditional AK furniture. I know there are guys waiting on Chaos to release their new rail system. When this happens someone send me a pm. Thanks in advance...
  5. I have a Saiga12 (Legion Import) S12 that I am unable to get a Tri or quad rail forfend for due to size and shape of gas block tube. It has a 2 position gas dial in front, an ak style flip rear sight, and a hinged rear cover with permanent rail attached. Conversion completed p/t purchase. I have very limited grip in my hands due to a spinal cord injury after breaking my neck in 2010, and have to have a forward pistol type grip to be able to hold the gun, which I presently only have a rear pistol grip. I wanted the Chaos rail with HK type sights, but unfortunately none will fit, per Cameron from Chaos. Greg from Carolina Shooting said their rails (all) will not fit. I do not want to permanently alter the gun (nor do I have the ability/skill) and am limited to what I own since I am in CA. Cameron (Chaos)is under the impression that my Saiga is Military and not a "regular" Saiga 12, not sure why. I have called and emailed Legion with no reply! Multiple attempts. Place of purchase as confused as I of the distinct variation from other S12's. Exhaustive online and gun show search has come up empty. Can you please help? Evan Like this http://www.riflegear.com/popup.aspx?src=/images/product/large/1721_1_.jpg
  6. I'm a relatively new firearms enthusiast (~2 years) and well new to Saiga rifles and shotguns, AK-47/74 variants, and the conversions between the 2. I was hoping to solicit some advice based on what little I know of these platforms. I've been looking at the Saiga-12 models and found this at Atlantic Firearms. It seems to be this model from Legion USA. I find the magwell and the LRBHO features attractive. I want to know if these are reasonable prices for Saiga-12 with these options. I've been looking at some of the custom items at the sponsor sites, but I do not know enough to know if there is one that is better for the money or what conversions are most desirable and why. That's where you expert types are needed. Similarly at that Legion USA site, I found their Saiga conversions in AK-74 and AK-47 platforms (currently out of stock). IT seems like the comparable rifles are the Arsenal SGL21 & 31 series rifles. I've learned enough to know that the SGL's were touched by Legion as well. I know they should be built on identical Russian imports, but I've heard that the parts that Arsenal uses may be of higher quality? That confuses me a bit as Legion, at least the Russian parent, has a hand in the SGL models, so how are these better than the the Legion USA models unless the American shop uses sub-par components? Again, I need your expert opinion on price vs.quality. Short version: Ideally I'd like to get a Saiga-12 and a 7.62 Saiga rifle, but I'm lost as to which models are the best for the money and where to get them. Let my education begin. . .
  7. Decicded to start new thread for testing info on new imported 030's Range day with the legion 030 unconverted. So far great news!! This test is with a completly stock and untouched legion 030 IZ-433 using federal wallmart bulk pak and fioucci 2 3/4 HV buckshot. w/ IZ-433 4 rd mags...yes only 4 round capacity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THDfK2sq_3I I even built a short tappet but never needed. I have shown the 030 gas system to several other engineers and they agree there is not a resonable explaination on how it can regulate between pressure differintials. I also found the lower handgaurd retainer is held in place by the upper handgaurd. I intially thought there was no locking mechanisism. I will test more ammo and look for carrier overtravel in the next day or two. Someone ask about carrier weight: Just checked with ohaus triple beams IZ-433 529.5 grams 109 508 grams Thought it would be better to put all pics on one page also
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