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Found 5 results

  1. STOCK FINALLY CAME IN! Mosin Nagant 91/30, with turned down bolt handle, rail tapped and mounted, and Archangel Stock. Shoots very nice. Currently the barrel is floated, but I'm going to have to see if it shoots better with the barrel fixed. Promag sent a block to fix the barrel just in case I've got one of the 10% that shoot better w/o the barrel floated. Please don't tease me about the scope. It's a cheapy I traded for, until I can afford to get the Nikon Prostaff 9-9x50mm. I'm all out of gun funds in the budget for the year, so looks like I can't get that 'till Taxmas. Haven't sighted in the scope yet, fired it w/o the rail on just to see how I like the stock. Very nice indeed. Like I said, I'd post pics when it was "done":
  2. Another CRAZY PAT Sale. First one on this Forum, With the stuff I own, probably not the last. This is a collection of a little bit of everything. Take a look, maybe you'll find something you can live without. Everything is SHIPPING INCLUDED to CONT US. If you think I'm out of line well... shoot me a best offer, what's the worst that can happen, I giggle and say no? Postal money orders are best. On with the show this is it; 3 Israeli Grenade pouches, nice stamps, all dated 1977 - $20 4 Battlefield pick up slings. Cetme, PPHS, Old Leather Hungarian and SKS - $18 East German Tobacco can cleaning kit for AK74, new in plastic wraper with intact paper issue tag - $15 <--SPF Russian Navy Mosin Nagant BLACK Sling and Ammo Pouches, No date stamps on sling, only one pouch is dated 1970 - $35 10 British 303 stripper clips and undated British pouch - $12 New in Bag, Chinese SKS Sling, Oil Bottle and Cleaning KIt - $18 SKS Scope, Scope Mount, Metal Handguard and Shell Deflector - $40 <--SPF Mount and Scope are used/good+ by LEAPERS, Scope is 4x25, Handguard and Deflector are New old stock/ never installed AKU-94 Bullpup Scope Mount. Came with the kits from K-Var - $35 USED but still serviceable, Replaces rear sight leaf Romanian AK74 Matching Green Nylon Sling and Bayonet - $40 <---SPF Sling is New in Wrapper, Bayonet is Very Good, Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Romanian AK47 BLACK Leather Pouch and Bayonet Set - $40 Both have Some Storage Wear but nothing truely bad. Pouch is Full of Stamps, Dated 1981 Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Russian Veshmeshok Back Pack - $25 Like New, Full Side Straps, Nice Stamp, Dated 1998 If you made it this far, Thanks for looking. Now BUY something Damn it! Patrick Open to trades also, like I need more SHIT!!!!
  3. From the album: Risky's Projects

    Stock refinished (not very well) and handguards shortened, barrel shortened to 18 inches with Lee Enfield No.5 Jungle Carbine flash hider pinned on. Action and barrel painted with Krylon black satin. Also bedded the action with JB weld... haven't shot it yet so no word on accuracy or noise difference.
  4. So I'd been wanting a laminate featherwieght thumbhole stock for my Mosin for some time. My ultimate goal is to add a scope and do some acurizing mods. Lighter trigger, float the barrel etc. So I ordered stock from Byods stocks, I really wanted something with the blue hues in in the wood, I think that looks really nice. Unfortunately they don't offer that for the mosin. So I ordered what I found to be the next most attractive which they refered to as the Jacaranda. They told me a 3-4 week back order, which was more than fair. But to my surprise I got a tracking number just 8 days later! If finally arrived it was much nicer than the one on the website. Fitting it took a about 30 min of filling a few spots, maybe a 0.001". Now I can't wait to get out on the range with it. So without further ado, here's some gun porn.
  5. Title was cut off, was supposed to say "Mosin-Nagant ammo pouches". Apologies if you clicked this thread looking for a rifle. First up, a complete Glock 23 slide, including the barrel and recoil assembly, and your choice of three 13-round or three 10-round magazines. This is from a lightly-used pistol that I purchased to make a dedicated .22 LR Glock. $300 shipped. Next, an extra Glock 23 barrel. I picked this up by itself, and all I know about it is from observation - clearly a take-off barrel. Looks like it was used a fair amount, enough to pick up external finish wear. Some of the finish is still intact on the feed ramp, and the bore itself is beautiful, so it wasn't abused. I test fit it in two Glock 23 slides, and it fit in just fine, had no problem locking up cycling dummy rounds. $80 shipped. Finally, Mosin-Nagant ammo pouches. The body is made from the typical pebble pattern fake leather crap, and the straps and belt loops appear to be made from actual cow parts. Steel rivets and brass fittings. $5 each plus actual shipping. Not sure how many of these I have, at least ten or twenty.
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