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Found 4 results

  1. I am looking for recipies to try and load my own Dragons Breath ammo. My current plan is to fill the shotcup with a little layer of fine magnisium turnings, some flechette darts, then filled with corse magnisium turnings. It was sugested to drill through the wad and insert a fuse to ensure ignition of the accelerant. The flechette darts are to aid in lethality if it was used on an attacker, but primary pourpose would be to shread up the target and work in some burning magnisium. Looking for suggestions for any alternitive accelerants. Testing will be done at a range and with a single shot device, arrangments are made. Legality will be verified after a set of test loads are determained. I want to beable to fire these in my saiga, would be a great way to start bondfires! (also Riot Defence)
  2. Obviously .224 bullets are hard to come by at the moment, so please spare me the comments to that effect. Links to good supplies would be appreciated. The point of this thread is mostly to know what I should be looking for so that I can pounce when a deal on large volume of bullets comes up. Right now about the cheapest volume deals I can find are $0.10/ bullet which works out to $0.19/round even based on the current cost of other components. From what I can tell, things are making their way back to the shelves, but anything related to .223 is slowest and scarcest. I've got some primers and varget, so bullets are all I need to get started. Best case scenario would be to find one or two bullets and buy a huge quantity so that I don't have to develop several different recipes. Practical accuracy out to 300 yards or so is the focus of this particular application. lead core 55 grn M193 sounds convenient for being standard and common. I don't mind pulled bullets or surplus if they work well. I have been gearing up to do a bunch of reloading, and sometime this summer I will likely be doing a bit of mass reloading with friends for various .223 weapons. There are a couple of ARs, and there is plenty of info out there about how to find a bullet weight that runs well in different barrels. My cousin "Salt" and a local friend have Zastava M85 Pap 556 AK pistols. I can't seem to find anything out there which tells me what ammo these things are the least inaccurate with. The easy answer would be to buy 6k 55grn boat tails and call it done, but if I am going to buy 6K of anything it should be an optimal round or super cheap or both... Another .224" cartridge I am likely to be making with Salt is 5.7x28 which seems to like light bullets made for .223 such as the 34 grain varmint bombs. I'd need to refresh my memory before buying projectiles for this, but if I were to buy a large quantity of bullets for Salt that would work for both of his guns that would be convenient. Heavy for caliber would be good in this particular gun because he runs a gemtech suppressor and we want to develop a reliable subsonic load that doesn't need a spring change. Most of the info says that 5.7 is a tricky caliber to load for, so this might be too much to ask for.
  3. So I wanted to share a little information I have found so far in hand loading for my Saiga .308. I have a converted Saiga .308 with a 16" barrel. I use this information to load in bulk. I am much more exact with bolt guns or when making hunting/match loads. Always remeber to approach max loads cautiously as each gun is different. Start low and work your way up being mindful of pressure signs. Due to the short barrel and my love for Hodgdon Extreme powders, I decided to try Benchmark which is the same powder I use in reloading for my .223/5.56 AR's. Benchmark is an extruded powder cut very short which allows it to meter VERY well out of my RCBS powder meter. It is somewhat on the hot side being about the same as H335 or just a little slower than RL-10. I tried 3 different bullets. For service type rifles including my M1A and Saiga .308, I prefer 147-155 grain bullets to ensure flatter trajectories and optimal ballistic performance. Generally, I like to keep my muzzle velocities >2600 fps so for .30 cal bullets greater than 155 gr., I use a .300 win mag :-). I do not check velocities for each group during the ladder. I shoot several groups, increasing in powder until I find the highest accuracy node that does not show over pressure signs. I then shoot several groups of that load and chrony them. 1st ladder test results was with the 150gr Hornady FMJ-BT with cannelure. Case: Remmington (R P) trimmed to 2.005 Primer: CCI-200 Seated to Cannelure with crimp. Starting Grains 41 Max Tested 44.5 Results showed that 43-43.5gr gave most accurate results of 1-1.5 MOA at 100 yards Velocity from chrony gave 2610fps with SD 15fps from 43 gr. Benchmark 2nd ladder test was with 147 gr. Winchester FMJ-BT with cannelure. Case: Rem (R P) trimmed 2.005 Primer: CCI-200 Seated to cannelure with crimp Starting Grains 41 Max Tested 45 Results showed accuracy node at 44 grains giving 1.25-1.75 MOA at 100 yards Chrony results gave 2642fps with SD 23fps from 44gr Benchmark 3rd ladder test 150gr Hornady SP-BT with cannelure essentially the same as the 1st ladder test results with same trim, primers, seating ect. Best results found with 43 gr Benchmark giving 1.5 moa at 100 yards and velocity of 2590. This is my hog hunting load.
  4. I cant find this anywhere on the net, so I am posting it, and pictures here, so that there is. I got a box of ammo off a neighbor that they didnt want any more, I guess his dad or uncle reloaded? Box has a single DUPONT on the backside. Box is factory reloading brass, primed in 25-35 Win. "Empty Centerfire Rifle Cartridges" " Remington Components" "Remington Arms Company, Inc." "INDEX C23120" "PRIMED CASES" is on the box. picture shows 18, but it is all 20 of them, never touched, and primed in the original box..... I know what it is for, obviously, but I cant seem to find this particular box of brass on the net ANYWHERE. What do I have for value?
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