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Found 10 results

  1. Here is my very first gun project ever so I didn't want post this until I had it back together and running so here it is. There are still some things that need to be done so it is only mostly complete right now. To start I'll answer some questions that I am sure will come up. Most of my knowledge was gained from reading the forums here and specifically the SBS Technical thread in the NFA section since this will be an 11" SBS when I get my approval. Yes, those are holes in the barrel and no I won't tell what they are for, I don't want to say anything until I have that part complete since there are already some mistakes that need correcting;-) I moved the gas system back 3.75" and can proudly say that it runs similar to before I did the mods. Still needs some tuning, the holes start at a little over 7 1/4". I kept as close as I could to the specs of an 8" gun since that is a tried and true design. Hoping that the extra 3" of barrel (after cutting to 11") will make up for the holes in regards to the requirements of S12 Gas Dynamics (should be a college course). Still need to weld holes, back plate, paint, finish making hand guard, etc... DISCLAIMER: This is NOT easy!!! If you don't have a lathe, you cannot do this. I have no experience in gunsmithing but years of experience in many of the skills/traits needed for this job. If you read the SBS Technical forum and it is confusing to you then pause and seriously re-consider what you are doing before you screw up your gun (there were some close calls for me). For those of you who have the skill but just need pictures, here is the perspective of a fellow skilled noob. Hopefully this helps someone. Here are the pics : Here is where I bored out the gas block to fit the shortened gas piston rod (technically the bolt carrier but it is the piston rod as well now). Dremel sanding drum works well for this. Now it fits, I cut the piston rod a little long to allow for the fitting process later. A simple pipe cutter for the gas tube. Now I turned the barrel down (this is a friend of mine with a shop since I don't have a lathe) If you can, I highly recommend securing the spinning end somehow or you may end up with chatter marks (see next pic). We weren't able to do that and I didn't want to take out the barrel. Her are the new holes. They are .083". I used a hand drill instead of a mill or drill press due to the movements needed to keep the bit from just bending away from the hole. I am sure the better builders have more refined techniques but not me. I drilled straight to start and angled it as it went deeper, it wants to plow at an angle so had to be careful about that. The hole in the gas block is a little bigger now to allow more exposure of the holes. I just drilled it the same size as the hole on the bottom of the block Test fitting. Notice the tape, I put that on the old holes and rubbed a crayon on it to get the impressions to transfer the locations to get the general spacing right. Its hard to see but the gap between the carrier and the trunnion (bottom of gun in picture) is what I used to check the piston rod (carrier end) length
  2. It took about 2.5 hours, and was actually pretty easy with only material removal required. Works fine after 100rd through it and no trigger problems or multiple-fire conditions. PowerPoint of the Mods NOTE: If you do this, you are taking the risk that it won't work - with all that the warning entails with regard to potential injury/death from a malfunctioning firearm. Since I don't know your skill level, I make no claims that you will have my success/luck. That, and with the variation in Saiga construction, your mod requirements/mileage may vary. If you are not confident that you can do this yourself, be safe and take your weapon to a qualified gunsmith. The files below are the interferences I ran into and two shots of the assembled weapon. The linked Powerpoint shows them as well, and how I addressed them. Last slide has a short vid of it working. -Trashcan101
  3. Ok so i havent seen any American youtube videos of the Vepr 12 Short Barrel Shotgun ..so i thought i would make one and share it with all you good people on this forum.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9dvSQRZoic
  4. The june 1st deadline is comming shortly.I dont think the ATF has any intentions of putting back up the form 1s back on there website before obamas executive order on june 1st.. What do you guys think?should i just mail it in and wait the 13months?Even though they post a letter on there webiste saying that form 1s will be following shortly after the form 6s..i think this is just a gimmick
  5. Eric Pate


    From the album: Distal's Weaponography

    Tromix S17. A work of art in itself.

    © No commercial use without express permission

  6. I have been working on this gun for a while now but I have taken this about as far as I am going to at this point. My main interest is in long range rifle so I need to create some money to support that expensive addiction. Here is my build thread for the background and pics. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76696-my-first-gun-project/ This is a fully functional gun, all unfinished work is mostly cosmetic or optional (back plate for folding stock for example) Some quick details on the current state. It's a bit scuffed up from being worked on, needs to be refinished. There is no rear plate still, I wanted to leave that option open for the next owner and not weld something on when they wanted something else. Wallmart bulk isn't that great, Federal is good at about 90% higher velocity cheap stuff works fine, 00 Buck is no problem, cycles 3" mags perfect (my shoulder wasn't happy about that though). Bear in mind that these results are shooting pistol grip only so it should be better with a stock. Recoil is no problem with the brake and auto plug combo. Parts are: auto plug, CSS conversion kit with CSS trigger guard, Tromix Monster Brake in the middle, highly customized UTG handguard (former quad rail), SAW grip, Tromix Extended Bolt on handle. Gas system shortened by 3.75" Holes for the mid brake are drilled so that if you cut the barrel off at the first one you would have a ~7.5" SBS or about 11" at the end of the Monster Brake.. I am willing to make videos with different ammo upon request and if you have a specific ammo type in mind I will work with you (within reason). Comes with factory 5rd, 2x 8rd, 1x 12rd and Promag 12 drum. Price is $1500 OBO shipped/FTF, open to partial trades Possible trade ideas: 223 reloading equipment (I like the turret presses), Saiga 223, G17 mags, good quality scope (Mil-Mil only, 12x or higher), rifle bipod, AR linear comp, Mossberg 500 recoil absorbing pistol grip stock, 10/22 bolt/trigger upgrades. Open to ideas! VERY interested in a high quality .308 suppressor. That's it, let me know if you are interested Thanks, John
  7. for those who care --------a cuss is yelled ---------- All you need to see is the last 20 or so seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAadc4FxP-s How can a mythical 870 fail? So let's see there is short shucking, There's jostling in a vertical plane while cycling. There's failing to fully close the action on the forward stroke. There's the fact that all of those motions are clumsy for people with short arms or in any position other than standing. I guess there is having the end cap come loose too. On a side note, it looks like they found a way to make slogging though a muddy stream fun.
  8. How short can an experienced gunsmith get the barrel of a Saiga 12 before it becomes unsafe to operate? I would consider any requirement of gloves or a reasonable chance of hearing damage, whether temporary or permanent, to be unsafe. This is based on the premise that you won't have on hearing protection, gloves, or other safety measures when you need it. What about OAL? Has anyone experimented with shortening the stock or receiver in combination with the barrel? (I was just reading about the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System... and I'd rather have a Saiga then a Judge for protection in my truck)
  9. From the album: Saiga 7.62 and Saiga 12

    Almost done with the new Pelican 1720 case. Decided to just use it for the SBS and mags/accessories. Not completely done, but It's coming along. Still need to clean the chalk marks off of it. and cut a couple more slots in it for other muzzle attachments.
  10. From the album: Saiga 7.62 and Saiga 12

    My brother shipped a brand new Pelican 1720 case home from Afghanistan where he was deployed (USMC). He came home today on leave and gave it to me. Trying to figure out exactly how I want the foam cut. Case looks dirty because of the super fine Afghan sand that gets into everything. Going to wipe it all down tomorrow. Need to find some extra foam for it at a decent price so I can can cut it for multiple configurations. Sick case, though. Beefy as hell.
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