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Found 12 results

  1. We are happy to announce we finally have these back in stock! $25 Shipped, in the continental US. To order, please contact Racegal20 or myself with a PM. We'll take care of you right away. Since I first came up with this idea around 8 years ago, these vented steel upper handguards for the S-12 & S-20, have been in high demand.They require no tools to install, a rubber mallet is helpful however, when seating them in place. They have been custom fitted to snap down over your S-12 or S-20 gas tube, and the upper edges of your lower HG or stock forearm keep them snug in place. They look great, and also serve the purpose of protecting you (or your gun case) from a hot gas tube, after emptying a few mags through your shotgun. We also have some of these available for the SKS rifles. Please specify so that you receive the correct one. Due to very limited stock (for now...), we would prefer to fill orders for just one HG, per customer, until the rest of our stock comes in. That way we can hopefully keep enough in stock to serve as many different customers as we can for a bit. If you do want more than one, please do let us know and you will be assured first dibs on the next batch to come in. We apologize for any inconvenience. I took these photos today out in the sun, to give everyone an idea what they look like installed on various different Saigas and SKS rifles of mine. The American flag is a reminder that these are made in USA! Please support your local American small businesses! If it wasn't for us little guys out there... the innovators who originally come up with the custom parts & ideas for the Saigas over here, it would still just be the ugly duckling it was 10 years ago! Now for some pics to show how much we believe in actually using the products and services we sell. These pics are kinda big to show detail (click to enlarge), so I'll be adding each different weapon in a separate post. One of my first... Saiga 20 gauge - When I decided to put Russian wood on this shotgun, way back when...there were really no American made accessories for these guns. I fashioned a lower HG retainer from an AK rifle one. Rather than go through all the trouble custom making parts, to be able to add a wooden upper HG, I decided instead to go with this. It has worked very well to keep my barrel and gas tube cooler, kept my fingers from getting burned on the gas tube, and gives the gun a custom look I like.
  2. Recently purchased a 7.62x39 Saiga, reconfigured it to it's original configuration. Put on a hogue pistol grip and a Tapco G2 trigger. Buddy of mine gave me a wood stock and a handguard but he did not have the gas tube cover. I recently got some nice wood for my Norinco SKS but it's got the cheese grater gas tube cover so therefore cannot put the wood cover on it (I personally like the cheese grater anyway. Tried installing the feed ramp but accidentally broke the tap inside the hole, so I'll be welding it in place insteading of bolting it. So I was hoping someone might be willing to sell/trade me a wood gas tube cover for an AK.
  3. I received a 9696 factory Chinese SKS in bullpup configuration in a trade in December. I have since sold the bullpup kit and set about restoring the rifle to standard configuration. I wanted to share the final product as I am pretty proud of it. I know there are some on the board that will look down on refinishing the gun, but hey I had a blast, it looks nice, and I learned a lot about the trigger group. I refinished the stock by stripping to bare wood and sealing with 8 coats of Spar Urethane. One ding I could not steam out but it still turned out pretty well. It had a stamped trigger housing, and the edges were pretty rough, so everything got filed/sanded smooth and reblued. The trigger was absolutely the worst trigger I have ever felt, even by SKS standards. Severe negative engagement, a mile of creep, and about three rough "screeches" before it would break. I did a complete trigger job. Now it is 5.5 lbs, very little creep, smooth as butter, and has a nice positive engagement. Last thing I did was add a Techsight aperture peep to the rear. Overall it was a fun project. Here are some pics:
  4. In honor of my fellow Veterans, I'm putting my Solvent Trap Adapters on sale for this weekend at 25% off normal retail. Place your order via email or even reserve your adapters here...No phone orders over the weekend Please. Sale pricing good thru Tuesday at midnight. This includes the new offerings,( SKS,,13.5 LH,, Generation 2,, ect) as well as the original traps. Please mention Saiga 12 forum sale with your order.
  5. Have some left over parts from various projects. Everything is OBO or trades welcome. Im looking for S12 mags or drums, CSS folder or ace (S12), Kvar S12 HG just to name a few. If you buy more then one thing I can do better on shipping. Thanks Tapco SKS stock. Comes with PG and railed gastube hg (not pictured) $70 shipped Mako grip/ flashlight holder $30 Mako flashlight holder $23 shipped (1" flashlight) BP-02 mount $45 shipped red dot sight $30 shipped Tac-47 auto plug $50 shipped CSS gas puck $18 shipped Axis pin retaining plate $8 shipped Tapco S12 stock, HG, w/ buttpad (unconverted) $75 shipped
  6. Another CRAZY PAT Sale. First one on this Forum, With the stuff I own, probably not the last. This is a collection of a little bit of everything. Take a look, maybe you'll find something you can live without. Everything is SHIPPING INCLUDED to CONT US. If you think I'm out of line well... shoot me a best offer, what's the worst that can happen, I giggle and say no? Postal money orders are best. On with the show this is it; 3 Israeli Grenade pouches, nice stamps, all dated 1977 - $20 4 Battlefield pick up slings. Cetme, PPHS, Old Leather Hungarian and SKS - $18 East German Tobacco can cleaning kit for AK74, new in plastic wraper with intact paper issue tag - $15 <--SPF Russian Navy Mosin Nagant BLACK Sling and Ammo Pouches, No date stamps on sling, only one pouch is dated 1970 - $35 10 British 303 stripper clips and undated British pouch - $12 New in Bag, Chinese SKS Sling, Oil Bottle and Cleaning KIt - $18 SKS Scope, Scope Mount, Metal Handguard and Shell Deflector - $40 <--SPF Mount and Scope are used/good+ by LEAPERS, Scope is 4x25, Handguard and Deflector are New old stock/ never installed AKU-94 Bullpup Scope Mount. Came with the kits from K-Var - $35 USED but still serviceable, Replaces rear sight leaf Romanian AK74 Matching Green Nylon Sling and Bayonet - $40 <---SPF Sling is New in Wrapper, Bayonet is Very Good, Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Romanian AK47 BLACK Leather Pouch and Bayonet Set - $40 Both have Some Storage Wear but nothing truely bad. Pouch is Full of Stamps, Dated 1981 Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Russian Veshmeshok Back Pack - $25 Like New, Full Side Straps, Nice Stamp, Dated 1998 If you made it this far, Thanks for looking. Now BUY something Damn it! Patrick Open to trades also, like I need more SHIT!!!!
  7. So I picked up a Chinese SKS this past weekend. There's a gun show next weekend and I had decided I was gonna get an SKS if the prices were right but I didn't like my odds with it being the first show around here since the election. I was perusing a local guns classified website this weekend and saw someone had put a Chinese SKS up for $300 near me, all numbers matching and it came with 100 rounds of Wolf ammo. After looking at some pictures I figured I'd jump on it as that was a pretty reasonable price compared to the last few gun shows I've been to. I'm glad I did, this thing seems to be in very good shape. Barrel looks almost unfired to me, no rust/pitting and very clean looking. The wood is in very good shape as well, a couple minor nicks but no major scratches or cracks. As I was looking it over at home, I did notice a couple things that I found odd. There's no manufacturer markings that I can find, just this Made in China engraving: No Chinese lettering like I've seen on other Chinese SKSs. It also has a 5-digit serial and what appears to be a lower-case n on the sight leaf (Russian lettering maybe?): Same serial shows up on the back of the receiver cover and bottom of the trigger guard. The trigger mechanism is milled, another sign that it is an older gun. I took the stock off (which has no serial at all on it anywhere) to look for markings on the barrel and elsewhere on the receiver, the only thing I could find is this marking close to the serial that either says "3D" or "30", hard to say: There are also a couple of upside-down "2"s on the barrel, didn't take pics of those. It also has a blade bayonet (no serial that I can find), which from what I've read means it's an earlier Chinese model as they switched to the spike-style later: I'm not an expert on SKSs, all I know really is what I've read the past few days since I bought it. Most signs point to it being an early (1960 or earlier) Chinese SKS, but I'm not sure. Most postings I can find show an English letter before the serial on similarly dated guns, mine is just 5 numbers. I'm primarily concerned with how it shoots which I will find out soon, but it would be cool to know when this thing was made. Anyone have any ideas about when it was made?
  8. I bought this rifle from another forum member several months ago. It's been a fine, functional rifle but right now I need money a bit more than I need the rifle. It's a Norinco SKS, Model M, that accepts 7.62x39 AK magazines from the factory. There is a small crack in the stock along the side that does not impede function, and the gas tube release lever likes to work its way loose during fire. Otherwise, it has been entirely reliable - I fired two full 30-round magazines without a single failure. I can find and post pics upon request. I'd like $400 plus actual shipping for this rifle. It will ship straight from my FFL to your FFL. It will ship with one Chinese 30-round magazine. If anyone is interested, I can try to track down some photos of it. Payment by personal check or money order only - rifle will only ship to an FFL in a state where it is legal. If going to a state where the rifle is legal but the magazine is not, I can ship with a ten-round Chinese magazine instead. SPF
  9. 1. US made/marked gas piston for AKS-74U: $20 + $6 S&H 2. US made/marked gas piston for Tantal: $20 + $6 S&H 3. accurizing SKS gas tube. This was supposed to fit Russian SKS but was never installed: $20 + $6 S&H. Terms of payment: USPS MO. Email: dydacupuncture at gmail dot com Picture(s):
  10. Anyone know of a good Rail extension that doesnt rise too much? I am looking to mount a scope on my SKS but want it a little closer to the eye. Coming from the handguard rail on the Tapco furniture, so it has to have some length in it. Don't want to go the Choate route yet and DEFINITELY dont want a dust cover mount. Anyone know of anything that fits the bill? Thanks in advance. Picture posted for reference.
  11. WTS Norinco SKS - in great mechanical condition, bore is bright and shiny. Comes as pictured, with sling and 10-pocket stripper clip pouch, no bayonet. Also includes 10 stripper clips, not pictured. $300 + actual shipping. Must ship to an FFL, or sell FTF in or around Omaha, NE - can come shipped from an FFL here, or directly from me - shipping will probably be lower if your FFL accepts shipments from individuals. Possible trades (partial or full trades welcome) - 7.62x39 or 7.62x25 ammunition, Romanian TTC or Yugoslavian M57 pistol, extra factory magazines for either pistol - plenty of other stuff, if you want to trade, just let me know what you have.
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