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Found 103 results

  1. I have (4) SGM Tactical 12 round Saiga 12 magazines for sale, 3 are like new, and 1 has some fitting marks. $135 via PayPal, including shipping. Text me at 2@8.861.5@33 for any questions.
  2. Lone Star Arms

    2017 Intimidator CS VLR 3 4

    From the album: Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 Shotguns

    Lone Star Arms 'Intimidator' VLR CS Low Recoil High Performance Custom Build US Parts - Lone Star Arms & Carolina Shooters Supply

    © (c) 2017 M. M. Rogers all rights exclusively reserved

  3. Lone Star Arms

    2017 Intimidator CS VLR LH FLD

    From the album: Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 Shotguns

    Lone Star Arms 'Intimidator' VLR CS Low Recoil High Performance Custom Build US Parts - Lone Star Arms & Carolina Shooters Supply

    © (c) 2017 M. M. Rogers all rights exclusively reserved

  4. Lone Star Arms

    2017 Intimidator CS VLR LH

    From the album: Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 Shotguns

    Lone Star Arms 'Intimidator' VLR CS Low Recoil High Performance Custom Build US Parts - Lone Star Arms & Carolina Shooters Supply

    © (c) 2017 M. M. Rogers all rights exclusively reserved

  5. Lone Star Arms

    2017 Intimidator CS VLR RH FLD

    From the album: Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 Shotguns

    Lone Star Arms 'Intimidator' VLR CS Low Recoil High Performance Custom Build US Parts - Lone Star Arms & Carolina Shooters Supply

    © (c) 2017 M. M. Rogers all rights exclusively reserved

  6. Lone Star Arms

    2017 Intimidator CS VLR RH

    From the album: Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 Shotguns

    Lone Star Arms 'Intimidator' VLR CS Low Recoil High Performance Custom Build US Parts - Lone Star Arms & Carolina Shooters Supply

    © (c) 2017 M. M. Rogers all rights exclusively reserved

  7. I am the Brent

    Defective shotgun, FIME Group SGL12-08

    I had recently purchased a new Saiga 12 from www.K-var.com, the SGL12-08 imported by the FIME Group. Waited about a week and picked it up at my local FFL, took it out and shot it 2 days in a row and nothing but Federal High Brass was working, thought maybe a good cleaning would work and decide to take a look at the gas ports. Got it apart, looked at the gas ports, there were 3 gas ports visible from inside the gas tube and inside the barrel, so I used a paperclip to see if they were clear. Some how the gas port holes were completely filled with something, tried to clean it and there was no way to clear the holes. So, somehow, somebody drilled the holes and they got filled back in at some point, I am baffled, this was a brand new Saiga 12. I contacted FIME Group and I am going to be shipping it to them for repair. Let me know if anybody else has ever had this problem, haven't seen it talked about anywhere on here yet. Also this is not my only Saiga 12, I have a IZ109 that runs flawlessly with the cheap Walmart stuff, the gas ports on it are clear.
  8. Heartbreaker


    From the album: My collection

  9. Heartbreaker

    My completed Saiga 12

    Well, here she is! Finally got my parts from Shannon and put her back together. She ran beautifully with Federal #8 1-1/8oz 1200fps bulk ammo. Couple things happened during reassembly. The BHO was forcefully lost and never heard from again (it is SO FREAKING EASY TO ASSEMBLE THE FCG WITHOUT IT!!!), and the safety was notched ala Krebs for replacement. Also ground down the safety so it won't interfere with the disconnector. NOW FOR PICS!
  10. Heartbreaker

    IMAG0400 1

    From the album: My collection

  11. Heartbreaker

    IMAG0401 1

    From the album: My collection

  12. 3 20 round pro mag drum-$60 each 1 10 round pro mag drum-$40 One 20 round drum has a notch in the back where I was testing it with my tom cole auto bolt hold open Switching to magwel Looking to trade for stick mags Preferably sgmt competition mags Will trade for: Saiga 12 stick magazines, ammo(9mm, 45acp, 5.56, .223) These are also posted on armslist
  13. Saiga 12 Russian made R&R billet Carrier CSS trigger Guard CSS Brake magpul AK grip Phoenix Stock Aresenal Handguard MD arms piston puck Tromix tuned G2 3x MD20 drums Promag 12rd drum SGM 10 & 8 round mags Izzy 5rnd 3x keep shooting 5rnd $1500 obo email gregdepot@yahoo.com or TEXT 360-597-8747 can ship to FFL Located in Klamath Falls OR Trade for Bennelli M4
  14. TheDENTist

    Feed issues, geind down feed ramp?

    So I was having issues with drums feeding yesterday. After looking at the gun it looks like the feed ramp is blunt. Should i grind that down and smooth it out? Seems like most of the feeding issues would be solved by doing that. Thanks for the help!
  15. Bought a SAIGA 12 to MOD for home defense. Never fired. Never MOD. In face of crazy world, looking now for CCW. Make me a good offer.
  16. Long story short, I registered with you guys awhile ago and then got pretty busy but I did continue to follow posts, how-to's and build ideas. I finished my conversion long ago but recently my Saigas detent has made getting the reciever cover off almost impossible and considering it wont clear the cover my bet is its broken. After searching I could not find anything but muzzle detent topics, I need a quick fix to remove the detent till i can replace it with something that has a lip and no spring loaded detent. Thanks in advance for the help.
  17. I recently picked up a Legion Saiga 12 030 Taktika and have been having some magazine fitment issues. Out of the box the factory 4 rounder had to be slapped once or twice with a good amount of force to get it to lock once inserted into the magwell. I didn't think too much about it at first but after picking up 2 factory 8 rounders and 4 SGM 10 rounders the problem has persisted and I'm not 100% sure how to remedy it. I've inserted and removed the mags a good amount to try and break them in but that has not seemed to help. Any known quick fixes for this? I'm assuming I will have to sand the magwell or something of that nature but wanted to get some opinions first.
  18. IZ-406...legal

    Legality of Saiga 12 in the NE...

    Hello all. I am moving from Texas to the Northeast (in a month, don't know which state yet), and I have contacted the ATF, District Attourneys, and Police/DPS of Connecticuit, Rhode Island, Maine, Hew Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont and New York. My problem is this: no one will level with me, other than the police/DPS in NJ and NY as to the legality to own an unmodified Saiga 12 (Model IZ-406)---illegal in those two states. I have contacted an attourney, and even he doesn't know. I have seen Saiga 12s for sale in NH and VT through Armslist. I cannot assume these are allowed to be for sale in these states. I have a clean record and want to keep it that way. Someone, please help. I have used the search function, and cannot locate a breakdown. Is my gun legal? Where is it not legal in the NE? Many thanks. I love my Saiga and DON'T want to part with her!
  19. NRC94

    Post Sample Saiga 12

    Question for fellow class 2 builders, Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of a post sample Saiga 12 and the bolt carrier? Who would be helpful to contact for post sample build assistance as well (paperwork/credentials available for verification upon need)? Thanks guys
  20. I'm new here, new to Saigas, and would appreciate a little help. I live in Texas -a pistol grip and high capacity magazine friendly State, and have a Saiga 7.62 and a Saiga 12 on their way. This was a post EO buy I regret and my procrastination cost me this time. I'm trying to find out if putting pistol grips and high capacity mags on both of them would require a conversion kit by law. Also, I would like to eventually get real wood furniture for the 47 and wonder if that would affect it's import compliance or make it need a conversion by law. I think the pistol grip question would cover the installation of the slide fire for the 7.62 but I'm not sure. Importing firearms other than C&R is new to me and I'm trying to procrastinate entering into the 922r world until it is absolutely necessary! Another question is: When companies import a firearm for civilian sporting use, does the importer need to replace any parts with US made parts before selling ? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. WTS: Saiga 12/Vepr 12 10-slot flash hider. Made by DPH Arms in the USA. New and unused. PayPal only, no trades. $20 shipped.
  22. Hello, I'm looking to buy some parts for my Saiga 12 030 build. I'm located in Ohio and willing to pay for desirable parts. I'm specifically looking to buy Izhmash factory 8rd magazines for the magwell equipped Saiga 12, Izhmash railed gas block, 10 slot flash hider (long variant). Please contact me if you have any of these items for sale or if you know where I could find them. thanks.
  23. I just picked up the $799, folding stock, Vepr 12. I have a few untouched Saiga 12, AGP Gen 3, rock-and-lock 10 rounders, so I decided to convert them to work in the Vepr 12 instead. I wanted to show you guy what I had to do to make them work in case anyone wants to attempt the same. The picture will be referring to the text above it. The front lip/lug needs to be removed, obviously. I took it to just a hair or two past flush with the magazine. The two ribs on the back of the magazine needs to be removed to be flush with the back of the mag. This is where the LRBHO lever hangs. I took it about 90 degrees instead of the slope on the left side. (Mine isn't perfect in the picture) Regarding the next two pictures. The rear wall of my magazine, right behind the real lip/lug, is a lot thicker than the factory 5 round vepr magazine that came with the gun and the LRBHO lever does not go past it. I had to remove some material so that the lever could sit in an unengaged position. Be cause of this thicker wall my LRBHO will not engage on the follower. Lastly, this is what kept my magazine such a snug fit. The material for the screw housing needs to be removed a couple hairs until the mag will smoothly go into the mag well. The magazine fits very snug, but like I said, mine will not engage the LRBHO. The mag also does not currently eject itself from the magwell when the mag release is pressed. However, Mullet Man suggests splitting the magazine and opening up/raising the follower channels, and this will fix that. I have yet to try it, but it appears legit. I haven't had time to shoot the magazine, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Feel free to throw up any questions or comments. Hope this helps anyone that wants to attempt this!