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Found 8 results

  1. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post. I'm a Saiga newbie and trying really hard to not become frustrated on the ammo front. I'm looking for current advice on 3" ammo for my lightly used Saiga .410. For my rig, I have: Two 15-rd 3" SureFire Gun magazines One 30-rd ProMag 3" Drum that works well One 4-rd 3" factory magazine I had a heavy handful of 3" Remington and Winchester game loads and I burned through them verifying the weapon and all the mags worked properly. Everything worked well, with the gas setting on 1. So lately I've been searching for .410 shells from online retailers (local shops don't carry hardly any 3"). And I've scoured most of the posts here for research, but the info is scattered, inconsistent, and much of it is several years old. So here are my questions that, hopefully, someone with a .410 can advise me on: 1) Best ammos Does anyone have 3" shell recommendations for: - steel shot (game/target) - buckshot - "plinking" - slugs - And what's the final word on Winchester PDX1? 2) Best 3" .410 retailers I've been searching all the regulars (AmmoToGo, Midway, Cabela's, Sportsman's Guide, CheaperThanDirt, BulkAmmo, Natchez) none of them have a terrific selection of 3" in-stock. And I'm SHOCKED at how expensive .410 has become. Who's your go-to? 3) The 2-1/2" shell dilemma With my hardware, will they work? Can they work? Do any specific shells work? I ordered a case of cheaper Italian (B&P) game loads for low-cost shooting just as I get a feel for the weapon, and wouldn't you know it, the things won't feed properly. It seems the diameter of the brass is too wide (yes, wide) to consistently slide into the chamber with a manual cycle. I'm running a 75% failure-to-feed rate with them. The shells are also too long for the 15-rd mags (they measure a full 2.75" crimped). The drum took them, but roughly 1 in 3 won't even fully slide in the chamber from a manual cycle. I've complained to Natchez and to B&P, but I'm not holding my breath for a refund. I also made a foolish error and accidentally ordered a case of 2-1/2" Winchester PDX1 shells instead of 3". Is there any hope for me making use of these? Or am I SOL? I'd be willing to buy 2-1/2" mags (if I can find them), but aren't even sure they'd work with my weapon or with PDX1 shells. After the PDX1 mishap and the bunk Italian shells, I'm gun shy (pardon the pun) and can't afford to lose any more coin to shells that won't work. I never thought the ammo side could be so frustrating. I really was excited about finally getting a Saiga .410; but with all the ammo mishaps and risks of losing even more money, the whole experience has become a real buzzkill. Many thanks in advance for your guidance and expertise.
  2. Need 2 floor plates for Surefire Saiga 308 mags. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys.. First post here.. Been lurking for a while though. I think I'm going to go with the Surefire quad rail for my setup... I want to use an angled foregrip on it, however. I'm not sure if the bottom rail on the Surefire quad rail goes back far enough to adequately use an AFG. I would maybe also possible want to mount a bipod at some point. Does anyone have any experience with AFG on the Surefire quad rail? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I've heard of more expensive and elusive mags, but yet to have seen one. I've read a lot of forums and see almost nothing but positive feedback. I know them to be tough as nails and dependable, but I would like to hear YHO There are many types of mags, but few built like this 30-40 round arcuated staggered magazine, tough as tank, light as a feather. Are the Bulgarian Circle 10 manufactured magazines are considered the best polymer (manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide PAS-30) magazines because they have a true steel mounting lug in the front and in the back. While also have an internal steel reinforcing rib going down the front of the magazine, and the waffle design giving you lots of grip even if it gets wet. If you have a 40rd bulgy snugly fit into place, and this lets you rest easy, then we have something in common, my friend. ~I've always heard people talk about circle 10's, but whats the difference between these and your standard run of the mill steel ak mags other than weight? ~Do you feel there is a better way to feed my hungry ak? ~Are all Bulgarian Mags created equal, or just those from the ARSENAL JSCo. in Kazanlak, Bulgaria? ~Bulgarian milsurp mag with bullet impressions, who makes these? ~Last and not least, is there a major design difference between the different generations? What do you think? Praise well deserved -or- just Hype? IYHO
  5. I just recently got some 12 round SGM mags... I bought 2 from one vendor and 2 from another. When comparing them side by side Ive noticed a few differences and havent heard anything about it in the forums. Theyre both regular Saiga mags, not any magwell version. They also look like theyre made out of different kinds of plastic. They both function properly at home but I havent shot them yet. Have you guys seen this? In this pic you can see the different design of the front lip. Here you can see a couple cosmetic differences in logos and wording, as well as the border/header at the top of the mag.
  6. Hi guys, Playing around with my Saiga 12 yesterday and I had a catastrophic jam up running birdshot. We were doing beer can skeet with el cheapo Federal bulk walmart birdshot out of a promag drum when on the last round my BHO jammed up into the gun and caught the bolt. Needless to say I was suprised to say the least. After much fidgetting I managed to move the bolt forward just enough to clear the spring and break down the gun. I was perplexed at what happened ... somehow the BHO spring had come loose and jammed the BHO inside the gun, locking the bolt, well, open. Weird. Needless to say this is my zombie gun. I took the BHO out. In my opinion it's just another moving part that could potentially break. I don't really need it. Now onto my question ... I have one factory 5 round mag, two 10 round SGM magazines, one promag 10 rounder (I know, I know ...) and one promag 20 round drum. So here is the problem: The promags and the factory magazine are the only ones that I can charge on a closed bolt! I can not even get the charging handle back an inch with an SGM magazine loaded on a closed bolt. I prefer to keep a magazine in the gun but no round chambered so this is an issue. Any ideas how to profile the SGM magazines to ensure they will feed on a closed bolt? Is this somehow due to the fact the promags both have steel feed lips and the SGM magazines do not?
  7. 4x 10rd .410ga Saiga Mags up for grabs. All are brand new in original plastic. 2 were removed from plastic to check fittment. Never fired from. $45 a piece shipped CONUS. Add $2 for insurance if you want it. Discreet paypal you pay the fees or USPS MO. Pics up later. Mags are cross posted.
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