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Found 43 results

  1. WTS If you want a professionally built very special Type 3 milled rifle using original military parts and barrel, this is it so don't miss out! This is a very nice 7,62x39mm Type 3 milled rifle that was custom-built with all original mint new military parts on a rare high quality Bulgarian SLR-100H machined receiver that was imported in the early 2000's. These receivers were factory made and have very little in the way of needless markings on them. The builder was gunsmith Dean Davidson, a perfectionist and master of his craft. The receiver was carefully polished and blued to match the other parts by Dean and blued in Las Vegas by a very well-known high end custom pistol building establishment. The numbers on the removables do not match, obviously. All of the removables are mint new Polish. The scope rail is a hyper rare original 1950's era Soviet part that was imported to Poland in the 1960's. I only know of 3 originals in the US. It still retains it's original deep blue polished finish. In fact, all of the parts other than the barreled receiver have their original factory bluing. The wood is all correct, new and original 1960's-early '70's dated Polish laminated furniture that took me about a year to piece together, buying in bulk and picking and choosing until each part was an exact match in condition, wood and glue color. It has never been messed with other than fitting to the rifle. This sale also includes the correct 1965-dated NSP-2 IR Polish-made night vision scope. The scope has it's matching battery pack container and cable assembly, as well as a hyper rare Polish drop case in mint new shape with excellent stampings. The scope and battery box are in excellent shape, but due to the fragility of early electo-optical devices of this age please bare in mind that I am selling the scope with the rifle as a collectible only and cannot currently verify if it still works or not. It should thus be considered a display piece. I just do not have time to mess with it at this time. The rifle will also come with one blued Polish AK magazine, and a very hard to find Polish night fighting rifle Y-pod. I'm going to put a slightly earlier Polish sling on the rifle before it ships out, that is dated in the early 1960's, it has an all leather end-piece and is more appropriate to the build. There's only a few other less obvious details that need to be mentioned. One, I never engraved the rifle with any fake markings because I didn't know for sure if I wanted to go with Russian or Polish furnishings. Therefore, it's a clean slate for the new buyer to play with (make it a Soviet rifle if you prefer). I also never riveted the scope rail on, it is currently securely attached with screws from the inside. I was going to eventually have custom rivets made so I could save the gorgeous blued finish on the outer surface of the scope rail plate, but I never got round to it. As you can see, the screw install is clean and functional, the assembly is rock solid as is and i never say a need to mess with it again. You can leave it as i have, or do it up with rivets if you like. I need $3200 shipped for this package which includes: require immediate payment, no holds I accept USPS MO or Bank Certified cashiers check. i have polish type 3 bayo for $50 more I also have a NOS Russian type 3 stock set that can be sold with rifle for $120 extra shipped from ARIZONA to your FFL ALL board rules, federal, and state laws apply. Will not ship to ban states Cross posted on other forums Here is the original Polish rifle it was built to look like. partial trades will be considered. Not looking for anything inparticular really. I'll post below if I can think of anything. I could entertain: -2 mint Romanian factory barrels with Y stamps +$2600, $2640 w/o Y stamps. -New In Box Saiga 12 "IZ108" unconverted. I will accept IZ-108 used as long as it's in good-excellent shape. Price will vary depending on quality. FYI- IZ108 has factory adjustable sight rail. +$2450 if you have something for partial trade, let me know, worst I can say is no. I am not trying to make money off of this, just brake even. I don't mind waiting for the right buyer. I am in no rush.
  2. OK, I'm very new to this. I just bought a Saiga 7.62 x 39 IZHMASH AK-47. Obviously I hate the stock & foregrip where do I start to look for replacing these items, also need magazines as it only came with a 5 round? I want to make this look nice without the cheap plastic parts, but do not want to go the wood route either. (Conversion Kits, pistol grips, etc) I've started watching youtube vids & reading what I can, don't understand the Gas concept. I apologize in advance, I I am a true novice on this. Any & all help is greatly appreciated. BJ
  3. I never thought I'd spend about $2K on a rifle, let alone an AK. But I did when all is said and done. DAYUM! SGL21 $1000 Nato stock $15 (Warsaw Pact was just too short for my gorilla arms) Optics mount $60 PA green laser $45 (it was on sale LOL) PA light and tape switch $95 Light mount $18 MI SS Universal Quad Rail $150 Hogue pistol grip $27 Tactical case $100 GOOD front sight tool $35 Tool kit just for the AK $25 Mags $360 +/- Ammo $several hundred bucks Of course I had to decide to buy an AK at a bad time aka inflated prices, but I figured better late than never. Most of those prices include shipping, but not all. Man am I glad we got a good bonus for last year and I sold off some of my company stock. Otherwise this would have REALLY hurt. And I still have to get an optic, was going to go with the now discontinued PA 2 MOA multi reticle and a magnifier plus mount for about another $250 or so. Now I have to find another optic with multi reticle that isn't 4 MOA or larger. Guess I came down with AK disease The worst part, I can think of another AK variant or three I'd like to add...
  4. Spetnaz Soldier

    Front End Conversion

    Hey guys so i picked up a few new saigas and have converted many of them and done the bullet guides and the whole shebang. I am now interested in changing the front sight post and gas block with ones that have bayonet lugs on them and while doing this installing a regular lower handgaurd retainer. Can this be done without a press?
  5. Spetnaz Soldier

    Finally Got A Video. Ak Rapid Fire

    Hey guys check out my Ak in action. ...and no thats not full auto i can pull the trigger pretty fast though.
  6. Spetnaz Soldier

    IsThis Rare

    Hey guys so I am wondering how rare it would be for a 7.62x39 Saiga Ak to fire without being fully locked into battery. That small tail on the end of the bolt carrier I understant is just for that so that the hammer hits that until the bolt is locked into battery. Can that tale wear down to the point where this could happen and if it did happen would it act as if the rifles headspacing was off and blow the gun up and possibly your face?
  7. Spetnaz Soldier

    Ran Paper Work On Citadel 1911..

    Hey guys I got a deal on a Citadel 1911. I hear nothing but good things about these pistols. Does any body know anything about these bad boys. And I dont know much at all about the beautiful 1911's but do the barrels have feed ramps built into them or is it something else to help feed the ammo? (kind of a weird question i guess).
  8. Spetnaz Soldier

    Slap Some Sense Into Me

    Hey guys I need someone to slap the shit outta me. I am thinking of selling my ak (the one i posted pics of) to buy another pistol and get my ccw. I know deep down i really dont wanna sell it and i know ill miss the hell outta it. this is my favorite gun and hobby so someone talk me outta of it please.
  9. Spetnaz Soldier

    Finally Pictures for the First Time

    So heres my beauty.. ..and heres another..by the way those are all 10 round blocked mags with 30 round bodies. So what do you all think?
  10. Spetnaz Soldier

    R.I.P. Kieth Ratliff of FPS Russia

    He helped to create a series of highly popular videos on YouTube. His real name was Keith Ratliff, but his fans knew him as one of the people behind "FPSRussia". The video clips on the channel, where a friend of his named Kyle Myers used an exaggerated Russian accent while firing all sorts of exotic firearms, have generated a total of well over 500 million views. Ratliff's last FPSRussia video, uploaded on January 3rd and shown above, shows Myers doing what he did best; firing a DRD Paratus-18. The video also appears to be uploaded on the same day that the police in Carnesville, Georgia found Ratliff shot to death in his office. The New York Times reports that he was shot just once in the head, but not by any of the guns that were also found around him. That's why the police are currently treating this case as a homicide. They claimed to have interviewed several people but have not found a suspect.
  11. Spetnaz Soldier

    Muzzle Device Question

    Hey guys so i noticed when i changed my muzzle brake from a 74' style brake to the traditional slant brake the weapon shot a bit higher than it did with the heavier 74' style brake. Does this make sense?
  12. Spetnaz Soldier

    Any Body Know Why I Cant Post Pics???

    Hey guys why cant i post pics. it lets me browse, then add the pic but i cant "attach file". used to be able to click the button but now i am unable to.
  13. Spetnaz Soldier

    Is this true?

    Hey guys so I heard that on our Saiga 7.62x39 Ak's, the barrel is bored out of a 5.45x39 (ak-74) barrel to a .30 cal (7.62x39). So does that mean that our barrels are thinner than other ak-47 barrels? Ive been looking at it and it looks pretty thin for the caliber of bullet its shooting.
  14. Hey guys just wondering what you all think. Diane Frankenstiend is gonna reissue the assault weapon ban. Do you think it will pass?
  15. Hey guys so after hearing some rediculus info from someone i know i gotta ask about it. He was saying it would be a good idea to get a spare set of rivets if you own a saiga. How likely is it for one of the rivets to come loose or egg the reciever on a saiga 7.62x39? I dont think they would ever come loose, rivets are freakin tough from what i understand. Sorry for polluting the forum with this crap but i had to ask. Thanks for any input.
  16. Spetnaz Soldier

    Got my new gas tube finally..

    Hey guys so i got the ak-47 vented gas tube i was talking about earlier in the week. i filed in the correct spot (top side of the locking side) and it fits solid without the tension ring that was on the saiga tube. I took the ring off and tried it anyway on the ak-47 tube and it makes no difference so i just left it off. Is it snug without the ring because the ak-47 tube is snugger than the 74 style tubes?
  17. So I was wondering where i can take my ak (7.62x39) and use it to shoot in a competition. I have shot tens of thousands of rounds through the ak platform and its time to put my skills to the test. I unfortunatly live in California (humboldt county) and am looking for somewhere semi-near by to compete. Any help is appriciated as always.
  18. So today I was shooting at my range and I got a squib for the first time. I am shooting Tulammo 7.62x39. I have shot thousands upon thousands of rounds with nothing more than a delayed round. I was lucky enough to have it happen on my last round. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this will Tulammo?
  19. Spetnaz Soldier

    Hammer, Firing pin question

    Hey guys had a question. I'm wondering if the firing pin should be struck flush by the hammer or should the hammer sit flush on the bolt. My hammer strikes the pin flush but seats on the bolt at a very slight angle. Its kinda causing the end of the bolt to mash just a little bit. Dont think its serious but you never know.
  20. hey guys another question from Spet. So i bought a bunch of tapco 30 rnd ak mags and some steel romanian ak mags. Well i already sanded the tab on the tapcos to fit the standard saiga mag catch. i have a bunch of saiga mags as well. I want to file the mag catch other the tab on the steels so that my ak will be strait ak-47 that will take military mags but i want the other mags to fit and work well since i have a bunch..when i file the mag catch to fit the steel ak mags will all my other ones still fit and feed properly? thanks.
  21. Hey guys so i just converted another Saiga 7.62x39 and it turned out beautifuly. What i was wondering is does the thing need to be broken in and the reason i ask is because as the piston makes it way into the gas block it kinda stiffens up. I think its because the piston is still stiff and hasnt loosened up yet as they do after about 500 rounds or so. I hope I explained this good enough for some good input. Thanks.
  22. Spetnaz Soldier

    Venting Stock Saiga Gas Tube

    Hye guys Im thinking about venting my gas tube on my saiga 7.62x39. i am wondering if i use a cutting wheel and vent 3 slots on each external rib of the tube will this weaken the tube. I think it is strong enough and it wont effect it much other than maybe run cooler and cleaner. What do you guys think?
  23. Spetnaz Soldier

    Bullet Guide Success

    So my bullet guide mission was a success and I recomend to anybody that has a Saiga to do the bullet guide its way worth it. Even for people that live in commy states such as California cause ak 10 rounders are way cheaper than the saiga ones. This was the easiest mod I have done so far and I have done everything else such as the full conversion, thread barrel for muzzle break attatchment, polish trigger group..etc.