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Found 13 results

  1. TAPCO AK47 30 Rd MAGAZINES FOR $5.75!!!!!!!!! This U.S. made magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammo. Along with a rugged exterior, the mag also features a heavy duty mag spring and anti-tilt follower. It is available in Black, Dark Earth, and Olive Drab. This mag also counts as 3 Sec. 922r compliant parts (when inserted in your rifle). Backed by a LIFETIME guarantee from Tapco. DPH Arms Saiga 7.62 Bullet Guide We also have Saiga 7.62 bullet guides from DPH Arms. With the instillation of a bullet guide, your Saiga 7.62 can use these standard AK-47 magazines. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-762x39-bullet-guide-round-trunion-p-3829.html http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/ak47-30rd-magazine-black-tapco-p-348.html
  2. Okay, since hi-cap mags for unmodified IZ-240s seem to be the Holy Grail, and because I already have plenty of AK-74 mags kicking around, I decided to bite the...uh...bullet guide and install one in my Saiga. I bought the complete kit from Dinzag, drilled, tapped, etc. No problems. But I can't start the screw to actually install the BG. I tried the supplied screw plus a 6/32 that I had on hand. No dice. They just behave like the screw is too large for the hole. I've run the tap through many times, right until it bottoms out against the receiver. Any ideas?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the community. I purchased a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle from a local shop here in Washington, and then set out on the journey of converting it to not being stupid. Here's a picture if you're interested. This image is a little bit after the conversion process with the grip and before I finished threading the barrel and attaching the compensator and the bullet guide. Anyways, so, an idiot (myself) took his time drilling out the hole for the bullet guide screw, and then took his time with the tap, and, lo and behold, I broke it off inside of the gun. As seen in the picture below, it wasn't entirely flush. Now, that wouldn't have been bad, except I asked a friend for some help. He didn't have the tap extractor, and it was the weekend so we were in a hurry, and he suggested he take some JB weld, and use the broken tap as a seat for it, and put the bullet guide in. So, in a hurry, and once again, an idiot, I told him to go for it, and we let it sit overnight. Next morning I take it out shooting, and it has some issues at first cycling, but starts operating wonderfully. The next magazine I insert, however, is loaded with this old surplus ammo. It cycles a few times, and then I get a jam. I look in and the bullet guide's flat front is catching the tip of the bullet. So, I think nothing of it and unjam and cycle a few more times, firing perfectly. Then, a bullet gets lodged underneath the bullet guide and it pops the guide out. So, this is where I'm at. My guide is out, covered in JB weld, and I don't know where to go at this point. I have thought about taking a punch and trying to punch out the tap, but I don't know how much the JB weld complicates things. I don't have access to a welder either and can't get the darn thing welded on proper. My other option is to try the JB weld again, and put it in more contact locations, AND round off the front of the guide so that it isn't catching on anything anymore. I did a lot of searching on the forums, and saw that there were conflicting opinions between people who have done it, cycled 4000 rounds and made it work just fine, and I've seen other people go on and on about how horrible it is and that those who do it should kill themselves. This all being said, I'd greatly appreciate any input you guys have. Ideally, since I work in the city, I'd like to work on it this weekend when I'm on the countryside, but I've learned my lesson not to take shortcuts!
  4. ok guys 1 more question so i dont have any red loctite and thats usually what i use in this type of application (bullet guide). what i do have is loctite 290; the wicking stuff, and blue loctite jell. will the blue or green 290 work ok or should i get red again. funds are low so im trying to use what i have for now.
  5. So my bullet guide mission was a success and I recomend to anybody that has a Saiga to do the bullet guide its way worth it. Even for people that live in commy states such as California cause ak 10 rounders are way cheaper than the saiga ones. This was the easiest mod I have done so far and I have done everything else such as the full conversion, thread barrel for muzzle break attatchment, polish trigger group..etc.
  6. So I have been learning (lurking?) for awhile and jumped in on my first Saiga conversion. Parts from CSS, videos from them and a ton of learning on this site and off I went. Everything went smooth until the bullet guide. I'm not sure if I lost my mind, the bit walked or if I was off with my center punch. The end result is the tapped hole is too close to the barrel (about 1/16") and I'm looking for some advise. I did some grinding on the bullet guide hole to elongate it, and was able to put the screw in, but the screw head is interfering with the bolt, so no dice. Thoughts on: 1. Using a dremel to elongate the countersunk area of the bullet guide to get the screw to seat properly. Probably will look ugly but may work. 2. Fill hole with JB weld and punch/drill/tap again in the correct location. 3. Grind back of bullet guide to move toward barrel (Probably ruin the geometry necessary to guide the bullet). 4. Have the hole tig/mig welded and ground, and drill/tap properly. I've searched the conversion forum about this, but cannot find this scenario. Anyone have this issue before?
  7. Hello everyone. So I ordered a bullet guide for my 7.62x39 and one tapco 30 round mag. I am also going to file the magazine catch on the rifle instead of modifying all my ak-47 mags..My question is if the tab on the tapco mag is the same thickness as the tab on a steel ak mag? So if i go and file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco then go and get steel mags i want the steel mags to fit too..like i hope the tapco mags tab isnt thicker to the point where i file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco but the steel tabs are thinner? you know what i mean kinda? please help..
  8. Just received my BG and before I commit to drilling and tapping I wanted to test fit it with the bolt. I set the BG in place and inserted the bolt carrier but it would not close all the way. cause the bolt was hitting the BG you can see in the pic where it marks on the guide. I have a flat trunion so it's not just a case of moving the guide left or right. Should the problem go away after I bolt it down? Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this. I will be emailing CSS.
  9. The paranoid spirit of Stalin haunts me. It tells me that the drill/tap bullet guide is brittle and weak. How do i stake/peen it so that it wont back out if the loctite gives out? I don't know if I'm using the right words, but I want to stake my screw in like on the bolt of an AR.
  10. Whats the largest collective amount that anyone has shot through any one single Saiga that has a drill/tap bullet guide installed? I have about 5-6k rounds through one. How many more rounds will a drill/tap bullet guide last? Anyone know of a difference between the CSS and Dinzags guides? Something tells me that in 5 years my bullet guide will shit itself due to constant heat/oil exposure on the loctite, and I will end up with a useless rifle. Thoughts?
  11. I read on another thread, from Mr. BlahX3, that there maybe some IZ332 out there that doesn't require a bullet guide to use an AK mag. To avoid hijacking that other thread, I'd might as well just start a new one. Hope you don't mind BlahX3, I copy and pasted your post here: "You may not need a bullet guide. My Saiga 7.62 IZ 332 is fully 922 compliant. I had to file my mag catch for it to accept "regular" AK47 magazines. While I had the AK 47 mag in I though why not so I pulled the bolt back and it chambers and ejects from each of my magazines. Metal surplus, Circle 10's, all of them. Without a bullet guide installed. Woohoo" Prior to reading Mr.BlahX3 post, I purchased a 10 round magazine from a vendor at a Gun Show. Vendor claimed it was for a Saiga 7.62x39. After taking it home, I compared it to the factory mag and noticed the forward lip of the opening were different. When the Gun Show arrived in town again, I talked to the same vendor and asked if they truly are selling the correct Saiga magazines. They took my factory magazine and started comparing it to the different AK and Saiga magazines that they offered. The vendor came back and said the factory magazine actually matched closer to a standard AK magazine. Well, I was a bit shocked, and wasn't sure what to think. I looked at the lips of the AK mag, and it did seem to match somewhat to the factory Saiga mag. I started to question (to myself) if the vendor organized their inventory correctly. I decided not to buy or exchange anything until I learn more of what's going on. Now reading Mr.BlahX3 post, I think I may have the same situation now where my rifle does not require a bullet guide. Afterall, the factory magazine appear to look like the standard AK magazine. Unfortunately, I don't have a true AK magazine readily available to compare or test at home. Now, my question to everyone, can anyone else elaborate more on this? Was this a variance in manufacturing? Has anyone else been able to use and AK mag on an IZ332 without bullet guide? I attached the photo of the two mags I have on hand. I did my best to focus but this cheap point and shoot camera don't have much too offer. The smaller black one is the factory magazine. The earth tone colored one is the aftermarket "supposed" Saiga compatible magazine. Unfortunately no photo of a true AK magazine. Thanks in advanced. Sorry for being long winded.
  12. Hi, I'm trying my first Saiga conversion (7.62). I bought the Carolina Shooter Supply bullet guide kit. It is a round trunnion. I am trying to use a hand drill to drill the hole, but my drill is too large and hits the rear sight area (not sure what its called) and wants to drill at a slight angle. Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do? would having part of the screw angled out of the bullet guide cause any issues?
  13. So have any of you used this http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=17815&cat=281&page=1 bullet guide in your conversion? What size hole did you drill and tap, what screw did you use to attach it? I would really like to use that bullet guide because it is profiled to guide the bullets in from both sides of the magazine.
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