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Found 44 results

  1. Hello guys and gals! I'm planning to get my first Saiga rifle. But one limitation seems getting on the way: I can't find any EU dealer for the trigger parts needed to do the pistol grip conversion, and any of the US dealers won't ship... Any help from this forum? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. I'm pretty sure this question is floating around somewhere, but where can I get a replacement or spare bolt carrier? The reason for it, is I'm planning on converting my 7.62x39 sporter. Instead of drilling and changing out the gas piston, I rather get a spare and do it. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong, I should change it. Any input or direction toward getting one would be appreciated, thanks!!!
  3. This package includes all parts needed in order to move the trigger assembly forward on a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle and install a black TimberSmith Premium Wooden Stock system. KIT AVAILABLE IN BLACK, BROWN, OR RUSSIAN RED LAMINATE 1. Trigger Guard a. RAM STG2 Rifle Do It Yourself Saiga Trigger Guard b. RAM Trigger Guard with Grip Screw & Bushing c. Grip Screw & Bushing ONLY (No trigger guard included. Use this option if you want to reuse factory trigger guard) d. No Trigger Guard or Grip Screw & Bushing Included (You will need these to complete the conversion) 2. Trigger pin holes can be filled with (Screw Build Kit or left exposed) 3. Fire Control Group a. Tromix Fire Control Group b. Modified TAPCO Fire Control Group with Tromix Shepherds Crook c. Unmodified TAPCO Single Hook Trigger with Tromix Shepherds Crook. Hammer will have to be modified before it is installed d. TAPCO Trigger, Disconnector, & Shepherds Crook (you must reuse your own hammer and spring with this kit) 4. Retaining Plate - (Option 3a and 3c include a shepherds crook, which works, but not as easy to install) 4. Lower Handguard Retaining Bracket ( Barrel will need to be permanently notched to fit lower handguard retaining bracket) a. Surplus b. New Manufacture 5. Romanian Gas Tube 6. TimberSmith™ Romanian AK-47 Stock Set - Black Laminate Wood ( Part # TIM06000 http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=timbersmith
  4. I'm new here, new to Saigas, and would appreciate a little help. I live in Texas -a pistol grip and high capacity magazine friendly State, and have a Saiga 7.62 and a Saiga 12 on their way. This was a post EO buy I regret and my procrastination cost me this time. I'm trying to find out if putting pistol grips and high capacity mags on both of them would require a conversion kit by law. Also, I would like to eventually get real wood furniture for the 47 and wonder if that would affect it's import compliance or make it need a conversion by law. I think the pistol grip question would cover the installation of the slide fire for the 7.62 but I'm not sure. Importing firearms other than C&R is new to me and I'm trying to procrastinate entering into the 922r world until it is absolutely necessary! Another question is: When companies import a firearm for civilian sporting use, does the importer need to replace any parts with US made parts before selling ? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello all, I'm new to the forums as well as Saigas in general so please bear with me. I'm not a huge fan of rifle stocks as I'm a short guy and find them uncomfortable and i was weighing out a decision on doing the typical saiga conversion. Unfortunately I live in NY so a pistol grip is a no go. Anyhow I've been seeing the Hammerhead grip on alot of AR setups with an inverted stock and was wondering if anyone has done that with their Saiga or AK, and if it was any more comfortable than a regular rifle stock. Edit * should have posted this in the conversion section. Apologies.
  6. Recently purchased a 7.62x39 Saiga, reconfigured it to it's original configuration. Put on a hogue pistol grip and a Tapco G2 trigger. Buddy of mine gave me a wood stock and a handguard but he did not have the gas tube cover. I recently got some nice wood for my Norinco SKS but it's got the cheese grater gas tube cover so therefore cannot put the wood cover on it (I personally like the cheese grater anyway. Tried installing the feed ramp but accidentally broke the tap inside the hole, so I'll be welding it in place insteading of bolting it. So I was hoping someone might be willing to sell/trade me a wood gas tube cover for an AK.
  7. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the parts for conversions and modification of some magazines for LRBHO. First: Looking at the conversion kits at California Shooters Supply at my options for converting my newly purchased IZ-433, and I have some concerns about the trigger guard. I don't really see any information showing if either of the trigger guard options will interfere with the tab up front for the mag well. I would imagine the answer is no, but I have no way to make a real mock up other than to use the pins in the receiver for an approximate of where the trigger guard will end up. The trapezoidal one (Tromix DIY) looks neat and seems to offer more space for gloved fingers, but would get pretty close to my magwell and reduce the overall space for the mag release tab. Here is the proposed kit. Does anyone see any problems/compatibility issues or am I over analyzing this? Here's the second project: (Note: I am aware that there are magwell magazines, but I got 4 new mags for just under the price of two 10 rounders) I got a killer deal on some SGM 12 rounders, so I decided I'd sacrifice one in the name of being poor (ironic right?) and see if I can get it to work with my gun like some of the other people in the forums have done. With a dremel/file and some eyeballing it locks in perfectly with very little side play and no wiggling front to back. It basically sits in the same position as my factory mag. Here's the mags side by side, the angling was a little tricky and ended up involving lots of time with my file. After enjoying a brief victory, I noticed that these SGM magazines do not have a BHO. So while I made myself a little notch for the BHO lever, I need to figure out a way to get the SGM followers to engage the BHO lever or just replace them outright. Each option has its problems. If I were to keep the stock follower, I would have to add a bho tab that would need to physically extend past the top of the follower about 1/4 inch to properly engage the BHO. Some late night garage experiments were promising with small pieces of steel picture hanger hooks, but the looseness of the follower caused the thin piece of steel to move forward and not properly engage the BHO. I have found several other donor pieces of metal that could possibly serve as tabs to engage the BHO latch listed below: A salvaged PSU heatsink, a CPU heatsink, a bracket for a recessed light and a thin piece of spring steel that is just the right width of the follower and with the perfect curve and pre punched holes that would work for rivets. I have three options for mounting it onto the follower, one being to glue it, which would work pretty good if I decide to use more polymer, or maybe alright for metal, but ideally I'd either use the small slit I made in the picture below to fold a piece of metal inside and grip the plastic. (it worked very well for the picture hanger, until I snapped it after adjusting the length multiple times.) The last that I am thinking about is using rivets to secure it, and hoping that the channel will provide enough clearance and hopefully that the rest of the mag will not interfere with the attached piece. The last and easiest would be to just find followers with BHO and drop them in, which I have (so far) had no luck in locating. I noticed that the sgm followers are (as claimed) made from the original design, but have a few changes that vary it from the original. Pleasingly enough the follower from the factory 4 fits right in....except for these two little feet which I am guessing serve as anti tilt. As much as I would love to take the feet off or bend them in to test it. I don't want to risk messing a more expensive/rarer mag to make the common one operational. You can see what I am talking about below. So to wrap things up, while I am scratching my head trying to make heads or tails, has anyone seen or know of a place that sells followers with bho or does anyone have any suggestions that might help with this dilemma?
  8. Hello everybody new guy to the forum here. I usually build AR-15s' so I'm still fairly new to the "AK" platform. I bought a Saiga sporter in 5.45x39 and want to convert it to the standard AK style. I recently saw a Saiga variant by Krebbs Customs that caught my eye, so my new project is to modify my rifle around the Krebbs Custom UFM Keymod Rail. Everything seems pretty staight forward, except I want to move the Front Sight Base closer to the shooter and thread the muzzle.I know with dimples holding the front sight base secure the holes could be a problem filing in. My main question is: Is it practical to move the front sight base closer to the shooter? How difficult would it be do it? How do I fill the dimple holes? If I did all that I would have it cerakoted. I havn't seen anything on ANY forum that talks about it. My goal is for the front sight base and the rail to meet like in the second picture attached (yes I know that's a shorter barrel in the picture). Realistic or not??
  9. Hello, I am in the process of doing a Saiga x39 hand guard conversion. I ordered a gas tube, the guy said it was Rommy. I thought any gas tube would work. But if you see from the pics, the gas tube is about 0.25" too short. It is way loose, thinking there must be a difference in the tubes. Can someone tell me what to look for next time. Will a AK47 vs AK74 gas tube be the same, please school me, thanks.
  10. I'm converting a Saiga .308 and I'm at the step where I need to remove the trigger assembly. I know that I can't just pound the pins out- I have to drill out the shoulder. The issue is that I put one of my bits from my set into my drill press, set my Saiga down, started drilling, and before I knew it I had ground my bit down to two thirds it's length, and my trigger pin shoulder had an indention of less than 1/8th of an inch. Clearly my bits aren't going to go through that shoulder any time soon. I'm about 4 minutes away from a hardware store so I'm thinking I'll head down there and buy a couple more bits. The trouble is that I'm not sure what bit to get to drill through the Saiga's trigger pines and the trigger guard plate rivets. I'm guessing the rivets are easier to drill through, but I'm not sure. I'll also need to use my Dremel to reshape the bottom of the receiver box to fit my new trigger and pistol grip. I'm thinking a metal cutting blade will work... but you guys are the experts. Thanks so much.
  11. Hello, I just recently purchased a Saiga IZ-132. I still need to do the conversion, and have all the parts to. The only thing I don't have, is the hand guard conversion parts. I have seen videos on you tube showing how to do it correctly by removing the FSB and gas block. I also seen the horseshoe piece that can be used, but have to notch the barrel. My question is: is there a bottom hand guard retainer that works without having to notch the barrel? I want my rifle to have the traditional AK look, however I am wondering if there is a easier way to get the same look without having to notch the barrel. I am not afraid to notch the barrel, I am wondering if it effects accuracy on the barrel. Also, do true AK's have the barrel notched for the bottom hand guard retainer? Thanks for all your help, I'm new to all this. ETA: OK, think I found out my original answer http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-bracket-ak.htm Sorry, I guess I should have posted this in the Conversion Forum. Mods please move it if you can, thanks. Does anyone have any experience with this bolt on lower retainer? Good or bad, I'd like to know for experience please, thanks.
  12. Hey Saiga enthusiasts, Here is my "evolution in progress". Wanted to blend the best of both wolds: AR upgradeability and conveniences with AK robustness and reliability. Let's see it in process of conversion. As received: As assembled: As disassembled/field stripped: Stripped receiver: "Poor peasant's" stocked version: Customized and polished G2 FCG, Hogue PG, OEM-style trigger guard, CSS bullet guide (all from Carolina Shooters Supply). With (heavily hacked) MSA AR mag adapter, Magpul MOE stock, PMAG, and StrikeHard Gear chest rig and MOLLE bayo adapter. ACE mech from CSS; plate and AR mag adapters from MSA. Setting up for custom Fuglystick handguard: With custom Fuglystick handguard: ACE folding mechanism: Folded Magpul MOE on ACE hinge, paratrooper style.
  13. INTRO: For those who didn’t catch my mega thread (tutorial) about me converting my stock Saiga last year, here's a quick recap. (Scene fades to the past)… I had just purchased my first Saiga ever in 7.62x39 complete with the infamous yet horrendous “Velcro mark”. As soon as I got that baby home I could see the graceful beauty lying underneath its grotesque hunting style furniture. AK’s are considered the ugly sister that one hypothetically would keep in the basement when guests came over, then let out to clean after the guests had left. It seems the majority find these guns to be downright ugly. I personally have always seen the not so subtle elegance that the AK possesses. Hopefully all of you can agree that this Saiga needed an extreme makeover (no relation to the TV show, is that trademarked?). At the time the majority of the work I had seen being done to Saiga’s were more so considered mods than an actual conversion or restoration. That’s all fine and dandy; everyone has his or her own preferences. But I wanted a close as legally possible (or at least possible to me at the time) revamp back to the assembly in Izhevsk where the rifle was taken off the assembly line for the AK-100 series and sent to the Saiga Sporting Rifle assembly (theoretical situation… seeing that Izhmash likely wouldn’t accept it). I wanted a rifle that looked and felt as identical to a genuine Izhmash AK-103 whilst also staying in the confines my state laws. I planned out what I wanted to do and what I was actually capable of doing. I wanted to complete all the work myself and not outsource any of the work if possible. I made a list, gathered references, asked the forum, looked up parts and supply sources, and researched a shit load of information regarding the actual design and build of an AK-103. I soon found out that the Saiga’s are identical in major components with the 100 series, with mainly visual differences. This encouraged me and drove me to actually finish my project. Which I posted step by step, picture by picture for all you lovely Saiga fans. It has now been a little over a year since I completed my project and I haven’t been posting much of anything lately (busy, busy, busy) on the forums, but for one reason I happened to re-read my original conversion thread tonight. After I finished going through the thread I realized that I helped give insight on some problems I had and ways to solve them for others that were attempting/planning on doing something similar. But I had also realized that I had left a bit of information out, and that I had learned a great deal about my gun since last year when I first converted it. To complete my conversion I had to learn and practice a couple different skills and processes (such as sandblasting, Parkerizing, etc.) that I had not known previous, and within the last year I’ve had time to practice and become better (shit at least I hope), knowledge that I couldn’t previously include in my posts. Also to include an update on the gun and the modifications I did, how their holding up, etc. Too conclude the end of this first post of my “RE-TUTORIAL>ROUND 2 REVAMPED” I want to say my goal by doing this is to help and give insight into a Saiga’s transformation from ugly as shit to a beautiful butterfly for all you lovely AK and Saiga owners out there. Even if you’re not into a full on conversion (I’m not judgmental), if you’ve got any questions about anything I’ll be covering just ask via this post if you can. So others can also know what’s going on. Andddd finally a summary of what I am going to include starting with…… -Every picture I posted in the original post, no download needed. -Revised information from original post for each picture included with new info. -Micro-intro for FCG removal, Sandblasting, Airbrushing, Parkerizing, Hydraulic Press removal (also press-less techniques) of old and installation of new barrel components, Options the old FCG receiver holes/Welding, Which parts between AK-47, AKM, AK-74, SAIGA’s, and AK 100 series are interchangeable, and other miscellaneous topics. -Updated info on how the gun has handled and how well the mods/paint has held up. -Also including updated pictures etc. etc. -Anddd probably some other stuff that I cannot think of right now. I will commence the start of thread main thread tomorrow.
  14. Refurbished member here- I don't even show up on the member list though can log in : ) Was a member 5+ years ago but never got around to converting my Saiga 7.62X39, which I purchased for $300. Have added a Royal Tiger AK (also $300 and supposedly US made) and a PSL 7.62X54R to the arsenal. I have 10 US made 30 round mags for the Saiga plus a 10 round and a 5 round, and 10 European 30 round metal mags for the AK. Does it make sense to convert, given the price of replacement mags for the Saiga nowadays? I have searched but cannot find tutorials here on doing the conversion- I'm probably not looking in the right places so any help is appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  15. humj

    Conversion advice

    Just bought my first saiga 12. Of course I want it converted. Looked at a few of the major converters. I'm leaning now toward doing it myself. I watched all of the videos on the Carolina shooters sight and a load more on you tube. What are the major drawbacks to buying the parts and doing it myself. I don't want to spend the money and time only to find out later that I made a big mistake. Thanks!
  16. Hello, After reading the forums, you guys seems to be the authority on Saiga conversions. I was wondering if you could help me out. I elected to go with a non permanent conversion and have purchased the following parts: 1) Tapco intrafuse hand guard 2) tapco t6 stock with pistol grip 3) tapco gas piston 4) SGM tactical magazines 5) tapco g2 single hook trigger So far I have installed the hand guard, stock w/grip, and gas piston. It is my understanding that this rifle is in compliance with 922r as long as I only use the US made magazines, is that accurate? Now I would like to have my rifle compliant without the mags as well (to avoid any confusion) which is why I bought the g2 trigger. Which leads me to my second question -- will the g2 trigger work in this "unmodified" state? As I have not pushed the trigger guard forward to allow for the undermounted grip. I know this was a long post, but I would appreciate any help or guidance you can offer. Thanks so much,
  17. Hey guys im wondering if i should convert my new saiga's before shooting them. the reason why i ask is because if in the very unlikely even that somthing breaks i still have a warrenty if i dont convert. some say go ahead and convert right off the bat and some say get a couple hundred through it first. ive yet to see one malfunction or break...what do you think?
  18. Hey guys so i picked up a few new saigas and have converted many of them and done the bullet guides and the whole shebang. I am now interested in changing the front sight post and gas block with ones that have bayonet lugs on them and while doing this installing a regular lower handgaurd retainer. Can this be done without a press?
  19. Well Gents, I got Bored again. Awhile back I bought a well War-Torn FAL stock set Rhodesian Camouflage. It's been sitting waiting for something, and the day came around. I picked up a WASR-22, I'm not a taccool type guy, so I kept thinking/wondering if i could get the handguards to fit. The WASR-22 fell apart, strange how that happens. It's a blow back rifle so the gas system wasn't needed. I whored out the FS block to fit where the gas block should be and pressed/pinned it backwards for looks. With a little cutting and fitting to the rear of the HG's, then adding some plastic and epoxy to enlarge the receiver nub, that end was done. The front end turned out be easy also. Once I leveled the handguards, I just marked and welded some little nuts to the sides of the FS block. Some allen button heads hold them tight. The pistol grip was simple also. Shaved the top flat and mounted it like a Tapco. I had a US Muzzle brake off of an FAL. I didn't feel like getting a die to thread the barrel to 9/16ths, so I drilled out the threads in it and pressed it on the barrel. A little silver solder to lock it on and fill in the pin slots on the barrel. GTG The stock.... EEK! Cutting, fitting, filling. Cutting, filling and fitting. There's alot of open space in that stock. LOL The trunion tang went into recoil tube hole so that was interesting. I won. I didn't have a buttplate I was willing to donate to this project. So I took the grinder to the end of the stock an made it flat. I used a buttplate from a Saiga stock (like they aren't around), ground that flat with the grinder, marked it, cut and fit it to the FAL stock. With taking off the rear sight block, I lost the retainer for the top cover. I had ideas, but none were gonna be easy or come out as clean looking as I wished. Your gonna laugh, but from the plumbing parts came a 3/4" copper 90. Cutting and a judicious amount of filing later, I was happy enough to silver solder it on. I learned on the first WASR-22 a standard top cover helps with ejection of the spent cases. With that I dug into the parts crate for a top cover project from long ago. You'll see.... I welded the AR rear sight base to the top cover. Nothing fancy, just tacked the 4 corners. The top cover seemed to be necessary on this rifle. I made it years ago. A built in, spring loaded, folding carry handle. When you pick it up it moves towards the rear compressing a spring. When released it moves forward and down. I thought it was fitting to have a carry handle on it with the rest of the FAL furniture. Born is a WASR-22/FAL, dubbed "FLAK" (thanks JoJo for that). I've done my homework and have the paint codes for coloring/distressing to match the metal to the stock set. Until then;
  20. I recently purchased a Saiga .410 from a private owner and was interested in doing some conversion to it and found out about the 922r compliance issues. I am a hunter and thats what I intend to use this shotgun for. I have a Gen 1 .410 stamped '94 so it has the nonadjustable gas plug and only fires the 3" shells. I only plan on using the 4 rd factory magazines as I have 3 of them but I do appreciate the form factor and ergonomics of an adjustable stock and pistol grip. Now from what I have read, the minute I throw a pistol grip on the gun it is no longer considered a sporting rifle/shotgun and fallls under the 922r regulations. Because this is a Gen 1 Saiga .410 I am really limited to what I can add/replace to make it compliant with the rules. I have found many forearms for the Gen 2 Saiga; no such luck finding anything for this one. Any tips, leads, or help in my (mis)understanding would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Hey Guys, So i picked up my first Saiga at the end of Nov used from a local guy for a decent deal. Came with a 10 round mag and a T6 stock/grip combo. I was going to hold off on the conversion but after feeling the trigger I knew it needed to be done sooner. And since I'm leaving this month for basic i wanted to make sure i had enough time to finish it before i left. The conversion cost me roughly $140 which includes the Tools i needed. And since i have access to a mill, lathe, and TIG welder at work, i did all the mods myself. I ended up using the T6 stock with the pistol grip removed since the tapco ak stock is a little shorter than i like. Total list of Work done: Removed old trigger parts Removed old trigger guard Mod bolt hold open lever for safety lever clearance Mod trigger pin retaining plate Mod new trigger and hammer for fitment and overtravel bump stop Cut hole for pistol grip nut Weld up 6 old holes, 2 from the trigger guard, 4 from the old trigger pins Weld on Pistol grip reinforcement plate Blend welds Paint, and Bake cure Parts Used Tapco G2 Double Hook trigger set Tapco Ak buttstock Tapco Pistol grip nut Hogue Ak Grip Trigger guard Kit and drill jig from Cobra Customs (thanks again Shannon and Sandi) The conversion may be finished, but shes far from done. I still have a few things i would like to do to it when time and money allow. Future mods Ak100 folding stock Saiga Rifle Handguard or Rail system (have not decided yet) Update sights Extended BHO Trigger pre travel Mod Adjustable gas plug large or up-swept charging handle Door Breaching Comp Possible SBS And now for the photos
  22. I have a few parts Im looking to get rid of. I take paypal descreet no fee or 3%. 1. ACE 8.5" stock GREAT condition, looks new- $55 2. Saiga internal stock adapter - $ 30 3. DIY tromix trigger guard - $ 35 4. Pauly's profiled tapco hammer -$ 20 <span rel='lightbox'><img src='http://i45.tinypic.com/s1jkzn.jpg' alt='Posted Image' class='bbc_img' /></span> Ive done deals here without issues, Ill ship usps with tracking. Prices do not include shipping. Buy all parts about with 10% discount at 125 shipped. Items are cross posted.
  23. Sup guys just wondering if theres any body on the forum that lives in Humboldt County..
  24. Here it is folks. After a long while of collecting parts and researching options I'm finished for now. Started out like this. How it looks today. Hope you guys like it. Cheers.
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