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Found 3 results

  1. Today at a local 3 gun match I had a total failure of one of my csspecs vepr mags in my shotgun. While firing my vepr, the locking lug on the magazine sheared off at the spot weld. After closer inspection of the piece that broke off, it looks like there are 4 spot welds going up the locking lug, however the metal is at least 1/8" thick and only one of the spot welds had penetrated and attached the piece to the body of the mag and it broke during the firing of the shotgun. I'm hoping this mag was just a lemon as the other 3 I purchased have functioned flawlessly. I have not yet contacted csspecs as they were closed by the time I got back, however I will be giving them a call on Monday when they are open. I'm sure they will take care of the issue, their customer service has been great so far, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Perhaps on the next generation of mags they could TIG weld the locking lug on, or find a different way to spot weld the piece on so that the spot welds didn't need to penetrate through so much metal. I will see if I can upload some pictures tomorrow when I get a chance.
  2. I'm getting a FTF as seen in the first picture below (happens usually on the first or second shell in the mag). The second picture shows the view from the magwell (hang up area circled). And the thrid picture shows how it looks when the factor 5 round mag is loaded with all 5 shells in it. I have good gassing of ports and mechanics of the bolt operation along with the CSS kit with puk and spring. I also have the md arms 5 setting plug. I could run Federal bulk through this without any issues for the longest time (hundreds of shells). It was until I installed the Tac 47 magwell (which I don't think is the problem itself, as it aligns evenly. The mags sit flush in the well as they did without the extended magwell (meaning the magazine ribs evenly against the bottom of the original gun well. Please read below above the picture descriptions, any ideas on what is causing it and what I could do to possibly fix it? This shows where the shell nose (front) is hanging up at the upper chamber lip/step. This picture depicts what I think may be causing the shells to hang up, but no modifications or filing was done to that are where the lip of the shell sits when chambered. The front of the shell seems to hit there. I'm suspecting the feed angle and/or pressure of the below shells are causing the loading shell to press up just enough and hang. Also, what is that area circled in red exactly called where the shell lip sits against when chambered? This is showing with the factory 5 round mag fully loaded with 2 3/4 shells. Notice it fits within the barrel hood at the upper left of the shell, so it doesn't hang up there as others had issues in the past.
  3. Hi guys. I joined this forum today because I'm at my wits end with my Saiga. I (try) to shoot 3 Gun, in Open Division. When I started, the Saiga was really my only option for a Open shotgun, so I bought one and converted it to pistol grip. I could not get it to run very reliably, ever, and at this point in time it has gotten so bad that I'm about to part it out and start over with an Adkal, which I would hate to do because of the time and money I have invested in the Saiga. My primary failure is failure to eject. The gun extracts. It doesn't like to feed some types of slug, but it simply will not extract with any reliability whatsoever. Here are the modifications on the gun. I didn't do them all at once, and I cannot point to a single one that made any significant change in how it operates. DPH 6 setting gas plug CSS gas "puck" with nipple CSS trigger guard Tapco pistol grip ACE stock Chaos over the dustcover rail Magwell That's everything I've bolted on. In addition: I drilled and tapped the bolt carrier and installed a left side charging handle. Milled the dust cover for the charging handle Fabricated a magazine release extension to operate with your trigger finger, silver soldered to magazine catch. Honed the gas block/gas chamber (where the puck is) since it was slightly out of round and the CSS puck bound up inside Drilled the 3 existing gas ports out to 0.090" and deburred the holes Drilled a 4th gas hole and deburred. Polish job on the moving parts Enlarged the #6 setting on the DPH plug to accomodate new gas hole Enlarged the clearance hole in the gas block to accomodate new gas hole At this point, from my reading here, the only 2 things left I could possibly do would be to A) weld or tap and plug the gas vent in the gas block (I do not understand how this could help, by time gas can reach this vent, the puck has already traveled it's course and the bolt carrier is no longer in contact with it) and TIG weld up the ejector so that it ejects sooner. I'm leaning towards (. I can hand cycle through every magazine I own without hiccup. Those include 10 round, 12 round, 5 round, and even some 20 round stick magazines I made from SGM 12 round magazines by coupling them and soldering the springs together. However, the one thing I notice during hand cycling, is that sometimes the extractor loses the shell before impacting the ejector because it was disturbed by the next shell in the magazine. I think a longer ejector would solve that problem. Anyway, any help you could give me would be appreciated. It cannot be a gas issue. It will not run buck, slugs, high brass field loads, AA Heavy, AA Super Handicap, *anything*. While test firing I placed my hand at the rear-most travel of the charging handle to see if the bolt carrier was truly making full travel to the rear, and it smoked my hand pretty good. I definitely have gas.
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