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Found 9 results

  1. I had recently purchased a new Saiga 12 from www.K-var.com, the SGL12-08 imported by the FIME Group. Waited about a week and picked it up at my local FFL, took it out and shot it 2 days in a row and nothing but Federal High Brass was working, thought maybe a good cleaning would work and decide to take a look at the gas ports. Got it apart, looked at the gas ports, there were 3 gas ports visible from inside the gas tube and inside the barrel, so I used a paperclip to see if they were clear. Some how the gas port holes were completely filled with something, tried to clean it and there was no way to clear the holes. So, somehow, somebody drilled the holes and they got filled back in at some point, I am baffled, this was a brand new Saiga 12. I contacted FIME Group and I am going to be shipping it to them for repair. Let me know if anybody else has ever had this problem, haven't seen it talked about anywhere on here yet. Also this is not my only Saiga 12, I have a IZ109 that runs flawlessly with the cheap Walmart stuff, the gas ports on it are clear.
  2. I just recently got my S12. It shot low brass extremely well right out of the box (gas setting 2) with no FTE. I put my chaos titan extended rail on and it FTE's every single round. I see there's a small port on the left side of the gas block that's covered by the rail. Would this have anything to do with it? If that's the case, do I just need to drill the rail to match up with the port? I did the paperclip in the port hole check. There's 3 holes, all accessible with the paperclip in a 45 degree angle.
  3. Today i was shooting my Saiga 12 first time. I had some problems and need help. I used Sellier & Bellot Special Sport Slug 2 5/8 in (67,5mm) and the shotgun jammed at each bullet. The empty shell jammed. (30 Bullets were shot. Everyone jammed) Then i used Sellier&Bellot Birdshot and Sellier & Bellot Rubberball (both in 2 5/8 in (67,5mm) an the gun just didn`t repeat. I had to repeat itself. With S&B Buckshot 2 3/4 in (70mm) Everything was fine. Im sure i tried both gas-settings. Can anyone help me please?
  4. Hi guys. I joined this forum today because I'm at my wits end with my Saiga. I (try) to shoot 3 Gun, in Open Division. When I started, the Saiga was really my only option for a Open shotgun, so I bought one and converted it to pistol grip. I could not get it to run very reliably, ever, and at this point in time it has gotten so bad that I'm about to part it out and start over with an Adkal, which I would hate to do because of the time and money I have invested in the Saiga. My primary failure is failure to eject. The gun extracts. It doesn't like to feed some types of slug, but it simply will not extract with any reliability whatsoever. Here are the modifications on the gun. I didn't do them all at once, and I cannot point to a single one that made any significant change in how it operates. DPH 6 setting gas plug CSS gas "puck" with nipple CSS trigger guard Tapco pistol grip ACE stock Chaos over the dustcover rail Magwell That's everything I've bolted on. In addition: I drilled and tapped the bolt carrier and installed a left side charging handle. Milled the dust cover for the charging handle Fabricated a magazine release extension to operate with your trigger finger, silver soldered to magazine catch. Honed the gas block/gas chamber (where the puck is) since it was slightly out of round and the CSS puck bound up inside Drilled the 3 existing gas ports out to 0.090" and deburred the holes Drilled a 4th gas hole and deburred. Polish job on the moving parts Enlarged the #6 setting on the DPH plug to accomodate new gas hole Enlarged the clearance hole in the gas block to accomodate new gas hole At this point, from my reading here, the only 2 things left I could possibly do would be to A) weld or tap and plug the gas vent in the gas block (I do not understand how this could help, by time gas can reach this vent, the puck has already traveled it's course and the bolt carrier is no longer in contact with it) and TIG weld up the ejector so that it ejects sooner. I'm leaning towards (. I can hand cycle through every magazine I own without hiccup. Those include 10 round, 12 round, 5 round, and even some 20 round stick magazines I made from SGM 12 round magazines by coupling them and soldering the springs together. However, the one thing I notice during hand cycling, is that sometimes the extractor loses the shell before impacting the ejector because it was disturbed by the next shell in the magazine. I think a longer ejector would solve that problem. Anyway, any help you could give me would be appreciated. It cannot be a gas issue. It will not run buck, slugs, high brass field loads, AA Heavy, AA Super Handicap, *anything*. While test firing I placed my hand at the rear-most travel of the charging handle to see if the bolt carrier was truly making full travel to the rear, and it smoked my hand pretty good. I definitely have gas.
  5. This past weekend I ran about 200 rounds of winchester bulk through 2 Saiga-12s and 1 Vepr-12. I used the following mags; 12 round SGM Vepr-12 5 round stock Vepr-12 12 round SGM Saiga-12 12 round promag Saiga-12 12 round promag drum Saiga-12 20 round MDArms drum Saiga-12 5 round stock Saiga-12 One thing I noticed was that all the guns at some point would FTE using basically any magazine. After some experimenting with the hold on the weapon I realized the gun was short stroking like a pistol that was limp wristed. If you guys are having trouble, really get behind the gun and hold her still. Letting the gun be fired one handed or lightly on the shoulder would induce the FTE. Once I really held the gun tight the damn things cycled everything. I was using factory stocks, so my upper pectoral area is kind of sore. EDIT: VEPR-12 MODS -CSS Russian Clone Brake -CSS 922r Gas Puck -Tromix Modified G2 Trigger
  6. I bought a new vepr 54r from Centerfire Systems recently and it has the failing to eject (FTE) problem from day one I shot it. I sent it back to Wolf for a fix a few weeks ago. The gun smith at Wolf found no damaged or mis-assembled parts with the rifle and adjusted the "ejection rail". I received the rifle back on Thursday last week and test fired it on Friday with 120 rounds. I got 5 FTEs, as shown in the pictures. I noticed that the rifle's ejections had no consistency in distance and angle. In addition, some of the used cases were badly deformed or marked at multiple spots. I sent the new FTE information back to Wolf again early this morning but they are not responding so far. I sent a message to CenterFire Systems too. They are not responding either. What should I do next? Here are the pics of the deformed cases and my dented scope by ejected cases.
  7. Hi, Tried out my newly acquired .410 with some Rio 3" #4 ammo. Factory 4 and 10 mags. Wouldn't cycle at all on either gas setting, I ended up cycling each one by hand. Ejects just fine by hand, shells jam on the feed ramp but that's a different issue. The problem seems to be that either the charging force is too high or the pressure isn't being built up enough to force the bolt backward. This is my only Saiga so I don't really have a reference point as to bolt charging force. Should it be really heavy? I plan on putting a scale on it when I get home to measure the force required, maybe someone here could chime in with theirs so I can compare. No jammed springs, gas port is right into the barrel, no obviously broken bits or other stuff that looked out of place when I took it apart over the weekend. Thanks in advance. Jake
  8. I've bought a Saiga 12 recently -already converted and lightly used- and no matter what I shoot out of it (tried 2.75 buckshot, birdshot, and slugs alike out of 5, 10, and 20 round mags) I get a FTE every single time. With the gas settings at #2 (even tried #1 for the hell of it) the action cycles back just fine (so I am doubting this is an issue with the gas block), however the empty shells always either stovepipe or just don't go anywhere at all. As I've heard the guns usually spew em out pretty far and this just isn't happening. Disassembling the gun and working the action manually without the recoil spring, the empty shells again just fall straight down. Admittedly I am brand new to this but it seems to me like an extractor problem. Now, this is my first Saiga 12 so I'm not entirely sure what those're supposed to look like, but I'm suspiscious that this ain't it. You guys have any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do?
  9. I just bought a brand new Saiga 12 and it heartbreakingly fails to eject every shot. On setting 2 it stove pipes, on 1, the shell won't even make it out enough to stove pipe and just get cycled back into the breech. I've put about 300 rounds through it. Mostly Federal bulk from Walmart, some Estate Heavy Game Load, and some Winchester AA (50 rds of cheap Fiocci bird shot too). I get the same results on the stock 5 round mag, a SGM 10 rounder, and the Promag 20 round drum. It will eject a shell no problem if there is no magazine inserted. The first time I took it out, I thought I had it broken in, I put about 200 rounds through it and towards the end it ejected every shot for the last 30. Then I cleaned it and it went back to no ejection. Perhaps the piston is too small and the tolerances are too wide? It slides out of the gas block without any effort. Maybe the gunk from putting ~170 rounds through it made a better seal? That would be ironic if the fouling made it work better. I did scrub it with a wire brush but I really doubt that did it. I'm desperate! I have ordered the MD arms V plug and the MD arms booster piston in hopes that they will do something but I'm skeptical. I'm so close to boring out the 4 gas holes to a 3/32 as I've read someone else do, as well as grinding down the bottom of the bolt and smoothing the angles of the bolt carrier and hammer but I'm terrified as I have no experience with metal working except for general shop class 14 years ago (where we did no grinding or drilling) and spare parts are hard to come by in case I grind/bore wrong. Most of these suggestions are from this post: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=223576 I have scoured FTE posts and they almost all point to misaligned or missing holes in the gas block but I am blessed (for the good that it does) to have 4 holes that are aligned under the hole in the block. Please help me get my beautiful gun functioning!
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