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Found 15 results

  1. Since Bulgaria is stopped imports of their Circle 10 AK mags to the U.S. for at least 2 years. I've been trying to get some manufacturers to make some 5.56x45 AK mags, but they’re still don’t seem to be for the idea, “Until” enough people ask for them to be made. I still think that if someone made some steel 5.56x45 AK mags or maybe even a polymer mag with a steel top/feed lip area, that would be mated to the polymer mag body, like the Lancer 5.56 AR mags, or the CZ Scorpion Hybrid mags by Manticore Arms and Prepper Gun Shop, they would sell like crazy. The making of a 5.56x45 AK magazine would fit the majority of the World’s 5.56x45 based AK’s: like the Bulgarian 106, Polish Archer, Polish Beryl, and Vepr AK's, and with a slight fitting, would also fit the Siaga .223/5.56 AK's. Promag is the only current maker of new 5.56x45 AK mags, in the U.S. Any current surplus mags are hard to find and are priced higher than they should be. I heard that there was a custom $5 magazine follower that was made by Robinson Arms that would convert 5.45x39 AK mags to work with .223/5.56 ammo. I would love to acquire one of the Robin magazine followers, to see what the dimensional differences were. Also if anyone knows if those converted mags functioned great or had any issues. I believe that the best bet for a new manufactured steel 5.56x45 AK mag is from Csspecs. I also believe that the best bet for a new polymer 5.56x45 AK mag is from Magpul. If enough of us emailed Csspecs, we could have a full steel (Around $40) U.S. made 5.56 AK mag very soon. If enough of us emailed Magpul, we could have an ($13 to $20) polymer U.S. made 5.56 AK mag soon. It will just take enough of our voices to make it happen. Please help bring a newly manufactured 5.45 AK mag to the U.S. market and beyond. Copy and paste the paragraph below, if needed: “I would like for you to please bring a 5.56x45 AK magazine to the U.S. market. One of these mags would fit most of the World’s 5.56x45 based AK’s: like the Bulgarian 106, Polish Archer, Polish Beryl, and Vepr AK's, and with a slight fitting, would also fit the Siaga .223/5.56 AK's. Thank you.” Csspecs: http://stores.csspecs.com/customer-service/ Magpul: https://www.magpul.com/about-magpul/contact-us
  2. Multiple magazines for sale! All Magazines are New Old Stock. Meaning I've owned them for a while but never loaded them. I have since sold the weapons. Payment via discrete paypal. 5 -- (4xFDE and 1xBLK) AGP Arms Saiga12 10rd mags = $35.00ea shipped or $150 all 5 shipped----Sold VEPR12 5rd factory mags (Last one) = $45.00 shipped Saiga12 5rd factory mag = $35.00 shipped MD Arms 20rd drum for Saiga12 = $65.00 shipped
  3. 8 Tapco 30rd AK47 magazines. They have never been used, never even been assembled. They have been stored in a cool, dry place, so they're in perfect condition. I bought them several years ago as repair kits in CA, and I don't want to have them around anymore. I'm selling all 8 at once, no exceptions. PRICE: $6 each, plus $12 shipping = $60 total I accept PayPal. Thanks in advance for taking these off my hands!
  4. Hey folks. Recently acquired a used saiga 223. Never had a gun of this size or power before so I know nearly nothing about these. I understand how to shoot it as it is a very simple design, which I love. So the first day I took it to the range, I loaded about 5 bullets in the 10rnd factory magazine and it loaded no problem. Fired the first round and it shot awesome. Unfortunately, it jammed on the second round and couldn't ever get it to fire again. It was attempting to feed but would send the round in at a bad angle where it wouldn't go in the barrel. Unfortunately, I didn't have any other mags with me to test to see if the mag was the issue. Is this a known problem? Should I try it with my non-factory mags before getting too concerned? I've heard only good things about these guns so I'm really hoping this was just a weird incident. Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a Magpul MOE or CTR stock, any color, prefer mil spec tube but will consider commercial. I have several kinds of mags to trade: US and Imported Steel, US Poly (Thermold and Tapco). Message me and lets make a deal! If you have a cash price message me also!! Thanks!
  6. New in factory packaging. 3 dark earth Magpul Pmag AR-15 30rd mags for the AR-15 $150.00 shipped discrete paypal or money order
  7. Looking to trade for a mil (preferred) or commercial spec MOE or CTR stock. Any color, pretty much any condition. I have some poly 30 round Master Molder US Mags with 7.62x39 Golden Tiger FMJBT I might part with.... PM Me, lets make a deal!
  8. Selling my unused, second hand AR mag adapter by Magnolia State Armory (MSA), now known as Texas AK Designs (TAKD) . Asking $75 shipped. Most of the money will go towards my 2nd year of NRA membership and a becoming a member of GOA. (And cover shipping cost) Money order preferred. Post with reply "(I'll take it/question/etc.), pm sent" after sending a PM. Thank you ML
  9. hey guys another question from Spet. So i bought a bunch of tapco 30 rnd ak mags and some steel romanian ak mags. Well i already sanded the tab on the tapcos to fit the standard saiga mag catch. i have a bunch of saiga mags as well. I want to file the mag catch other the tab on the steels so that my ak will be strait ak-47 that will take military mags but i want the other mags to fit and work well since i have a bunch..when i file the mag catch to fit the steel ak mags will all my other ones still fit and feed properly? thanks.
  10. 6 lightly used (less than 3-4 insertions each) 308 25RD Poly Magazines made by SGM (SureFire). $230 shipped for all 6. Money order only. No PP. No trades wanted/considered. 6 lightly used (less than 3-4 insertions each) and 2 NIW Saiga 223 30rd Poly Magazines made by SGM (SureFire). $200 shipped for all 8. Money order only. No PP. No trades wanted/considered.
  11. Hi guys, It seems like a dun goofed up! The below are 4 keepshooting plastic mags that I tried to get to fit in my Saiga 12, but I'm sure you can see I suck with tools. My question is is there any way that I can fix them or did I completely goof up? Thanks bros!
  12. Got a few extra TAN mags for sale like the title says. I can let 9 go i think. They are brand new, never even loaded. 1 for 35, 2 for 65, 5 for 149 shipping is included with usps priority with delivery confirmation. pm me any questions. Discreet gift paypal or money order as payments.
  13. Bought a new Saiga 410 (Legion USA), and did a full conversion. Looks great, and the Fire Control Group conversion was a snap ( thanks to Carolina Shooters Supply), but won't load Golden Bear rounds at all! Tried every mag out there Promag/SGM/Factory... up and to the right... chrushes every shell, and nicks the crap out of the plastic shells it can load! What a POS! Paid over $70 for a 10 round factory mag (K-VAR) (the only mag that would feed plastic rounds because of their length), and it busted after 10 rounds. Can't load any plastic cased ammo in the ProMag/SGM except the most expensive Wichester 410 ammo out there BECAUSE OF THE LENGTH OF THE ROUND... WHAT A BUNCH OF BS! Don't use a safety lever with a bolt hold open notch, and try to load a mag with Golen Bear with the bolt open. Front lip of the rounds catch on the barrel's top protrusion I guess it's called an ammunition guide, or something like that... Some people seem to have no problems with their 410, but I find it hard to believe that I received the only bad gun out there. This thing is a huge POS only worthy of being a paperweight or boat anchor, and I sure as HELL wouldn't want to have to depend on it for protection!!!! Prtection that's hillarious.... just wait and I'll die of old age trying to get Piece Of S!*# to load a round. IF YOUR THINKING OF BUYING ONE, DON'T... IF YOU OWN ONE GOOD LUCK... AND IF YOU DISAGREE I'LL SELL YOU THIS ONE FOR THE PRICE OF THE AFTER MARKET PARTS I PUT ON IT AND THROW IN THE GUN FOR FREE. Only fired 10 times (jammed 100). This is one disappointing hunk of junk... save your money and buy a real gun.
  14. I have 4 ALL SPF clear AGP 10 round mags for sale that have never been used or even inserted into a gun. Brand new except that I bought them years ago when AGP did a short run of them. Can't really find them now, especially in new condition. These can also be used to make smoke colored magazines, I've done one using spray on tail light tint. Anyway, here are the pics: $65 shipped each,3 or more = 55 each. ALL SPF Will also trade, let me know what you got. Now cross posted.
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