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Found 18 results

  1. I have 6 Surefire 12 round magazines for the VEPR12 and Saiga12s with magwell. They are practically new as they were used a couple times and have since sold my shotgun. I am selling them for $18 shipped each but if you buy all 6 I will sell them for $90 shipped for the lot. First "I'll take it" gets it...just say how many you want. I accept discreet Paypal for payment: tennessee.custom.cnc@gmail.com e-mail me for more info or you shipping info.
  2. While I was at the range today I lost the security nut and possibly a spring to the magwell/LRBHO. Take a look at the picture, I need help identifying what's missing and how should I go ahead replacing the parts? From what I know the only option for OEM is rusmilitary. That's fine but I will have to come up with a substitute in the mean time. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the parts for conversions and modification of some magazines for LRBHO. First: Looking at the conversion kits at California Shooters Supply at my options for converting my newly purchased IZ-433, and I have some concerns about the trigger guard. I don't really see any information showing if either of the trigger guard options will interfere with the tab up front for the mag well. I would imagine the answer is no, but I have no way to make a real mock up other than to use the pins in the receiver for an approximate of where the trigger guard will end up. The trapezoidal one (Tromix DIY) looks neat and seems to offer more space for gloved fingers, but would get pretty close to my magwell and reduce the overall space for the mag release tab. Here is the proposed kit. Does anyone see any problems/compatibility issues or am I over analyzing this? Here's the second project: (Note: I am aware that there are magwell magazines, but I got 4 new mags for just under the price of two 10 rounders) I got a killer deal on some SGM 12 rounders, so I decided I'd sacrifice one in the name of being poor (ironic right?) and see if I can get it to work with my gun like some of the other people in the forums have done. With a dremel/file and some eyeballing it locks in perfectly with very little side play and no wiggling front to back. It basically sits in the same position as my factory mag. Here's the mags side by side, the angling was a little tricky and ended up involving lots of time with my file. After enjoying a brief victory, I noticed that these SGM magazines do not have a BHO. So while I made myself a little notch for the BHO lever, I need to figure out a way to get the SGM followers to engage the BHO lever or just replace them outright. Each option has its problems. If I were to keep the stock follower, I would have to add a bho tab that would need to physically extend past the top of the follower about 1/4 inch to properly engage the BHO. Some late night garage experiments were promising with small pieces of steel picture hanger hooks, but the looseness of the follower caused the thin piece of steel to move forward and not properly engage the BHO. I have found several other donor pieces of metal that could possibly serve as tabs to engage the BHO latch listed below: A salvaged PSU heatsink, a CPU heatsink, a bracket for a recessed light and a thin piece of spring steel that is just the right width of the follower and with the perfect curve and pre punched holes that would work for rivets. I have three options for mounting it onto the follower, one being to glue it, which would work pretty good if I decide to use more polymer, or maybe alright for metal, but ideally I'd either use the small slit I made in the picture below to fold a piece of metal inside and grip the plastic. (it worked very well for the picture hanger, until I snapped it after adjusting the length multiple times.) The last that I am thinking about is using rivets to secure it, and hoping that the channel will provide enough clearance and hopefully that the rest of the mag will not interfere with the attached piece. The last and easiest would be to just find followers with BHO and drop them in, which I have (so far) had no luck in locating. I noticed that the sgm followers are (as claimed) made from the original design, but have a few changes that vary it from the original. Pleasingly enough the follower from the factory 4 fits right in....except for these two little feet which I am guessing serve as anti tilt. As much as I would love to take the feet off or bend them in to test it. I don't want to risk messing a more expensive/rarer mag to make the common one operational. You can see what I am talking about below. So to wrap things up, while I am scratching my head trying to make heads or tails, has anyone seen or know of a place that sells followers with bho or does anyone have any suggestions that might help with this dilemma?
  4. I just picked up the $799, folding stock, Vepr 12. I have a few untouched Saiga 12, AGP Gen 3, rock-and-lock 10 rounders, so I decided to convert them to work in the Vepr 12 instead. I wanted to show you guy what I had to do to make them work in case anyone wants to attempt the same. The picture will be referring to the text above it. The front lip/lug needs to be removed, obviously. I took it to just a hair or two past flush with the magazine. The two ribs on the back of the magazine needs to be removed to be flush with the back of the mag. This is where the LRBHO lever hangs. I took it about 90 degrees instead of the slope on the left side. (Mine isn't perfect in the picture) Regarding the next two pictures. The rear wall of my magazine, right behind the real lip/lug, is a lot thicker than the factory 5 round vepr magazine that came with the gun and the LRBHO lever does not go past it. I had to remove some material so that the lever could sit in an unengaged position. Be cause of this thicker wall my LRBHO will not engage on the follower. Lastly, this is what kept my magazine such a snug fit. The material for the screw housing needs to be removed a couple hairs until the mag will smoothly go into the mag well. The magazine fits very snug, but like I said, mine will not engage the LRBHO. The mag also does not currently eject itself from the magwell when the mag release is pressed. However, Mullet Man suggests splitting the magazine and opening up/raising the follower channels, and this will fix that. I have yet to try it, but it appears legit. I haven't had time to shoot the magazine, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Feel free to throw up any questions or comments. Hope this helps anyone that wants to attempt this!
  5. Is there a Magwell that allows use of various brand of mags with my 109 I have Mag from multiple manufacturers. I have no intention of using drums, so that is not an issue. Thanks Jerry
  6. I've been cruising these forums for a while and they've been a huge help in customizing my saiga. I've managed to open up gas ports, change out parts, modify magazines etc. But now I have two problems I can't seem to find answers for. 1. I have a JT magwell installed, but I still have to rock my magazines a little bit to get them to lock. Not quite sure how to fix that. 2. With Estate shells, I've had several failures to feed. Where a shell was stripped off the magazine but it jammed onto the upper lip of the chamber. Anyone else had similar issues? Thanks.
  7. Fellas, As I previously mentioned my Saiga 12 came with a factory installed Magwell. Im not going to take it out, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what high capacity magazines I could purchase that will fit into the factory magwell. The guy at the store sold me a drum that obviously will never fit. Anyone know of any conversion kits coming out? Thanks! Brian
  8. Comparison between unmodified SGM magazine with front lug and modified magazine with front lug removed.
  9. MAGWELL SMOOTHING: The magwell has some residual rough areas from the injection molding process. Sanding these down helps improve smooth mag insertion and removal. The main area to be sanded smooth is at the inside front of the magwell. The inside rear of the magwell can also be sanded, but mine did not require any. However, do not sand the inside sides of the magwell, as these help stabilize the magazine while in the firearm. RUSSIAN MAGAZINE FITTING: The 8 round magazines from Legion USA Inc worked perfectly without any fitting, but the 8 rounders I received from RusMilitary would not lock into the firearm. On these magazines the bump on the rear of the magazine needed to be filed down until lockup occurred. File a little bit at a time and check frequently to obtain lockup and maintain a tight fit. AGP MAGAZINE MODIFICATION: I was surprised how little modification is need to obtain great lockup with AGP rock-and-lock magazines. If I would have known this first, I might not even have purchased any Izzy 8 rounders. There are several steps fitting AGP mags. 1st step - Front Lug: Mill or file the front lug off of the magazine. I found that using a Magnetic Polycast Protractor allowed consistent results. I simply set the magazine in the mill with the protractor resting up against the second screw bump at 25* and milled down the front lug until the thickness of the magazine lip was 3mm thick. 2nd step - First Screw: Mill or file down the first screw bump to the exact height of the screw head. This time I set the magazine in the mill with the protractor resting up against the second screw bump at 16* and milled down the first screw bump until the screw head. After this step the magazine should fit perfectly in the magwell. The only other thing to do is deal with the LRBHO, because at this point your bolt carrier will be locked back as a result of hitting the top of the AGP magazine. 3rd step - Release Bolt Carrier: Remove necessary material from the top of the magazine with a Exacto knife to allow the LRBHO to release the bolt carrier when the AGP magazine is inserted into the magazine. Insert the magazine into the firearm and remove only what is necessary. 4th step - LRBHO: Design and implement some way to activate the LRBHO. I spent 5 minutes with scissors, sheet metal, and double stick tape to make the temporary fix seen in the pictures. This was just a temporary fix, and I do not recommend using such thin material or double stick tape. Do what you think is best.
  10. Angled shot of SGM magazine that was filed to fit SGM iz-433 magwell. File marks are visible where lip was filed to straighten front of magazine.
  11. Side shot of SGM magazine that was filed to fit SGM iz-433 magwell. Front lip was filed until it was nearly plane with rest of body.
  12. Doc_Ebs


    Hello everybody my name is Dion. Long time lurker first time poster. I have converted 2 saigas now but this is the first time I have used a magwell. Can somebody point me in the direction of how to modify the sgm mags for the j&e magwell? All I have seen is basic picture that is supposed to come with the magwell. But it looks like the front and rear lugs and the side "stripes" need to be ground off is that true? If so how much?
  13. Hey all, looking to sell a JTE Magwell with six modified ten round magazines ( 3 promag, 3 SGM) and one modified 5 round magazine for $310 dollars shipped. Ill post pictures once i have more time. payment through paypal only. happy selling guys.
  14. Hello S-12! After lurking for about 2 months I decided to join the forum here and take better advantage of the wealth of knowledge you all have to offer! I received my converted S-12 about a month ago and have been in love with it since. (I know, I should have converted it myself, but I got a good deal and didn't have to tear down my gun with tools I'm unfamiliar with.) That being said, the only thing I don't like about the platform is the inability to load on a closed bolt. I know there are several solutions to this, including mag wells, bolt re-profiling, and a LRBHO (which I understand are both relatively non-existant and are a sore spot for many on the forum). I wanted to see what the community thought about the advantages/disadvantages of each. To my knowledge, that list is as follows: Magazine Well Pro: Looks nice, functions well, can be relatively inexpensive Con: Must tap receiver, magazines must be modified, inability to accept all magazines (JTE may be solving this problem?) Bolt Re-Profiling Pro: Looks NICE, functions well, generally smooths the action of the S-12 Cons: Expensive (if done by a professional), must ship parts away to have it done right, replacement parts hard to find LRBHO: Pro: Potentially works perfectly, no permanent changes made to receiver (?), drastically reduced reload times Cons: Magazines must be modified (I think?), nearly impossible to find These are the options I've found and some of their pros and cons as I have come to understand them. This list is probably not comprehensive, given my short experience with the platform, but this is what I have found. What does the community think is the best option out of these or other options available?
  15. i know that the magwell is one of the great attractions for the vepr 12. however, i already have an s12, and a bunch of mags, and wouldnt plan on using the vepr for competition, and wouldnt want to throw down another ton of money for magwell mags. i know the differences of opinion and the arguments for and against the magwell. my question is, can the magwell be removed from the vepr12? if so, would s12 rock-and-lock magazines function properly in it? just curious. then i could use my drums and magazines i already have, and if i ever so desired, replace the magwell and buy the magazines for it. thoughts? opinions?
  16. Hey Guys, I'm having some issues with my S-12. ...Where to begin? I have an S-12, I have move the trigger group. I have installed the Cadiz LRBHO. The LRBHO was a big pain in the ass to fit into the gun. I have got it working fine I think. I may have shortened the "beak" too much. Using 2-3/4 shells, I think the slide action pushes the shells forward in the mag resulting in the LRBHO catching the slide when there are still shells in the mag. I had to shorten the beak though just to get it to work. Maybe I need to run 3" shells...BUt, This only happens with the JTE magwell installed. When I take it off, it seems to do right. THe magwell has also been a pain. I've had feed issues while cycling. I welded the holes in the receiver and tried to move the magwell forward a bit. This seems to have fixed the the shells feeding crooked but brings me back to the first prob I listed....the LRBHO catching the slide while there are still shells in the mag. Has any one got these combo of parts to work? Does this magwell have to be that far forward? The LRBHO is a must have, for me. The magwell I really want because with out it my foregrip has to be way forward. Any help would be appreciated. Gabe
  17. Does anyone have their bolt modded, lets say by Pauly or another company when using a magwell? Or is it necessary to mod the bolt if you will be using a magwell? as the bolt mod was for easier insertion on a closed bolt with rock&lock mags, and the magwell & LRBHO bypasses that problem, does it not? Does it help with insertion of the mag still? And is the conversion any different using the LRBHO? Thanks AZG
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