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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, wanted to see if here is anyone online/expert about this technical stuff. So compatibility regarding ak47 parts for saiga12. In example ALG triggers or any other ak47 triggers for that matter, do you usually have to dremel it or something or are those pretty much a drop-in parts? Other is the dust cover, mine in saiga is 237mm long and I bought a FAB Defense pdc dustcover which is 246mm. Also bought a Vltor cmrd ak handguard and a magpul zhukov-s stock. I did apply licenses for 7.62x39 also, so if the parts wont fit at all they will be used later.
  2. While I was at the range today I lost the security nut and possibly a spring to the magwell/LRBHO. Take a look at the picture, I need help identifying what's missing and how should I go ahead replacing the parts? From what I know the only option for OEM is rusmilitary. That's fine but I will have to come up with a substitute in the mean time. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. This is the start of a list for people who have mailed in there parts to Pauly for Fabrication. Please list your last 3 digits of your guns id, what was being done and date you have sent in your parts. There was a workshop thread list before Pauly dropped off the grid. There are also many people who have sent in parts and were never on that workshop thread. So this list is for EVERYONE who have not received their parts back. This list is so everyone can actually find out how many people are out there missing very important pieces to their firearm. I hope that maybe in some way if this list is reviewed by Pauly that it can help him send our parts back to us (hopefully completed because he is the best.) Or just send them back just so I don't have a fully converted boat anchor. Starting things out 041-GBS-PPVCH-----8/11/13
  4. Holidays Cheers to all! End-of-the-year clearance: Saiga/AK, SIG55X, 1911 parts and accessories, and more of the good stuff CHEAP! Save big, get it in time for Big Holidays for yourself or someone special. 1st "I'll take it" gets it, judging by the time stamp. PM me or post your bids or inquiries in this thread. Sold items will be marked as "pending sale" upon placing the bid and "N/A" upon completion of the sale. Disclaimer: cross-posted on another Forum (not a Saiga/AK related) . Money Orders preferred (get it for free from your own bank; call them to confirm). PayPal accepted as desperate substitute for Money Orders or personal checks, even though not preferred; items will be labeled anything but firearms-related. Personal checks will be cleared prior to shipping. Shipping INCLUDED (standard USPS 1st class or media mail where applicable). Shipped next business day after funds clearing. Faster methods available, just pay the difference in shipping costs. Thanks for looking, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A, B, C: DVD videos, excellent condition. Played 2-4 times each. Was up to $39 new.$19$15 EACH shippedor$45$35 for all three SHIPPED. SOLD. D: .45ACP snap caps; set of 5. One used and scratched, but fully functional. 4 new or near-new. $10 shipped. SOLD. E: Used leather holster for 1911 (no rail); US (NC) made. Used with Kimber Compact. Mag pouch has 1 grommet missing (out of 4). Good, functional condition. $25 $19 shipped. F: HOGUE overmold grip for 1911 (Compact/Officer: 7 round mag capacity; won't fit the full-size). Very good condition. $12 $10 shipped. G: Tapco G2 Trigger (FCG) set, brand new. $20 shipped. SOLD. H: SIG556xi Pistol Grip with compartment and access hatch. Like new; excellent condition. $20 $15 shipped. SOLD. I: Magpul M-LOK QD sling mount and HW. Brand new; opened but not used. $16 shipped. J: ClipDraw "holsterless" clip for Compact/Officer 1911, very good shape. $13 shipped. K: Kimber premium rosewood grips for 1911 Compact/Officer (7-round mag). 1 Set of near-new, very good condition grips. Including another, "bonus" set of cherry (?) grips (1 has grip has hairline crack). $20 shipped L: BCM (Bravo Co) Gunfighter :Kinesthetic Angled Grip", Picatinny version. Brand new. Opened, but never been installed. $18 $13 shipped. M: TruGlo multicolor replacement fibers set. Brand new. $6 shipped (media mail). N: 8-in round base glass-filled polymer Picatinny rail. $5 shipped (media mail). O: Mercedes-Benz hood ornament assembly (W126 chassis?). Brand new in sealed factory package. $25 OBO shipped. P: OpsGear Operator Gloves, Black, Large. Spangex back/ synthetic leather front. Summer/off-season use. Brand new. $15 shipped. Q: SIG55X (556, 556xi, 556R and 550 variants) Match grade springs and tools kit from Honneycut/Scoroco-550 (German made). $49.95 new. $35 shipped (Disclaimer: will be cross-posted on SIG Forums). The ONLY kit available for US SIG55x owners; very rare and hard to get. R: GuideGear Electronic Shooting Muffs (Stereo Hearing Protection Headset). Used once; excellent shape. New Duracell batteries. $18 shipped. .. SIG556/556xi OEM single point bungee sling. Lightly used, very good condition (few scratches on the trigger snap buckle; webbing is spotless). $18 shipped. .. Tru-Spec jacket/liner in Coyote (Tan). Medium size. Brand new; excellent shape. $25 $18 shipped. HP ink for OfficeJet 6000-6500, etc: - 920XL Black (high capacity) - $12 shipped. - 920 Yellow (std capacity) - FREE with above.
  5. hey guys so im wondering where i can get an ak-47 parts kit that will be compatible with my saiga 7.62x39..i want it for the spare bolt carrier and bolt especially but all the other parts are good to have too..any imput is appriciated..
  6. Does anybody have a list going of what parts on a Saiga .223 are interchangeable with on regular AK-47 pattern rifles or ak-74s or even other caliber saigas for that matter. My main question is where can I find a new spring loaded firing pin for my Saiga .223? The ak-74 ones look similar in some ways and appear to be spring loaded as well. but I don't have any solid data or measurements. Not sure what other .223 AKs have interchangeable parts to saiga either. If you have anything to add that is confirmed, I'd like to make a list If we can. Thanks!
  7. I have misplaced a Saiga dust cover(don't ask) and would like to purchase a replacement..Any ideas?
  8. I have a MD V Plug slightly used $25.00 TYD. Shot 20 rounds using it. Didn't work for me on my s20 Purchases 06/01/12 I have a MD Booster Puc New never used $19.00 TYD You save shipping on each individual purchase Both for $40.00 TYD You save shipping + by purchasing both. 1st I'll take it, followed by a PM, gets it Dave
  9. From the album: Twister puc

    So do I keep this or just toss it in the trash? I've heard mostly bad things. Haven't noticed anything terrible. Yet...
  10. From the album: Twister puc

    So do I keep this or just toss it in the trash? I have had this in my S-12 and haven't noticed any negative effects (so far...) I've heard several issues with these. I have not seen any evidence of these Twisterpucs failing or causing damage.
  11. Howdy there everybody! Working on putting together some 74 builds and I have everything except the barrels. Need 4 but if you only have 1 I'll buy it. US made or Bulgarian, virgin or ancient, fresh chromed or pitted.... whatever. Price negotiations based on condition, I'm a fair businessman. Wide variety of payment methods. PM or reply in this thread and I'll get right back to you.
  12. I want to tune up my impending purchase a piece at a time. Best fcg, glass bolt etc. Need recommendations. Stock, pistol grip, mods everything. Everything helps. Experience and expertise appreciated.
  13. I am looking for an empty Mossberg 500 receiver and a 7 3/4" action slide / tube assembly with dual bars (not older style single bar) Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Picked up an old Western Field Mossberg 500 from a buddy for 50 bucks. All parts aquired. Disregard post.
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