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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there Saiga guys/gals, Its finally come time to say good bye to my beloved S12. It has been converted by TAC47 and since then has had a few more modifications. Here's how she sits now: - Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger group - DPH skeleton stock w/ ACE recoil pad - No name sling with quick release swivel - ATI Scorpion pistol grip - KVAR Handguard - Cobra's Custom Vented Steel upper handguard - R&R billet Carrier - Total Barrel lenght shorthened to 18.5" including length of an Original Molot GK-01 brake - Cut, Pinned, Welded in place by Tac47. - Left hand charging handle conversion done by Tac47. - Cobra's Customs full service polish job. - 1 Russian 5rd Mag - 1 8rd SMG mag - 1 10rd SMG mag - 1 Csspecs 8rd steel mag - 1 MD20 drum w additional covers Not pictured/not installed: - 1 Tac47 autoplug - Recoil buffer from CSS - CSS G2 Performance Puc - CSS Axis Pin retaining plate Shotgun cycles everything you throw at it and as you can see from the pictures is in great condition. I didn't keep a round count, but if I had to estimate, I would say it has less than 1500 rounds through it. Selling it to payoff some CC debt unfortunately. Also have a the receipts from the TAC47 conversion and a few others. Price: $1850 for everything! buyer pays for shipping to an FFL. Please contact me via email raul.v.canales@gmail.com or you can also send me a text to 281-748-8646. Can send additional pics upon request. Thanks!
  2. Anyone got one they'd like to part with? Trying cut mine down and re-thread & pin. CNC Warrior has the kit for abt $80 (handle, die, die starter). Let me know what you got... Didnt realize this was my first post...sorry, long time lurker.
  3. UPDATE 07/23/14: EVERYTHING IS SOLD Hi guys, I am looking to sell the following Saiga-12 drums. NOTE ABOUT SAIGA-12 DRUMS: These drums are designed for the Saiga-12 models without a mag well only and WILL NOT WORK in the mag well equipped Saiga-12s, Vepr-12s or Cantamount Furies. Due to the liberal manufacturing tolerances causing slight variations in mag catch sizes between different Saiga-12 weapons, both MD Arms and ProMag ship their drums with generously oversized locking lugs and fitting instructions which involve filing. They might lock into your gun as they are or they might require a bit of filing off the top of the locking lugs until able to lock in. In addition, these drums are designed for the standard sized 2 3/4" shot shells only and will not work with either 3" inch shell or certain cheap foreign made 2 3/4" shells, which are slightly longer than normal. Both MD Arms and ProMag offer very generous lifetime warranties for their drums. I CANNOT ship these drums to the following states: Alaska California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York WTS: MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum with Two Extra Covers (NEW, in original packaging) Pic: Brand new, unopened drum that I've had sitting around. The asking price is: $90 (shipped) MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum (USED, in excellent condition. Drum only) This one is used, but not a whole lot. Works perfectly, but has a few unavoidable minor scuffs on the body. As per MD Arms' instructions, I had to file the locking lug until it locked in my gun. Chances are, it will fit perfectly in your specific weapon, but if your mag catch is larger than my S-12's, you might have to file the locking lug a bit more until the drum locks in. However, if your mag catch is smaller than mine, the drum will have a little bit of play when it's locked in, which isn't a big deal. Pics: The asking price for this one is: $70 (shipped) ProMag Saiga-12 12 round Drum (LIKE NEW, drum only) This surprisingly good quality and perfectly sized "mini drum" is in mint condition. I've tested the manual feeding, but never had a chance to take it out to the range. It locked in perfectly in my gun, not requiring any fitting (your results may vary). Pics: Asking price: $60 (shipped) SPECIAL PACKAGE DEALS: Both (2) MD20 Drums: $150 (shipped) All three drums (x2 MD20s & x1 12 rd ProMag): $205 (shipped) PAYMENT AND SHIPPING DETAILS: Payment via discreet PayPal. Drums will be shipped via USPS First Class. I pack my stuff well and ship the next business day or sooner. Post "I'll take it <item name>" as a reply here and PM me to buy something. Thanks for looking!
  4. Have some left over parts from various projects. Everything is OBO or trades welcome. Im looking for S12 mags or drums, CSS folder or ace (S12), Kvar S12 HG just to name a few. If you buy more then one thing I can do better on shipping. Thanks Tapco SKS stock. Comes with PG and railed gastube hg (not pictured) $70 shipped Mako grip/ flashlight holder $30 Mako flashlight holder $23 shipped (1" flashlight) BP-02 mount $45 shipped red dot sight $30 shipped Tac-47 auto plug $50 shipped CSS gas puck $18 shipped Axis pin retaining plate $8 shipped Tapco S12 stock, HG, w/ buttpad (unconverted) $75 shipped
  5. Looking for a S12 bolt and carrier.
  6. I have a Saiga12 (Legion Import) S12 that I am unable to get a Tri or quad rail forfend for due to size and shape of gas block tube. It has a 2 position gas dial in front, an ak style flip rear sight, and a hinged rear cover with permanent rail attached. Conversion completed p/t purchase. I have very limited grip in my hands due to a spinal cord injury after breaking my neck in 2010, and have to have a forward pistol type grip to be able to hold the gun, which I presently only have a rear pistol grip. I wanted the Chaos rail with HK type sights, but unfortunately none will fit, per Cameron from Chaos. Greg from Carolina Shooting said their rails (all) will not fit. I do not want to permanently alter the gun (nor do I have the ability/skill) and am limited to what I own since I am in CA. Cameron (Chaos)is under the impression that my Saiga is Military and not a "regular" Saiga 12, not sure why. I have called and emailed Legion with no reply! Multiple attempts. Place of purchase as confused as I of the distinct variation from other S12's. Exhaustive online and gun show search has come up empty. Can you please help? Evan Like this http://www.riflegear.com/popup.aspx?src=/images/product/large/1721_1_.jpg
  7. I'm looking to pick up the following. To contact me please PM. Saiga-12. 19" barrel w/ threads. Converted or not. Stock, handles, rails and the like don't matter, I can take em or leave em. The simpler the better. Strong preference to later model, '11 or '12, but others considered. Saiga-12 Mags. 10 and/or 12 round. Possibly 20-round drum. let me know details S12 auto plug S12 MD gas piston other S12 accessories. (pop-up sights, flashlight, other odds and ends.) Let me know what you got. Thank you <edited for typo>
  8. From the album: Saiga

    First day out with rails and grip on. Second time shot.
  9. I have (5) MD Arms 20rd drums in excellent, like-new condition. Unmodified/unfitted and all have smoke covers. I have only loaded them, but never fired them. They are offered with the case shown and a few manuals that I have. I'd like to trade them for a Saiga rifle or shotgun, unconverted. Must be in very good condition. It has to be a face to face trade near Atlanta. I won't trade sight-unseen. Long story shortened: A 16" .308 would round-out my AKM collection. But I will consider other AKMs.
  10. I know its a long shot these were shelved some time ago but if anyone has one lying around used or whatever, please let me buy it off of you pm me
  11. ndmak

    new s12

    hey everyone. got a "like new" s12 on gb by "accident" a few weeks ago. i have really been lurking on the forums since before christmas. i did a simple conversion with some parts from css (+1, thanks greg). i got the tromix diy trigger guard, the modified g2 fcg, and the internal receiver block from him. i got the saw grip and hand guard from mulletman. and i got a tromix skeleton stock on the way. I've loved shooting this gun before the conversion and am stoked to get the stock and be ready to give'r again. here's my parts and price breakdown s12- 545 (+45$ shipping to alaska) for 590$ tapco saw grip + tapco hand guard for 50$ tromix skeleton stock for 60$ tromix diy trigger guard, css internal receiver block, and tapco trigger for 130$ and thats a total of 830$ holy smokes that adds up fast. but i am glad i have done it and its worth every penny. it was fun and i learned a lot while doing it and reading through the forum and watching all the videos. http://forum.saiga-1...age/6341-s12-1/ http://forum.saiga-1...age/6342-s12-2/ (somebody please help with the pics?)
  12. These (5) are new black poly made and marked by izhamsh the s12 tactical grip -- perfect for the 030 conversion. $72 shipped each paypal ok.
  13. I'm planning to get a new gun case for my S-12, I bought the Classic Arms converted Saiga which came with a Bulldog case. After adding a 10 round mag and red dot, it's too big for the case. I'm looking at the NC Star gun case on Amazon with an external mag pouch. Search Amazon for NcStar Gun Case. My converted gun is 39" long, I'll be getting the 42" case. I'll post fitment pics when I get it. I hope others will post their bags and photos.
  14. ***Picture Note*** The pic of the stock folded is flipped b/c i took it upside down (stupid iPhone). The stock is actually folding to the left. Pretty Simple. I bought it, had it converted by a gunsmith, bought a crap ton of custom parts, fired it to ensure it worked, had it coated in Alumahyde II by gunsmith, and now it's for sale. Want to buy "the ring" before I deploy in January and this will help fund it. -Saiga 12 with 19in barrel (converted) -Coated with Flat Dark Earth Alumahyde II -ACE internal Receiver Block -CSS Button Folder -ACE 8.5in Skeleton stock with 1" recoil pad -ACE cheek rest -Mako Pistol Grip -Mako fore grip -Quad Rail with removable rail extension (can use iron sights under) -RAM extended magazine release -RAM Trigger Guard -Polychoke II Breacher -Bolt Hold Open (not last round type) -TAC47 Auto Plug (was tuned to allow low recoil / Walmart shells. May need re-tuned after Alumahyde) -G2 Trigger -Black Jack Buffer -JT AGP/ProMag Magazine Well and mounting hardware and instructions (NOT INSTALLED picture only shows how it will look. Can modify Surefire Mags to be used. Will not allow drums.) 1 Factory 5rnd Magazine (Not Pictured and currently trying to locate. If I can't find it I will adjust the price accordingly) 8 10rnd AGP magazines ***Eotech is at additional cost*** Price: $1800 OBO plus shipping to your FFL. If you're in Pennsylvania, let me know. I have this on a local forum but I update all items for sale the minute they sell.
  15. 1 S12 with ar stock, Chaos US quad rail and forward grip and nstar red dot sight. No heavy mods, 19 inch barrel. I did convert to pistol grip. But no cutting or weilding done to her. Also comes with 3-10 round mags an 8 and a 5 mag. Asking 1000.00 obo and willing to entertain trades. I.m in CA but I never put the bullet button back on. I will put it back on if needed.
  16. ** Cross-Posted ** SOLD I have decided to sell one more S12 factory 8 rounder so that I can put the funds into another project. $175.00 shipped. Paypal only. Saiga rifle bolt carrier for sale HERE.
  17. so here it is, i just finished about a month ago and i converted it before i shot it once but well worth the wait. the family took me about 2 hours including waiting for paint to dry, im very happy with it and its my new favorite gun. only problem iv'e had is the JTE spring falling off the trigger legs, altho i thought its not suppose to do that but i gave it a couple bends and no problems since then. all thats left to do it ship out to Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication to have bottom polished, media blast & treated to look gray -IZ109 -4 ports 1 partially covered -tapco G2 trigger -css trigger guard -tapco t-6 stock -tapco SAW grip -tapco tri-rail -tapco short vertical grip -tapco-recoilpad -MD arms v-plug -JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring (5 coil one) -Tromix Heavy Hitter Firing Pin -axis pin retaining plate -tromix extended charging handle -SGM 12 rnd mag -Tom Cole Heavy Duty Gas Piston Rod (haven't installed yet because im still trying to figure how to go about doing it) next to come but i have to wait till Christmas from my girl is: MD-arms drum, tromix shark brake also poly-choke II, krebs combat shotgun sights with a KNS crosshair standard duplex sight post and other little things also. thanks for looking
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