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Found 21 results

  1. I bought this from Carolina Shooter's Supply and installed it on my VEPR 12, but decided to go with a barrel shroud instead. I only installed and never shot it. I will also include the barrel nut that I paid extra for. $40 plus $7.95 priority shipping in the USA where allowed. That's less than half of what I paid. Paypal or money orders welcomed. Pictures available upon request. Here's the info: The New "Dominator" Muzzle brake is designed to give you the best recoil reduction possible. It has 4 ports on top and 4 angled ports on each side to keep your muzzle flat while double tapping your targets. Contains 6 aggressive persuading teeth to overcome any situation. OAL 4.35", 12oz Steel. Uses Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 factory threads. Made in the USA. Color- Black. The Saiga 12 (works on VEPR12 and Catamount 12) Barrel Nut allows easy and quick installation of muzzle devices. Allows you to correctly line the port holes up in the correct position. Also allows you to lock your muzzle brake in without Loctite. -Black oxide coated steel -Made in the USA -Threaded M22x.75RH
  2. [both mags SOLD] For sale: Two OEM IzhMash 8 round magazines for non-magwell models of the Saiga-12. New condition, never used and looking great. These are the only mil spec, "high capacity" Saiga-12 mags. Very heavy duty and reliable. If you own a Saiga-12, you owe it to yourself to have at least one of these, especially if you ever use your S12 for home defense duty. No longer importable due to the sanctions. Important Note: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York Price: [sOLD] $110 $100 (shipped) EACH or $210 $195 (shipped) for BOTH mags. Pics: To purchase, please post “I’ll take <item name>” here and PM me. For both of ours security, let’s keep all communication to the private messaging system on this site. Continental US only, please. You can buy with confidence. I’ve been on this forum for a looong time, sold many items on the marketplace and always had great feedback. I generally communicate and ship very quickly, but I am currently extra busy with stuff and am giving myself 2 (two) business days to ship the items once the payment is received. Everything will be shipped via USPS and tracking will be provided. I pack this stuff very well. Payment: Discrete (nothing but your forum username in the comments) PayPal using the “Send money to friends and family” option. If you want to use the “Pay for Goods and Services” option, please add 4% to the price (to cover my fees). Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!
  3. 07/06 UPDATE: Need to sell this quick, so price dropped by $15 to $50 (shipped)! Hi Guys, I am selling a lightly used Carolina Shooters Supply manufactured Saiga-12 Bolt-on Tactical Sight Set that my buddy had on his S-12 for not very long, before he had H&K style sights welded on by a gunsmith. They are in great condition and come with everything that they came with from CSS. Please, check out their product page for more information on these. I am asking $70 $50 shipped (via USPS Priority Mail to Continental US). Payment through PayPal. I package well and ship quick. I've sold plenty of stuff here before and never had an unhappy buyer. First person to post "I'll take it" and PM me, gets the sights. Feels free to ask any questions and thanks for looking! Pics:
  4. From the album: Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun

    Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x AK Style Elevated Front Sight for Saiga-12 3 x Set Screw 1 x Set Screw Wrench 2 x Sight Post (2 pin diameters) 1 x Sight Post Wrench http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12

    © Saiga-12.com

  5. From the album: Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun

    Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x AK Style Elevated Front Sight for Saiga-12 3 x Set Screw 1 x Set Screw Wrench 2 x Sight Post (2 pin diameters) 1 x Sight Post Wrench http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12

    © Saiga-12.com

  6. From the album: Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun

    Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x AK Style Elevated Front Sight for Saiga-12 3 x Set Screw 1 x Set Screw Wrench 2 x Sight Post (2 pin diameters) 1 x Sight Post Wrench http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12

    © Saiga-12.com

  7. I'm new here, new to Saigas, and would appreciate a little help. I live in Texas -a pistol grip and high capacity magazine friendly State, and have a Saiga 7.62 and a Saiga 12 on their way. This was a post EO buy I regret and my procrastination cost me this time. I'm trying to find out if putting pistol grips and high capacity mags on both of them would require a conversion kit by law. Also, I would like to eventually get real wood furniture for the 47 and wonder if that would affect it's import compliance or make it need a conversion by law. I think the pistol grip question would cover the installation of the slide fire for the 7.62 but I'm not sure. Importing firearms other than C&R is new to me and I'm trying to procrastinate entering into the 922r world until it is absolutely necessary! Another question is: When companies import a firearm for civilian sporting use, does the importer need to replace any parts with US made parts before selling ? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I really need to buy a bolt for a saiga-12 shotgun (model IZ-109) . can anyone help me find it please? I have had no luck anywhere.
  9. I was at a small local gun store yesterday. Saw what looked like a brand new S-12 sporter with a ProMag 20 rd drum sticking out of it. Looked at the price tag and wham, it's $1470. I asked the guy who was filling in for the owner if this was some kind of mistake or a joke. He said: "No! It comes with a lot of stuff!" -What kind of stuff? -The "totally awesome drum", four 12 rd stick mags and 100 rounds of buckshot! I smirked and told him that that's not nearly enough "stuff", at which point he informed me that they are extremely rare and have now been banned. Anyway, I found this amusing, so I took the pics and decided to share. The gun: The price tag:
  10. UPDATE 07/23/14: EVERYTHING IS SOLD Hi guys, I am looking to sell the following Saiga-12 drums. NOTE ABOUT SAIGA-12 DRUMS: These drums are designed for the Saiga-12 models without a mag well only and WILL NOT WORK in the mag well equipped Saiga-12s, Vepr-12s or Cantamount Furies. Due to the liberal manufacturing tolerances causing slight variations in mag catch sizes between different Saiga-12 weapons, both MD Arms and ProMag ship their drums with generously oversized locking lugs and fitting instructions which involve filing. They might lock into your gun as they are or they might require a bit of filing off the top of the locking lugs until able to lock in. In addition, these drums are designed for the standard sized 2 3/4" shot shells only and will not work with either 3" inch shell or certain cheap foreign made 2 3/4" shells, which are slightly longer than normal. Both MD Arms and ProMag offer very generous lifetime warranties for their drums. I CANNOT ship these drums to the following states: Alaska California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York WTS: MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum with Two Extra Covers (NEW, in original packaging) Pic: Brand new, unopened drum that I've had sitting around. The asking price is: $90 (shipped) MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum (USED, in excellent condition. Drum only) This one is used, but not a whole lot. Works perfectly, but has a few unavoidable minor scuffs on the body. As per MD Arms' instructions, I had to file the locking lug until it locked in my gun. Chances are, it will fit perfectly in your specific weapon, but if your mag catch is larger than my S-12's, you might have to file the locking lug a bit more until the drum locks in. However, if your mag catch is smaller than mine, the drum will have a little bit of play when it's locked in, which isn't a big deal. Pics: The asking price for this one is: $70 (shipped) ProMag Saiga-12 12 round Drum (LIKE NEW, drum only) This surprisingly good quality and perfectly sized "mini drum" is in mint condition. I've tested the manual feeding, but never had a chance to take it out to the range. It locked in perfectly in my gun, not requiring any fitting (your results may vary). Pics: Asking price: $60 (shipped) SPECIAL PACKAGE DEALS: Both (2) MD20 Drums: $150 (shipped) All three drums (x2 MD20s & x1 12 rd ProMag): $205 (shipped) PAYMENT AND SHIPPING DETAILS: Payment via discreet PayPal. Drums will be shipped via USPS First Class. I pack my stuff well and ship the next business day or sooner. Post "I'll take it <item name>" as a reply here and PM me to buy something. Thanks for looking!
  11. Integrally suppressed Red Jacket Firearms Saiga-12 at Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc in Oxford, MS. $2,300 + taxes. http://mississippiautoarms.com/ 662-232-8011
  12. Compared to the Saiga rifles, the primary dust cover on the shotgun receivers have a longer notch on side with the charging handle to allow for clearance of the ejected shells. The problem that I have seen with this is that the safety selector, when pushed upward to the "Safe" position, frequently travels well beyond the top of the receiver, only stopping after it begins to set underneath the dust cover. This can make it rather awkward and difficult to move the safety into the "Fire" position, even with a modified safety selector (like the Krebs Mark VI-S). I am thinking that possibly adding a safety selector-stop notch at the "Safe" position would help to prevent this over-travel and reduce the difficulty in transitioning back to the "Fire" position, approximately in the location shown here: I don't see any issue with the selector position at this notch location that would cause problems with keeping the fire control mechanism locked, and it appears that the selector position is still sufficiently in-line to prevent charging the bolt. Has anyone tried this before, and/or are there any potential problems that I am overlooking with this seemingly innocuous modification?
  13. I have the stock threaded muzzle cap off of my Saiga-12 I do not need anymore. Perfect condition, removed for flash hider. $12.95 shipped. USPS money order or PP plus 4%. x_ra_y@yahoo.com
  14. ALL SOLD OUT====== I have brand new MD-20 Saiga 12 drum magazines for sale. Price is $239.00 each plus $15 shipping to CONUS. USPS MO, check, or discreet PP plus 4%. Item will be held for two weeks if paying with private check. NO sales where prohibited, KNOW your local laws. These are genuine top of the line, reliable, magazines for your Saiga 12. Each one comes with three backplates, solid, clear, and the smoke one is attached. The government is working on trying to get these banned, so if you want one, now is the time. x_ra_y@yahoo.com
  15. ALL SOLD OUT=======I have a number of brand new AGP (2nd generation) 10 round magazines for the Saiga 12. Price is set at $59.00 plus $7.95 shipping each to CONUS. No sales where prohibited, KNOW your local laws. D.C. is working on trying to get these banned as I am sure you know, so now is the time. USPS money order, check, or discreet PP plus 4%. Item will be held for two weeks if paying with personal check. x_ra_y@yahoo.com
  16. I'm looking to pick up the following. To contact me please PM. Saiga-12. 19" barrel w/ threads. Converted or not. Stock, handles, rails and the like don't matter, I can take em or leave em. The simpler the better. Strong preference to later model, '11 or '12, but others considered. Saiga-12 Mags. 10 and/or 12 round. Possibly 20-round drum. let me know details S12 auto plug S12 MD gas piston other S12 accessories. (pop-up sights, flashlight, other odds and ends.) Let me know what you got. Thank you <edited for typo>
  17. Ok I am new to the whole Saiga scene. I have a stock "MADE IN RUSSIA BY IZHMASH" Saiga-12 that my wife bought me as a gift. Has a US Sporting Goods INC. Rockledge, FL stamp on it. Is this a good brand/type to own? I mainly plan to have it around the home for self defense. I want to buy some sort of pistol grip or foldable stock for it. Do a lot of people add an optic to it? Though I have thought about taking it deer hunting. I live at FT. Campbell(I am a soldier) and I would like to take it hunting on post since they have a loooong gun season compared to my home state of Ohio. I plan to buy a smaller magazine like a 2 rounder for hunting. Basically my questions are...is it a good brand, what brand of 2 and 20 round magazines should I look to buy, should I buy a different barrel for sabot slugs or stick with the standard and use rifled slugs, and what would be a good mod for a pistol grip and/or foldable stock for it? I have read a few posts that Remington Sluggers are the best rifled slugs for this gun, what are your guys thoughts? I know I have a lot of questions, but I am pressed for time as I live a busy life since I am a married soldier with 30 hours worth of stuff in a 24 hour day lol. TY TY everyone.
  18. Unfortunately, I've got to sell a NIB S-12 I've been holding onto for awhile. She's a '08 4-port IZ-109 with intact RAAC import marks, (no ugly scratched-out rectangle on the receiver). She comes with all the standard accessories in the Izzy box. I'm asking $670 shipped, (and taking a loss at that), to your FFL. I accept money orders and.. money orders. If interested, feel free to post here, but also please send me a PM. Price is always negociable. *update* Price Reduced (surefire mag, shells, and belt not included)
  19. If you were to purchase a converted Saiga-12 today, which manufacturer would you choose? Why?
  20. Mike34

    My build plans

    Planning to buy the 12ga in a few months when I get back to work. After reading many post from all the good folks here(great forum!!), This is what I have planned so far.... Do the conversion myself with CSS Kit #2 CSS Recoil pad(in case I ever want to shoulder the weapon) CSS Puck V-Plug Mod/Polish by Pauly MD-20 Drum Possibly a Laser later on I plan to keep handy for HD loaded with Remington 2 3/4" Steel Shot Magnum BB 1 1/4 oz shells 1275fps (Roughly 90 .18 Cal pellets per shot) These shells literally make ground meat out of the sides of wild hogs here so I figure they will work just fine on thinner skinned 2 leg critters if needed. What's your opinion for a HD shotgun setup? Anything I should change or add? BTW,I do keep a hand gun and AR-15 handy but I'm thinking a spray of 12ga shots at night could neutralize a area pretty effectively without endangering my nearest neighbors who only live 1/2 mile away. Most of the time it takes the Sheriff 2 hours or more to come out here so we kind of take care of business ourselves until the law arrives.
  21. ** Cross-Posted ** SOLD I have decided to sell one more S12 factory 8 rounder so that I can put the funds into another project. $175.00 shipped. Paypal only. Saiga rifle bolt carrier for sale HERE.
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