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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Variety

    A relative of mine is shooting my SIG556xi with Manticore Arms' NightBrake, using the .223 Federal American Eagle .55 gr FMJ. Holy crap, it's not even 5.56!!! Got to dig out and trim the video of XM193 NATO we shot next. I'm surprised my Range card still works there (i.e. I'm still OK to go back). Last "documentary" on this topic: it's been replaced with (my 3rd) Miculek .223 comp.
  2. Sig Scorpions with threaded barrels are in stock at Mississippi Auto Arms! The legendary 1911 design has been brought into the 21st century with the refinement today’s shooters demand. The SIG SAUER® 1911 proves that close tolerances equal complete reliability and need not be incompatible in an off-the-shelf pistol. SIG SAUER has introduced clean, distinct lines that American shooters have embraced, while retaining the crisp trigger pull, classic ergonomics, and exceptional accuracy they expect. The 1911 Scorpion is truely unique, from its desert tan Cerakote® coated stainless frame and slide. Complete with a 5.0 lb SAO trigger, 8 round magazine, and low-profile night sights. The 1911 Scorpion features Hogue's innovative Magwell Grip Set. The advanced design combines grip plates and main spring housing in an integrated magazine well extension that promotes rapid magazine changes. Manufactured from G10, the Magwell Grips provide strength and light weight in a highly functional assembly. The grips feature Hogue's Piranha texture for excellent retention in any environment and come in a multi-layer green and black pattern that accents the Scorpion's Cerakote Flat Dark Earth finish. All of these pistols are chambered for .45 Auto and are threaded .578x28. Call 662-232-8011 for pricing or stop by and check one out! The suppressor pictured is also readily available, and we'd be more than happy to set you up with one! http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/sig-sauer-1911-scorpion-with-threaded-barrel-p-3174.html
  3. Hey guys, Had SIG556 itch for a while, but got cautious after hearing about the issues with early batches (2009-2010?). SIG556xi got me sold on "Gen2" improvements, mainly: interchangeable caliber barrels (awaiting .300 Blackout kit release) and charging handle (I run mine on the left), longer flat top rail, folding iron sights, ambi mag release and safety. Frankly, I elected for the "Standard" package, since it had everything I wanted, and I like the feel and look of the polymer handguard (I added Picatinny for USGI Grip Pod). Gabe Suarez called SIG556 a "Cadillac of AK-s". I see where he's coming from, but wouldn't put it that way. However, I can also see where Kalashnikov could easily capitalize upon, but instead let SIG cash on the concept. For starters, "lower-upper" and rigid receiver (with ambi controls on "xi") AR's concept and long sight radius, combined with AK-like gas piston based operation are absolute win-win. Switchable charging handle links the carrier and gas piston: brilliant! 3 position gas port: never got to that point, but "never say never". Nice, rock-solid folder (with AKS-influenced lock, but much smoother fold release button). Added snap-on cheek weld raiser. Overall, it's a rock solid platform with great ergonomics. Shooting. I haven't run it through the vigorous bench testing (not my forte or interest). My SIG groups are tighter than with any of my AKs (5.45 and .223/5.56). At just over 450 rounds through, there was only one malfunction, and it's worth elaboration about. "Tula" casing swelled in and failed to extract after firing, ending up being hard-knocked out with use of the cleaning rod. Happened around 80 rounds count, after moderate rate of semi- fire. Steel casing looked abnormally deformed on one side, starting with neck. Too bad, I didn't take a picture, but few expert loaders pointed out the likely cause (defective casing). Frankly, 1st ever failed Russian ammo... Last week took it to the local Action Rifle Match, equipped with Aimpoint CompM2. It ran flawlessly and was more accurate than the Operator:) In two days I'm going back to continue working on my Winchester/NRA Distinguished Expert ("High Power Rifle" category). Posting the picture from the first, opening round: 50 yards "benched" and same while free-standing (no resting against anything or use of sling allowed). One thing I'm not so happy about is a typical "military-grade" trigger. It's long and heavy, but solid all the way through. Unlike with AR (and even AK/Saiga) there are only two improvement options are currently available: 1) Spring kit (lowering the pull from 8+ lbs down to ~4 lbs or slightly lower); 2) Hammer/sear replacement Match-grade kit with crisp and well defined 2nd stage. Currently, spring loaded "plunger" is set to provide 2nd stage-like feedback to the shooter, and it's adjustable for the pull distance prior to hammer release. I've got a spring kit, but so far stopped at "plunger" adjustment only and quite like it for the Action Match environments. Might take it further and swap the springs before making the decision on upgrading the hammer and sear. I replaced factory three-prong flash hider (more effective than the standard "bird cage") with Manticore comp, but despite its claims I noticed the "fireballs", even though swap resulted in much improved muzzle control and .22lr-like recoil. I might try it with my ever-trusting Miculek comp next. Overall, I'm a "happy camper", placing this boomstick into my definite "go to" rifle category. Happy Shooting!
  4. Holidays Cheers to all! End-of-the-year clearance: Saiga/AK, SIG55X, 1911 parts and accessories, and more of the good stuff CHEAP! Save big, get it in time for Big Holidays for yourself or someone special. 1st "I'll take it" gets it, judging by the time stamp. PM me or post your bids or inquiries in this thread. Sold items will be marked as "pending sale" upon placing the bid and "N/A" upon completion of the sale. Disclaimer: cross-posted on another Forum (not a Saiga/AK related) . Money Orders preferred (get it for free from your own bank; call them to confirm). PayPal accepted as desperate substitute for Money Orders or personal checks, even though not preferred; items will be labeled anything but firearms-related. Personal checks will be cleared prior to shipping. Shipping INCLUDED (standard USPS 1st class or media mail where applicable). Shipped next business day after funds clearing. Faster methods available, just pay the difference in shipping costs. Thanks for looking, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A, B, C: DVD videos, excellent condition. Played 2-4 times each. Was up to $39 new.$19$15 EACH shippedor$45$35 for all three SHIPPED. SOLD. D: .45ACP snap caps; set of 5. One used and scratched, but fully functional. 4 new or near-new. $10 shipped. SOLD. E: Used leather holster for 1911 (no rail); US (NC) made. Used with Kimber Compact. Mag pouch has 1 grommet missing (out of 4). Good, functional condition. $25 $19 shipped. F: HOGUE overmold grip for 1911 (Compact/Officer: 7 round mag capacity; won't fit the full-size). Very good condition. $12 $10 shipped. G: Tapco G2 Trigger (FCG) set, brand new. $20 shipped. SOLD. H: SIG556xi Pistol Grip with compartment and access hatch. Like new; excellent condition. $20 $15 shipped. SOLD. I: Magpul M-LOK QD sling mount and HW. Brand new; opened but not used. $16 shipped. J: ClipDraw "holsterless" clip for Compact/Officer 1911, very good shape. $13 shipped. K: Kimber premium rosewood grips for 1911 Compact/Officer (7-round mag). 1 Set of near-new, very good condition grips. Including another, "bonus" set of cherry (?) grips (1 has grip has hairline crack). $20 shipped L: BCM (Bravo Co) Gunfighter :Kinesthetic Angled Grip", Picatinny version. Brand new. Opened, but never been installed. $18 $13 shipped. M: TruGlo multicolor replacement fibers set. Brand new. $6 shipped (media mail). N: 8-in round base glass-filled polymer Picatinny rail. $5 shipped (media mail). O: Mercedes-Benz hood ornament assembly (W126 chassis?). Brand new in sealed factory package. $25 OBO shipped. P: OpsGear Operator Gloves, Black, Large. Spangex back/ synthetic leather front. Summer/off-season use. Brand new. $15 shipped. Q: SIG55X (556, 556xi, 556R and 550 variants) Match grade springs and tools kit from Honneycut/Scoroco-550 (German made). $49.95 new. $35 shipped (Disclaimer: will be cross-posted on SIG Forums). The ONLY kit available for US SIG55x owners; very rare and hard to get. R: GuideGear Electronic Shooting Muffs (Stereo Hearing Protection Headset). Used once; excellent shape. New Duracell batteries. $18 shipped. .. SIG556/556xi OEM single point bungee sling. Lightly used, very good condition (few scratches on the trigger snap buckle; webbing is spotless). $18 shipped. .. Tru-Spec jacket/liner in Coyote (Tan). Medium size. Brand new; excellent shape. $25 $18 shipped. HP ink for OfficeJet 6000-6500, etc: - 920XL Black (high capacity) - $12 shipped. - 920 Yellow (std capacity) - FREE with above.
  5. From the album: Variety

    With Primary Arms' 1-6x red dot, Hogue fingerless overmold PG and Manticore Arms' NightBrake comp. PA's cantilever had to be flipped backwards to get the mounting knobs out of the way of the left-side charging handle. As-equipped for Winchester-NRA Distinguished Expert qualification course.
  6. From the album: Variety

    SIG556xi with Primary Arms' 1-6x ACSS scope, offset laser and Grip Pod
  7. From the album: Variety

    SIG556xi Field Strip. Love this AR-like upper/lower set up; switchable charging handle (I keep it on the left), 3-position gas regulator, tool-less disassembly (including the lower handguard). Nice BUIS, quality bungee single-point sling (not pictured). Great shooter; feels rock solid. First 120 rounds (.223 and 5.56) with zero issues. Range report is coming up. Happy Shooting!
  8. SgtRaven

    New toys

    From the album: Variety

    SIG556xi and XDs 3.3
  9. Hey everyone, Looking for a decent .22 pistol. I like the sig mosquitos. Anything else out there to consider? I don't want one that has shitty mags that don't feed or a weapon that jams. I'd like to spend 300 or less, I'd take a used one. I've seen rugers and sigs both new and used above and below 300 as of today. Seemed to me the rugers have shotty mags? Any users? The thought is, since I have enough .22 ammo to pave a 30 yard drive-way with I might as well have something fun to shoot that ammo up with. Thanks.
  10. Hey everyone... Ok so I was thinking of getting a Sig p250 compact in .45. Anyone own one? I've always heard good things about Sigs. Also, in my quick, less than thorough search for mags they seem really pricey. Any good places to buy reasonable mags? As of today I can land a p250 in .45 for 388$ which seems like a pretty damn good deal.
  11. Hey folks, does anyone out there have any experience with the new Sig Sauer 716 yet? I'm shopping around for a .308/7.62x51mm battle rifle and needless to say the Sig 716 caught my eye. I've spent some time with the M14/M1A but it just doesn't really grab me, just I'm not into the ergonomics like I was expecting to be. The FN SCAR-H seems like a really cool, high-tech rifle that is worth further investigation, but it simply too overpriced in my opinion to be considered. I don't like that it uses proprietary mags either. I became quite enamored with the FAL platform after shooting a friend's and was intending to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on an 18" DSArms SA-58, however the Sig 716 has caused me to pause. I love that the 716 retains the AR ergonomics, is piston-driven (unlike most AR-10-esque .308 ARs) and uses PMAGs. I realize it is still pretty new, but I was just curious if there was anyone out there who has had some trigger time on the 16" Patrol version (might be the only version of the 716 that is available right now, actually) of these and can comment on its accuracy? Yes, I have seen the video on You Tube documenting the rifle that wasn't feeding right. The rifle is new, maybe it is having teething problems, maybe it is just that rifle in particular, maybe he didn't clean the all grease out that it comes packed in, who knows. Whatever the case, hopefully this was just an isolated occurance and Sig will make it right. Anywho, I welcome any thought and experiences with this rifle. I was all set to buy a FAL at the end of this month but I'm gonna wait a little bit and contemplate things further.
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