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Found 34 results

  1. Really need some extra cash right now and selling some “in case I ever need it” parts out of my gun parts closet. Check out all my excellent feedback and buy with confidence! Items for sale: OPTICS [sOLD] PK-AS Red/Black Dot Collimator Sight (offset AK side mount version) [Great Cond.] - Used, but in great condition, with only a few blemishes on the body. Comes with original protective cover & adjustment wrench. Price: [sOLD] $275 $250 (shipped) Pics: [sOLD] IJK Optics EOTech Clone - FDE [Very Good Cond.] - Has some finish scuffs, but very good overall. It’s made in the Czech Republic and feels solid (all metal constriction), much better than the typical Chinese clones. Great range toy for your .22lr AR or something. Price: [sOLD] $70 $55 $50 (shipped) Pics: Simmons LRF600 Laser Range Finder [Like New] - Has been tried out, but not really used. Like new in box. Comes with a 9 v battery. Price: $55 $50 (shipped) Pics: AK STUFF [sOLD] FosTech AK Bumpski Bumpfire Stock (Right-handed version) [Excellent Cond.] - Fully assembled, oiled and used exactly one time. Free bonus: Tapco SAW AK grip in original packaging (works well with this stock). IMPORTANT NOTE: By agreeing to purchase this item, you certify that it's legal to purchase and own in your jurisdiction. Price: [sOLD] $275 $250 $225 (shipped) Pics: Batch of x5 (five) rare(fish) East German .223 cal AK Mags [Grade A] - These look super nice and have never been used since I got them. IMPORTANT NOTE: I bought these mags a lot time ago, when I was planning on getting a .223 AK some time in the future. I never got that AK, so I never had a chance to them out. People have been telling me all kind of weird stuff about these mags, such as that they are really 5.45x39 mm mags that Century Arms stamped as “.223.” and sent out with their .223 AK and that didn’t work out too well. Please, do your research on these! NO RETURNS! ANOTHER NOTE: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York Price: $230 $220(shipped) (for 5 mags) Pics: AR-15 STUFF Magpul Stealth Gray AR-15 Carbine Furniture FULL SET [Excellent Cond.] - ACS Stock, Rear MBUS, MOE Pistol Grip, MOE Trigger Guard, MOE Carbine Hand Guard and MOE VFG (all stealth gray!). All lightly used. Price: $125 $115 $100 (shipped) Pics: [sOLD] Midwest Industries Gen2 Two Piece Drop-in AR Quad Rail - Mid-length [Excellent Cond.] - Barely used. Some handling marks, but great overall. Price: [sOLD] $100 $90 (shipped) Pics: To purchase something, please post “I’ll take it” and item(s) name here and PM me. For both of ours security, let’s keep all communication to the private messaging system on this site (so there's never a question of who said or promised what). Continental US only, please. Everything is sold as is - no returns. I've sold many items on the Internet and always had great feedback. I generally communicate and ship very quickly, but I am currently extra busy with stuff and am giving myself up to 3 (three) business days to ship the items once the payment is received. As far as communication, I will definitely get back to you within a day. Everything will be shipped via USPS and tracking will be provided. I pack this stuff very well. Payment: Paypal (Please, be discreet and only put your forum username in the payment notes) or USPS Money Order. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!
  2. XD45

    Zhukov WASR

    From the album: DS misc

    WASR with Zhukov furniture, Ultimak rail, Primary Arms Advanced Microdot, AKT trigger.
  3. Original Buttstock. Fits all Saiga models except for Saiga 100. - Used but in excellent condition. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-factory-buttstock-izhmash-p-145.html
  4. From the album: DS misc

    Mossberg 930SPX with Mesa Tactical Urbino stock.
  5. CRDad

    SAM 0003 Copy

    Magpul QD socket installed on Tapco collapsible stock

    © CRDad

  6. WTS never used OEM Dragunov Saiga Stock with all the hardware. Taken off S308, not a sinlge shot fired prior to it being removed. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  7. WTS OEM never used Saiga Stock. Taken off S7.62 without a shot being fired through it prior to conversion with hardware included. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  8. I have for sale a brand new never been mounted or used Ergo 7 position stock..These Retail for $150.00 plus shipping..It comes with a rubber butt pad and castle nut with quick detachable sling mount and buffer tube and full instruction manual..The design was originally made by magpul and later sold the design to ERGO..This stock is well made and is probably one of the most durable on the market..Please see pics below Asking $105 Shipped to your location ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***
  9. Note: This is my first post on this forum. I’ve given this idea a lot of thought. Maybe I'm not the first to do this, but I thought I’d submit it to you guys to see what you think. – Bubba Zanetti, March 2014. “Saiga Defender” Concept in 7.62 x 39 I bought my Saiga 7.62 x 39 “Hunting Carbine” at a gun show three years ago. I’ll never forget my wife’s surprise when I brought it home: “What’s this box that says $349!??” That seemed like a lot of money to her, but I knew the Saiga was substantially undervalued. Unboxed, it looked plain and non-threatening, a kitten. But I knew it retained its tiger heart in the form of the Russian made AK 100 receiver. For a time, I kept my 7.62 dressed in its black polymer pajamas, but it wasn't long before I wanted more. What to do? The most popular Saiga conversion is the “Classic AK”: the modern, semi-auto version of the rifle that would have been used by hordes of dismounted Soviet infantry as they stormed NATO defenses. Much fun & satisfaction can be had when smithing your Saiga into this tiger! Valid option, but no…not for me. I thought briefly of adding a scope and converting it to a “Scout Rifle”, but decided that’d be more fitting for the Saiga .308. What else… I’m old school, a Cold War guy with a taste for older milsurp main battle rifles and carbines. I like carbines. I have an old IBM production M1 Carbine, and it’s still pretty tight. Those .30 carbine rounds hit like a .357 at close range. Good defense against home invading Hobos, but at longer ranges .30 carbine lacks the “ass” of the 7.62 x 39 round. Inspired by my M1 Carbine, I evolved the “Saiga Defender” concept. The Defender retains the rear mounted trigger assembly, eliminating the need for a pistol grip. Wood furniture replaced the factory issue polymer stock. Wood brings the classic lines of an old-school military carbine, married with the solid “smash” capability generations of soldiers took for granted. To get this, I refinished a surplus Romanian AK butt stock and an American walnut forward hand guard. A hard rubber pad extends the butt stock an inch and gives the shooter a bit more rifle to work with. This Defender wears a heavy bolt-on muzzle break. It was not cheap, but I believe this is an excellent example of you get what you pay for. It mounts over the barrel and slides up snug on both sides of the forward sight post. A separate piece secures the brake behind the post, locked down by 4 long hex screws. It’s solid and effective. It will not come off until I want it too. Others may opt to thread their barrel and install a permanent brake – that’s cool. I like this muzzle brake. When you combine this brake with the heavy wood furniture some of the wild “jump” is negated when firing the 7.62 x 39 round. I have not yet made the bullet guide modification. This will be a summer project. Who doesn’t want to use AK mags & drums? It did wear a surplus SKS sling, but it didn't match the new wood stock. I replaced it with a 3' long brown leather cobra sling, polished the sling to match the wood grain. The Defender is meant to be fired from the shoulder, delivering US style “aimed fire” (versus Soviet volume of fire). It retains the standard AK sights, but these are “zeroed” via standard 25 meter targets simulating the 250 meter silhouette. I have swapped out the standard Saiga dust cover for a US made cover that has a built in dovetail. If you have bad eyes, you can mount an optic. I’m searching for a low profile peep sight or leaf sight that I can use with the AK forward sight post. My goal is to increase the sight radius and accuracy to mirror the M1 Carbine. (UPDATE: Will be adding Tech-Sights model AK200S sights to meet this requirement - thanks Inebriated & Think1st). My end game combines the accuracy and physical ruggedness of an M1 Carbine, with the firepower and reliability of an AK. It is heavy, defense of compound weapon. It is meant to be fired from cover at short to mid-range. Not intended for CQB (we're not clearing jihadi’s in Fallujah) but if pressed, you could swing it like a club – old school! I attached a photo of the Defender, on the bench in my workshop. What do you think? Regards, Bubba Zanetti
  10. Off topic, sorry if this is in wrong category and please feel free to move if needed. Got SLR106CR rifle but having problems with the folding stock - does not matter what I do it refuses to fold . Any thoughts or ideas? I am attaching two quick shots I have taken Thank you!
  11. From the album: AR15

  12. From the album: Saiga

  13. $25 takes them with PayPal gift or +3.5% for Paypal goods. All are basically unused. Puck has had 50 rounds on it. I can provide more pictures if needed. Also, have eBay and other feedback if needed. Feedback: Celltraderonline Ebay Heatware Adding: Tac-47 AutoPlug $40 with PayPal gift or +3.5% for Paypal goods. Will post pic of AutoPlug later. Only used with 5 rounds then removed for V-plug. *Also, this is now cross posted on other sites*
  14. All prices are shipped. Paypal gift or add 3% preferred. USPS MO okay too. Will ship to CONUS, via USPS with tracking number. If you want to purchase these items, or have any questions, please post, PM, and email me at jmzzl762@gmail.com. Thanks for looking. Mossberg 500 takeoff stock (top left). Has had some dings and scratches, but were filled in with epoxy and repainted. $20 shipped SPF Mossberg 500 takeoff stock (top right). Has seen light use $25 shipped SOLD ATI top folding stock for Mossberg 500/ Winchester 1200/ Remington 870. Includes installed shell holder and all necessary mounting hardware. Excellent condition. $65 shipped SOLD Blackhawk Mossberg 500 forend. New without packaging, never installed. Includes rail to fit in channel on the bottom, but needs fitting. Easily done with a file. $17 shipped AR carry handle optics mount. $10 shipped SOLD Primary Arms 30mm cantilever mount. Installed, but never seen use. $20 shipped Holster for small frame autos. $10 shipped SOLD Hogue overmolded Mossberg 500 stock in OD green. Installed, but taken off. Has never seen use. $65 shipped. Crossposted.
  15. SOLD. Thank you. For sale: Tapco Intrafuse AK Fixed Stock, Black, slightly used, but in very good to excellent shape. Original screws included. Made in USA. Amazon sells them for $34.99. First $25 will get it SHIPPED via USPS. Add extra for insurance or faster shipment if desired. Other methods available; PM for details. Money order (get it from your own bank for free; at least at BOfA), check or cash. Screw PayPal. Get yours for $25 shipped. Thanks for looking. Happy Shooting!
  16. So, I read your nomination thread and thought that you might be the man to make this happen. I mentioned in another thread that a stamped steel stock that was compatible with an Ace folding mechanism would be a neat thing to have. I've been working on some paper prototypes that, with any luck, can be flattened into rough blueprints, but the actual stamping and welding of steel are beyond my capacity.
  17. I am looking for a Yugo wood stock, don't care condition. M70 style with pass through single 8mm bolt. Would be willing to work out a trade for it also, I have some spare AK, Saiga, and Yugo parts. PM me and we will try to work out a deal. Thanks!!
  18. hey guys what do u all think about this new bumpfire stock? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldHZFN-UrVs
  19. OK, so my problem is this: I have two converted Saiga's, a .308 and a 12. I did not do the conversions personally ... I noticed recently that my stocks have some wobble to them after firing ... usually just tighten up the screws. Then when I was looking at it I realized to try and figure out why it kept happening I realized there was no rear tang ... well, lo and behold I watched a conversion video on-line and realized that the rear lower tang is attached to the stock trigger guard. WTF? What is the fix for this? Try to find a machinist to spot weld that piece back on? Or something simpler that I am overlooking? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated. The wobble is driving me nuts.
  20. I'm looking for a CBRPS Saiga 12 Spike stock. I want to modify it quite a bit. I already have one but I want to keep it as it is. I have three Saiga 12's and the last one needs the special attention. If ya got one you don't want, or need anymore, give me a shout...........Namsag
  21. Hey guys, Posted this in the .308 as well but since it affects both my Saiga's and the Saiga 12 is far more popular I decided to post it here as well: OK, so my problem is this: I have two converted Saiga's, a .308 and a 12. I did not do the conversions personally ... I noticed recently that my stocks have some wobble to them after firing ... usually just tighten up the screws. Then when I was looking at it I realized to try and figure out why it kept happening I realized there was no rear tang ... well, lo and behold I watched a conversion video on-line and realized that the rear lower tang is attached to the stock trigger guard. WTF? What is the fix for this? Try to find a machinist to spot weld that piece back on? Or something simpler that I am overlooking? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated. The wobble is driving me nuts.
  22. ***After messaging with Boomsick42, who has now seen the mags in person, I've got yet another edit. These are single stack, 5 round mags. I apologize for my ignorance on the subject, beyond my own AK. According to his post: "THESE ARE FOR A WASR-10 OR BULGY SINGLE STACK RIFLE". If you've received yours and can't use them, please message me with your PP email address, and I'll get you a refund of $3 each for the mags.*** I've got a bunch of AK parts I need to clear out of my garage. All new, including stocks, upper and lower handguards and single stack mags (7.62x39). I've listed prices below, including priority shipping to US addresses. Payment is via paypal. If you're interested in buying more than a couple, feel free to PM to make a deal. Stocks - $17.00 shipped Package of 1 stock, 1 each upper & lower handguard and 1 mag - $28.00 shipped Additional mags (with stock or package order) $3 each If you just want mags, then they'll be $3 each plus priority mail shipping - I can get 6 in a small flat rate box. ***I just did a quick count, and the limiting factor is the upper handguards - I've got a few more boxes to sort, but it looks like I have 15 10 of those right now. Maybe a few more depending on some pending transactions. I have at least 50 each of the mags and lower handguards. I'll be counting the stocks asap.*** ETA: I've been asked a couple of times, so I wanted to add that the handguards do NOT have heat shields.
  23. Does anyone have one of these? thinking about getting one for my unmodded 12. Wanted to know how well they work or any opinions on this stock. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I am selling a Mako Galil-Style Folding, Collapsible Butt stock for the AK. I was going to use this on a saiga rifle conversion, but I ended up selling the rifle. So I could use the money for another project. I never mounted this stock to the rifle; I just removed it from its original package. I am asking $300 $275 shipped in the U.S. From The Mako Group website: Collapsible stock system utilizes the rugged Galil folding mechanism to adapt AK-47 rifles to enable collapsible stocks that fold to the side. Includes GLR-16 buttstock. Solid hardened steel adapter bolts to rear trunnion for drop-in fit (may be riveted or welded to the receiver or trunnion for even greater strength). 6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum Buffer Tube fits any M4 Stock with a Sealed Compartment. Designed for stamped receivers. Weight 1 lb, 2.17 ounces (515 gr) Width 1.73" (44 mm) Height 2.09" (53 mm) Length 9" (229 mm) Length (open / deployed) 13.6" (346 mm)
  25. WTS an Ironwood Designs laminated birch AK buttstock, tung oil has been applied to it. I would like to get $45 shipped for the stock Paypal or USPS money order.
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