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Found 20 results

  1. I'm offering $215 for a Saiga or Vepr 12 railed front sight gas block combo. I'm also open to doing a re-weld of the rail to the pre-existing front sight gas block combo. If you provide this service please let me know. E-mail preferred: DLEARY13115@aol.com Txt msg at: fou fou tree 6 9 0 zero eigh 32
  2. SGM Tactical unveiled the 25 round Drum for the VEPR 12 at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV this week. What are your thoughts?
  3. voonman

    A Question

    Have any of you noticed that your vepr12 shoots and cycles alot better when it is dirty vs clean?
  4. Today at a local 3 gun match I had a total failure of one of my csspecs vepr mags in my shotgun. While firing my vepr, the locking lug on the magazine sheared off at the spot weld. After closer inspection of the piece that broke off, it looks like there are 4 spot welds going up the locking lug, however the metal is at least 1/8" thick and only one of the spot welds had penetrated and attached the piece to the body of the mag and it broke during the firing of the shotgun. I'm hoping this mag was just a lemon as the other 3 I purchased have functioned flawlessly. I have not yet contacted csspecs as they were closed by the time I got back, however I will be giving them a call on Monday when they are open. I'm sure they will take care of the issue, their customer service has been great so far, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Perhaps on the next generation of mags they could TIG weld the locking lug on, or find a different way to spot weld the piece on so that the spot welds didn't need to penetrate through so much metal. I will see if I can upload some pictures tomorrow when I get a chance.
  5. Ok so i havent seen any American youtube videos of the Vepr 12 Short Barrel Shotgun ..so i thought i would make one and share it with all you good people on this forum.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9dvSQRZoic
  6. I just picked up the $799, folding stock, Vepr 12. I have a few untouched Saiga 12, AGP Gen 3, rock-and-lock 10 rounders, so I decided to convert them to work in the Vepr 12 instead. I wanted to show you guy what I had to do to make them work in case anyone wants to attempt the same. The picture will be referring to the text above it. The front lip/lug needs to be removed, obviously. I took it to just a hair or two past flush with the magazine. The two ribs on the back of the magazine needs to be removed to be flush with the back of the mag. This is where the LRBHO lever hangs. I took it about 90 degrees instead of the slope on the left side. (Mine isn't perfect in the picture) Regarding the next two pictures. The rear wall of my magazine, right behind the real lip/lug, is a lot thicker than the factory 5 round vepr magazine that came with the gun and the LRBHO lever does not go past it. I had to remove some material so that the lever could sit in an unengaged position. Be cause of this thicker wall my LRBHO will not engage on the follower. Lastly, this is what kept my magazine such a snug fit. The material for the screw housing needs to be removed a couple hairs until the mag will smoothly go into the mag well. The magazine fits very snug, but like I said, mine will not engage the LRBHO. The mag also does not currently eject itself from the magwell when the mag release is pressed. However, Mullet Man suggests splitting the magazine and opening up/raising the follower channels, and this will fix that. I have yet to try it, but it appears legit. I haven't had time to shoot the magazine, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Feel free to throw up any questions or comments. Hope this helps anyone that wants to attempt this!
  7. It looks as though your vepr12 mag may become a success after its completion..and since your company likes to think out of the box in making these mags out of metal vs plastic..My question to you would you guys ever consider making a metal drum mag for the vepr12? since there is no other company entertaining the thought of doing this..I know that SGM Tactical has been playing around with the idea of making there first 25round polymer drum..but most of us who have used there vepr12 products should expect more problems with there new invention..And i am assuming that is what has caused there delay for a release date..Please let me know your input on this matter
  8. Just went to the range to try out my new SGM 12 round vepr12 mag ..I loaded it up with some 2 3/4" high brass with a mixture of the cheap low brass bird shot..and everytime i pull the trigger the magazine would automatically eject by itself..i double check to make sure the magazine was locked in correctly..but the damn plastic area where the magazine catch latches onto looks like it could not hold up to the abuse ..i believe i am gonna have to send this one back to SGM for an exchange of a 10 rounder or maybe something more reliable..I hope there drums dont fail like this when they are released because them suckers are gonna be holding 25 rounds and that will be like double the weight of the 12 round mag..The russian mags on the other hand worked like a champ no prbs what so ever..Anybody have any thoughts?
  9. Has anyone swapped their polymer mag well for the metal one as seen here: http://www.russiansurplus.net/product_p/vepr-magwell-b.htm If so, is it worth it? And any issues with installing and mag fitting? I'm thinking about picking one up since more came in stock.
  10. I have for sale brand new original factory furniture from both my new vepr 12 and my old saiga 12 that i took off from..I am asking $55 shipped..Below is what is included....I accept paypal Original Saiga12 stock Original Saiga12 Handguard Tapco AK stock Tube Original Vepr12 Wood Stock Original Vepr 12 polymer Hanguard Original Vepr12 polymer gas tube sheild
  11. Cross posted-- Hopefully the code works right for this. Click here for closeups, including markings. Please look throught the album closely and help to identify the source.https://plus.google.com/106048627277407 ... jjx9KT9Jv9 I think East German Airforce maybe for something like stick mags for a PPSH. It's a little wide for 7.62x54r, so PKM is possible but not likely.
  12. The Vepr 12 gauge shotgun is known around the world as one of the finest IPSC and 3 Gun shotguns made. Everything about the Vepr is heavy duty and beautifuly finished for a an excellent Russian combat shotgun. We have them in stock: http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/russian-vepr-12-gauge-shotgun-with-metal-stock-molot-p-3449.html PRICE STARTING AT: $1,349.00 Mississippi Auto Arms , Inc. 1300 Van Buren Ave, #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011 sales@mississippiautoarms.com www.mississippiautoarms.com
  13. bigd1979

    my new vepr 12

    Got my new vepr 12 all together I absolutely love this thing kinda wish I wld have went this route before I bought 4 saiga 12s .. but I love them to bc you can build them so many diff ways and to your preference .However im not goin to touch the vepr 12 its dam near perfect the way it is
  14. I stumbled upon a video from another overseas VEPR 12 owner as his polymer rail managed to break with his Eotech was mounted on it... (Please take into consideration the temperature of the environment which may have altered the integrity of the polymer rail, he also states this may have been a defective rail) Jump to 0:41... This is not a thread to start trashing the VEPR 12, I posted this, so VEPR 12 owners are aware of it, so we can possible come to a conclusion of what really happened and to decide on the solution for it... This may be a very good reason to have it replaced with the aluminum version from CSS...
  15. doodi1

    VEPR 12 Rails?

    Cameron, any chance you will put out a rail system (Tri Rail or Quad) for the new VEPR 12's that are hitting the market. I would be interested in one for sure.
  16. Hey guys. Been on here for quite some time and have just enjoyed reading and learning. I feel I probably need to give back a little. So, a little background. I am an avid VEPR collector and fan with all calibers of VEPR's and barrel lengths. I really was planning on picking up a VEPR 12 when the first batch came in but I waited thinking that first runs can have little bugs and gremlins that will get worked out on the follow runs. So I waited and then all know what happened. I was able to pick up an SGL 12 at pre panic prices from Atlantic when they came back online in late december as they had a few left at the time. I kept an eye out for the second batch to come in was able to pick one up from centerfire and have it delivered within a couple of weeks. Fit and finish: The VEPR is what I expected. Just like my other VEPRs. Very high quality with the action much smoother than the SGL. The SGL was originally marketed as an Arsenal SGL 12 by Atlantic and after some research I am still not clear the difference between FIME and Arsenal. That being said the finish is beautiful and the over quality us very nice compared to other Saiga's I have seen at my LGS. The big difference was that action. The SGL felt very disjointed compared to the VEPR. So After reading about the Saiga 12 saga that occurs with a lot of folks and DIY threads I went ahead and picked up the CSS reliability kit. Then I lightly sanded the contact points of the SGL bolt carrier and hammer. Cycled it about a hundred times and checked if my ports were open and how many I had ( yes and 4). This really improved the action when compared to the initial feel of the SGL. The VEPR.... I loaded it. Ammo: Federal 3Dram, 1- 1/8 oz 7.5 shot 2-3/4 inches 1200fps target load. So I did a limited test: 1. SGL 12 in base configuration with the original spring, original puck and gas plug on light load setting 1 FTE out of 5 shots. Not bad. 2. SGL 12 with MDarms plug set at 5, CSS puck and original spring 1 FTE out of 10 shots. 3. SGL 12 with CSS puck and MDarms plug set at 5 using the lighter spring= No FTE with 30/30 rounds shot. Shot perfect and was very comfortable. 4. VEPR 12: bone stock. 30/30 with no FTE. Shot perfect. So the take home for my situation: I figure I will change back to the stock spring shortly once the SGL starts to wear in and the SGL should do just fine with heavier loads. All in all I am very pleased. Thanks again to all of the folks on the site that have given me knowledge and encouragement even though you did not know you were doing it Disclaimer: your results may vary.
  17. Location : Woburn, MA Description : Brand New Molot Vepr 12, semi auto shotgun • 2-3/4" and 3" shells • Hinged dust cover with a picatinny rail • Original Molot polymer pistol grip • Original Molot polymer lower handguard • Original Molot polymer upper handguard • Molot self-regulating gas system • Molot Black laminate buttstock • Original Molot competition magazine well • One original Molot factory 5rd magazine • Molot factory AK adjustable rear sight • Molot original AK enhanced safety lever, single finger operation • Factory chrome-lined barrel, chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber • Factory last round bolt hold open • Factory threaded barrel (thread pattern is the same as Saiga) • Factory machined bolt assembly, gas blocks, etc. (Not cast like other AK shotguns.) Accessories : 1 mag, fact box Selling Terms : FFL trans Price : $1600 or BRO plus shipping fee Contact Information: matt@drftraining.com
  18. gregomega

    Range report

    finally got to take my vepr 12 out today after work. Well, I shot walmart fed bulk 7 1/2 shot. Put about 50 rounds through it. About every 5 rounds the dust cover would pop up also does not like the last round using the izzy 8rounders. It would get caught up or fail to feed at the end of just about every mag. Not every mag but just about. Wtf ever. Still happy with it. Also too my saiga 12 040 clone and my buddys s12 that I just converted. Buddy's runs great now. Mine needed to be cleaned. Way fouled up in the gas block. Went from running good on setting 1(go figure) to not running at all. Tried to unscrew the plug and it was stuck pretty good. Need a tool good. Cleaning all tonight and repeating again tomorrow. Going to inspect vepr rear trunnion for any damage later tonight. And to end the day some of the people that were there lit off some thermite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXCTNv9vt-0&feature=youtube_gdata_player Horrible shot I might add. He had a scope on his ar with a fluted match barrel. I probably could have done better with my Draco sbr. I poped off 15 or so rounds earlier and was making a cup dance on the side of the hill down where the thermite blew. Sorry, I'm not top shot or anything. Just had to comment as it was an ak-ar thing
  19. Thank you all for your patience your wait is over. The Vepr 12s Should be arriving to us next week. Please Send your FFL to FFL@tac47industries.com Please use the subject line to let us know who it is for. "John Doe Vepr 12 FFL" Please include your order number as well. We will be offering an upgraded Fire Control Group installed for 149.00 It will improve trigger pull and function. We will also offer Bolt machine and polish for 120.00 If you would like both of them together it will be 220.00 Please see the links below for ordering. Those who have qualified for the free shipping offer were in PREORDER 1. All Preorder two orders have been charged a shipping estimate when they purchased the VEPR 12. This is an estimate and actually shipping charges will be applied once we have exact dimensions and weight of the VEPR 12 to be shipped. Thank you all and congradulations. FCG http://www.tac47industries.com/content-product_info/product_id-2407/vepr_upgrade_fire_control_group.html BOLT MACHINE AND POLISH http://www.tac47industries.com/content-product_info/product_id-2408/bolt_machine_and_polish.html COMBO http://www.tac47industries.com/content-product_info/product_id-2409/vepr_trigger_and_polish_combo.html Rest assured we are one of the premier Saiga 12 Shops in the Nation. We convert Saiga 12s from Mild to wild, with unsurpassed fit finish and function. If you have anything custom you would like to do to your VEPR 12 Send a email to Custom@tac47industries.com We can do Short Barreled Shotguns and 100 Series Side Folders The options are endless and the quality is unparalleled.
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