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Found 12 results

  1. 06/30/2015: BOTH ITEMS SPF SOLD ----- Hi Guys, I am selling a couple of lightly used accessories for the Zastava PAP M92 and M85 "Krink" pistols: 1. Ultimak Gas Tube Scope Mount for M92 - This is a Yugo "Krink" specific model and is a great way to a ad low profile red dot optic for co-witness with the irons on with this gun. Unlike other optic mounting solutions for it, no permanent mods to the gun are required. Included items are: the Ultimak railed gas tube, two metal brackets that secure it to the barrel, and four screws. Price: $80 shipped USPS First Class). 2. CNC Warrior PAP M92/M85 4-Piece Brake - This is high-quality, US made copy of the famous Bulgarian 4-piece "Krink" brake that does a great job reducing the muzzle flash, redirecting blast sound down-range, slightly boosting your gun's gas system for more reliable operation and simply looking hella cool. M26 X 1.5 LH threads. Works both with 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm caliber rounds. Price: $70 shipped (USPS First Class) Special discount for both items if purchased together: $140 shipped (USPS First Class) Post; "I'll take <item name>" and PM me to buy one or both items. Continental US States only, please. Payment through PayPal. Purchase confidently: I've sold a lot of stuff here before and never had an unhappy buying. I pack well and ship quick. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking! Pic:
  2. XD45

    Pit Bull

    From the album: Pit Bull

    I took this picture for the ALG photo contest. Didn't win.
  3. What would you buy if you had to pick one? An SLR106 or a Yugo M85 PAP 556 Nato Pistol? Thanks guys. https://www.k-var.com/shop/SLR106-47.html http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/yugo-m85-pap-556-nato-pistol-detail.html?Itemid=0
  4. I am looking for a Yugo wood stock, don't care condition. M70 style with pass through single 8mm bolt. Would be willing to work out a trade for it also, I have some spare AK, Saiga, and Yugo parts. PM me and we will try to work out a deal. Thanks!!
  5. Item is cross-posted. Alright gents, this is a complete setup that will allow you to run an Ultimak on your M92. As I'm sure you know, Ultimaks generally don't work on M92's due to the piston design and the design of the inner wall of the Ultimak. I took a CNC Warrior US made M92 gas piston and turned the star off, then took a Yugo Ultimak and cut it to fit the M92. The inside of the Ultimak was professionally chamfered to allow a nice smooth transition from the gas block to the tube for the gas piston. Also included is a Ronin Grips M92 polymer lower handguard. If you're building an M92 rifle this will give you 2 compliance parts. If you were to buy all of these components it would total about $200 with shipping and that's not including the work involved. I'm asking $125 shipped to your door or will trade for: Bulgarian waffle mags 5.45 mags (Bulgy or EG Bakelite) Krink gas tube Krink hg retainer Krink laminated hg's Side folding stock (Russian/Bulgarian pattern) 7.62x39 ammo 5.45x39 ammo AK-74 FSB AK-74 gas tube AK-74 muzzle brake AK-74 recoil spring AK-74 barrel (AK-Builder) AK parts kits
  6. I have a great Yugo underfolder. Standard Century model parkerized with black polymer furniture, Red Star Arms retainer plate, slightly corroded piston(as many Yugo's have), slant muzzle brake. I've put around 300 rounds through it with no problems. Great gun overall. Looking to trade for another AK-47(WASR, etc.) but with a standard combloc metal wire side-folding stock. Just want something that runs fine with no issues, no canted sights, detachable non-welded muzzle brake/flash hider and minimal mag wobble, prefer Romy wood pistol-style foregrip, but not a big deal if plain wood or polymer. Nothing wrong with the Yugo, I just would prefer a wire side folder. Will pics when I get back home on Monday if anyone's interested. In North-Central/North East Florida area. -Calen Smith St. Augustine, FL
  7. So, I was browsing J&G Sales when I happened upon this: From J&G Sales Item #1-1995xq It looks pretty good but the bad news is that it looks like Century my be doing the conversions, which could lead to what might otherwise be perfectly acceptable rifles getting a bad reputation the way WASRs do. If they're decent rifles, I'd hate to see the PAP smeared. Anyway, it looks interesting. I'm not $700 worth of interested in it, but it might be someone else's cup of tea.
  8. Well, I have decided to ditch a couple of calibers. as a result i am selling off all of my guns, ammo and accessories and reloading supplies in these calibers. Apparently I had a nice little pile of some pretty good stuff, and you guys get to benefit. so here's what I got for you: Reloading supplies. I have a set of Redding dies with very little use on them (maybe 200 rounds). I also have 267each 175gr Sierra match King bullets, 100 Barnes TSX 150gr bullets, about +-200 prototype high BC sniper bullets, 264 winchester primed brass cases, 156 primed steel cases, 35 pieces of fired boxer primed brass, 24 stripper clips and a bag of misc pulled surplus brass and bullets i'll throw in for good measure. the prototypes will work best in a bolt gun. Take it all as a lot for $200 shipped. Ammo! holy crap I have a pile of it, but I'm gonna separate it into the boxes it's in right now. I have posted pics below of all the ammo listed next to it's individual packing. any questions on which is what ask, but I'try to clarify above the pic itself. box 1: polish Light ball in sealed crate 880 rounds - $150 box 2: Polish light ball (880) in box with some 160ea russian and 100ea hungarian light ball. 1140 rounds - $195 box 3: Heavy ball in box. 445ea Hungarian yellow tip and 125ea Yugo M903 (steel case copper wash) - $100 box 4: Heavy ball in box. Yugo M30 brass case 960 rounds - $165 box 5: Mixed commercial. 356ea Brown Bear 174gr FMJ, 40eqa Silver bear 203gr SP, 29ea Sellier and Bellot 174gr HP Match, 12ea Selleir and bellot 180gr SP, 16ea Wolf 148gr FMJ, 6ea Wolf 200gr Match, 35ea Wolf 200gr SP, 60ea czech LPS ball, 33ea 7N1. Total 587 rounds - $250 $225 SPF Box 6: Lightweight practice rounds. 320ea German M39 123gr FMJ, 96ea czech RN plastic core. 416 total - $100 box 7: Czech Silver tip 1962 BXN light ball (most accurate/consistent surplus ammo). 780 rounds full case in original crate. Crate has been opened. - $500 $450 SPF box 8: Czech Silver tip 1963 BXN light ball (most accurate/consistent surplus ammo). 630 rounds full case in original crate. Crate has been opened. I personally evaluated and shot from this crate, it was more consistent than ANY other x54r surplus ammo I tested including 7N1 which was a close second. this is VERY accurate ammo - $400 $375 SPF TERMS I can take visa MC or Amex or a postal money order. Cards will have a 4% fee added because thats what they charge me . Buyer pays shipping, any insurance and packing you may want. If you pay with a card I will ship the next business day. If you want, it should be fine to stick a label on the ammo tins or crates directly and avoid additional packaging. Since you are paying for shipping you tell me how to ship it. I will use fedex for the ammo or rifles. x54 crates weigh about 54# each and they will ship from 59718. If you want to figure shipping go here: https://www.fedex.co...n&locId=express If you want a ballpark just figure $30 a case. Thank you so much for looking!! jack From left to right: German Practice 123gr, Hungarian Heavy ball, Polish Light ball, Yugo M30 brass, Yugo M908 HB Czech super ammo. the legendary Silver tip light ball.
  9. Big thanks to Shandlanos for the great trench art/ quad rail handguard swap! They look awesome, need a couple more loving coats of tung oil and some buff, but they are really unique!! Thanks!!! BTW, the heat gun, purple power, windex method does work to remove cosmoline. It just takes patience. Have about 2 hours on the upper and 3 hours on the lower to get it all out of the wood. But it is worth it to save the art!!!
  10. Looking to trade a Yugo M70 UTG Quad rail for some Yugo wood handguards. PM me if interested....we'll trade pics....it is used with some scuffs, but I am not looking for perfect wood either. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Have an underfolder kit umm...parts here for sale. Asking $75 shipped CONUS screwdriver not included Paypal +4% or if you can make it happen with no fees for either party, super otherwise ill accept USPS money order Crossposted Thanks AZG
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