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S12 dust cover replacement - FYI

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Always tinkering and modding my S12, I wanted an additional receiver dust cover to ruin. wink.png

I searched the forum and found that OEM covers were priced at about $70 and no one actually had them.  There was inconclusive discussion about whether an AK rifle cover would work. Soooo...


I purchased an "NC Star" AK cover with a picatinny rail for $18.90 from Optics Planet.


(If you aren't familiar with NC Star, they sell "economy" gun parts probably made by grade school kids in Taiwan, and

IMHO, quality ranges from trash to 'pretty decent for the money')

The cover was not bad, good gauge of metal, and judging by the effort to cut and grind it, fairly hard steel, design and manufacturing seemed solid. 


Naturally, it would not fit. After all, an AK and an S12 receiver are two different sizes!  Duh.

I approached the problem as I believe an Izhmash engineer would -- I threw back 2 shots of 'wodka', and grabbed the Dremel and a hammer.

(note: if Thomas Edison had a Dremel, we'd be driving our flying cars by now)


I am here to report that with not much effort, this cover can be modified (forced?) to fit, and seems to work just fine with a few test shots (shells, not vodka).  It ain't pretty.  It ain't MOA.  But now for $19 I have my HK rear sight, and can use a red dot.

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Hey, I tried!  I'm better at hack machining than computing!  What does "not allowed to use that image extension mean?! 

I'll try again, since you were nice enough to call my post interesting and lame, but don't get miffed if they are too many gigabytes or something...

I'll look better once I smooth the grinding and get some paint on it.


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Thanks, since my photography skills are also lacking, it looks rougher in person.  I am mainly interested in function. 

Someone once called my S12 "the most butt-ugly gun (he'd) ever seen" so...


It was straightforward and needed minimal skill and effort, but if anyone would like more pictures or pointers, I'd be happy to.

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