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Teaching Scouts Dutch Oven Cooking

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My younger son is in the BSA and we do plenty of camping trips as the weather cools down.
Every camp is a classroom for more than just Merit badges and advancement, but for diverse life skills too.
This trip was centered on a 5 mile hike and ID'ing at least 10 flora including at least two poisonous plants, and 10 forms of fauna by sight, sound, spoor or feces.
Along with that I've been recruited to teach Dutch Oven campfire cooking.
A very useful skill to have.
Today I started with giving them a lesson on how many coals, coal placement for cooking methods and a delicious recipe which was devoured for breakfast.
Dutch Oven Breakfast Casserole
This can be done as the popular Five Layer or mixed
12" Dutch Oven
2lbs Ground Pork Sausage, lightly browned
2lbs Hashbrown Shredded Potatoes, fresh or frozen
2C Onion/Bell Pepper, chopped (optional)
1.5 dozen, Eggs
2C Shredded Cheese
2 packs canned Biscuits
2T Seasoned Salt
Preheat dutch oven
Layer or mix together, pork, hashbrowns and onion/bell pepper.
Atop that add the eggs and then the cheese.
Finally top with biscuits, you can easily fit 12, 14 if tightly packed.
Set coals in a circular pattern around the bottom, 10 briquets or equivalent in coals.
Set coals in a circular pattern around the top and a few more in the center top, 12-14 briquets or coals.
Cook 45-60min or until biscuits are browned and eggs are set.
Generously serves 12-14.
Gooey Cheese Pic
We also cooked 2 DO's full of biscuits to go with several skillets of crisp bacon.


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Heh, when I was in the Boy Scouts (many years ago now sad.png ) a "Dutch Oven" meant leaning (London Bridging) over someone's sleeping bags face hole and sharing the scent of that night's bean side dish with them. 015.gifwacko.pnglaugh.png018.gif


Reminds me now how lazy our Scout Masters were with all the (usually cold) C-Rats they used to feed us. :angry:


That does look absolutely fantastic, Chile. :up:

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Some of the best meals I've had came out of dutch ovens. The ones with the legs for cooking over a fire, without the legs you can use them in your oven.  Roasted a chicken in one that came out real well, once we caught the chicken.

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Well done, and it looks delicious.  However when the phrase 'dutch oven' is utilized, I just equate it to methane torture/abuse. 

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We did blueberry pie and peach cobbler.


Best night we had cooking was sloppy joes at a camporee.  We only had 3 scouts able to go, and the scoutmaster and my father weren't there all day, so we had to do it with no guidance.  We got confused on the ingredients, and added a can of V8 for tomato sauce and a can of tomato sauce.  Took forever to boil that V8 down, but it made the best sloppy joes EVER!  When the adults got back before the council fire, they tried the leftovers and couldn't believe we did that good.  That night we took 2nd place at the camporee, and beat our rival troop that had 50 scouts there.  And I work with 5 scouts that remember that night we beat them.

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