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That's pretty cool. I enjoy those rifles, but on a few I've handled, the front sight was basically floating. On my cousin's one it could move around about 1/16" without even putting finger pressure on it.

That's not saying to scrap them, or avoid them, just saying that if you get one, plan on doing something about those shoddy sights.

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I know people think this is trivial but when you are facing a winter where there will be days and even weeks where going outside is akin to entering a death match with nature well... one needs useful indoor distractions as keeping that sat antenna working in a blizzard is just not happening and the power is likely out anyway...


Maybe you should buy him a home in Florida. haha.gif



Been there done that...


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Good discussion here gentleman.  Apologies for not getting back sooner.  I'm using the single parent excuse plus it's hockey season.  After some research here's what I ended up with...






At the $45 plus free shipping I consider it a steal.  I'm counting on the collapsible stock allowing us both to use it.  I also find some hidden value in the fact that at his age he probably won't be able to pump it by himself.  It should allow us both enough trigger time to introduce basic gun safety and marksmanship.   


I had the AR-15 version back in the late 80's and I had a blast with that thing.  At that price it'll allow Santa to set him up with some eyewear, pellets, scope, and steel targets.  It all adds up to come quality father/son time.  Possibly next year I'll be asking what 10/22 setup should we go with.  I appreciate all the input.


Yup, looks like a good bonus stocking stuffer!  Thanks brother!

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Good choice!  I like that it is hard to cock, just like a Red Rider. Gives you a chance to work with the child and develop .good and safe habits. It also helps marksmanship, due to making each shot more 'precious'. Learn to shoot single shot FIRST, then semi or full auto only after mastery of safety and marksmanship.

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On 11/15/2017 at 11:35 PM, Spacehog said:

Earlier this year, Sportsman's Outlet was selling Henry Golden Boy presentation grade .22rifles where you could specify the serial number with anything alphanumeric. I picked up one each for both of my daughters. They have their names and birth dates as the serial numbers. I will present the appropriate rifle to the first born of each when the time comes.


Don't know if Henry still has that offer, but it would be pretty cool to have a rifle as a kid that said "this rifle belongs to me" right in the serial number.



Just an FYI, Henry has their Heirloom rifle sale going on again until October 31st. If you ever wanted to customize a firearm alpha numeric serial number for a special occasion here is you chance. I got the notification through Sportsman Outdoor Superstore, which is also where I bought the original rifles above for my daughters. You may be able to order directly through Henry as well. The rifles I received from the last special like this were truly presentation grade.

ETA. Gunfun the sights were top notch on the two rifles I received, no issues with either.

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FYI: The Henry 22 lever guns jam if you run 'em fast. I emailed Henry about the jamming and never even got a response. So much for their customer support.  I shot 5 or 6 of them before I decided to go with an Uberti '73 in 22LR. No jams, but expensive and no longer made.

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