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Bulgarian Circle 10 mags do NOT work in Vepr 223

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Hello. When vepr got banned, I grabbed 2 Vepr 223 rifles. Also got 15 mags for each. Now, I got around to fiddling with them, found to my dismay that Bulgarian Mags simply do not fit into the Vepr magwell. They fit fine up front, but when you rock it back, the back of them mag doens't even fits into the mag well. I am not saying it doesn't lock, it doesn't even go into the mag well, as it seems to be a bit WIDER than the mag well. Any ideas?


Thank you

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It may be as simple as filing some material off of the receiver and not having to do anything to the trunnion or rivets, then again, it may not be that simple. I would measure the mags with a set of calipers, measure the magwell, look to see if trunnion and rivets will need attention, develop a plan, and decide whether or not it is worth the effort.

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Tiger you are correct,this has to do with the Saiga front trunnions not made to spec.

The Saiga was made on purpose not to accept full capacity magazines.

The easiest solution is to remove a slight amount of material from the front of the magazine.

If you remove the top cover and look at the area of the front trunnion when you slowly rock the magazine in you will see the area that is hitting. File just enough so the mags lock in.

Sorry I meant to write vepr instead of Saiga ^

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