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Original Tapco Intrafuse handguard

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Tried getting some traction on the AKFiles site.....no response so far. Maybe you guys have some experience on this question.


In my Saiga-to-AK conversion done some years ago, I opted to use the Tapco Intrafuse front handguard, as it allowed me a 922r compliance part and I didn't want to get involved in AK gas tube and retainer hardware issues for the "true" AK handguard conversion. 
The unit mounts on its front-end using a Tapco square mounting block....that is grooved on its inside and slips over protruding pins on the barrel. 
This is the version I'm talking about--> http://www.tapco.com/products/saiga-handguard-black.html
My question.....this front-end mounting "block" is made of some kind of plastic. It contacts the barrel which can get very hot in a prolonged and intensive firing session. Can it melt? Have guys here have any personal experience with this happening?
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If you have more than 10 20 round drums and are trying to catch up to Evl in his videos, it might be an issue. For those of us who seldom shoot more than 3-4 mags back to back, I don't think you can get it hot enough to harm it. The factory hot dog bun is plastic too, and maybe a little more pliable which usually means a slightly lower melting point. As near as I can tell both are nylon.


I wouldn't worry about that. If you have a vert grip on the plastic pic rail, I have some doubts about durability, but all in all, I kinda like those tapco forends. I don't like most of their other products, but that one always felt decent to me. As with anything, there are tons of people who hate it. Mostly because the stocks that were often packaged with them were junk, so they distrusted the rest of the package too. Also, it was a common purchase of the sort of person who orders all the accessories before the gun arrives, then posts to ask whether that was a good idea. So it kinda became snob bait. 


Put it this way: if you ever get it hot enough to melt the inside a little your hand will still be fine. The grip would wobble afterwards slightly, then you could get an aluminum hand guard which would burn your hand earlier and make you slow down. Relax. This is a non-issue.

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This is for a rifle I presume since it uses the block and the protruding gas block pins. The S12 doesnt use the block, just mounts like the OE handguard.


Someone on here did melt one, there are pics in some thread buried in the search feature of this site. Maybe try searching "melted tapco", that might turn something up.

I had one on my 7.62 Saiga for quite some time and never had a problem. However, I never went berzerk with mag dumps. I do understand your concern tho.

It will melt if you like turning money into noise, as fast as possible. But it should last a long time without issue (my experience), if you are more frugal with your ammo expenditures. 

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Thanks for the response. I'm not being paranoid.....simply asking.


Yes, it's applied to a former IZ-240 Saiga (5.45 x 39 ).  One small correction.....the Saiga factory plastic fore-end is backed-up (reinforced) under the inside surface "skin", with steel where it contacts the barrel/pins. Put a magnet on the inside/lower portions of the handguard within an inch of the sling stud.... and you will see. 


Also true....we don't really know the type of plastic each of these handguards (factory and Tapco) are made of. Also likely.....that it would require a hellacious amount of firing to perhaps get this hot enough to matter. All the reason to remove doubt and simply ask people's experiences....if any, on this point...thanks to both of you !!


I took a flashlight and looked real close how the front Tapco mounting block actually contacts the barrel. It seems only a small sliver of the block actually contacts the barrel (lots of air space otherwise)..... and it does-so on the thick portion of the barrel, actually the outside surface of the GB. If it makes a difference....I also fabbed a stainless-steel heat shield that forms a "U" shape inside the handguard....should help. 

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Simply as follow-up.....by chance does anyonw who used to run this handguard...but doesn't anymore.....does anyone have a spare front mounting block they'd be willing to get rid of? I'd like to experiment with some modification ideas. Let me know if you do.....thanks. 

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Seeing mention elsewhere that normal S-12 to AK handguard retainers don't work with this one.

Is this a no way in hell, without a specific Tromix mfg retainer, or can it or the retainer be made to fit somewhat acceptably? There was a ton of DIY modding and fitting back then and I keep seeing mention, any AK lower handguard except this one.

Not understanding the actual issue.

Have enough pieces to start cloning the Saiga 12 Gabe Suarez used in his book, DVDs and articles about them back in the day, this Tapco Galil AK handguard is a pretty distinctive feature on it, but I'm not even going to try finding the Tromix retainer for it. 

I bought my Lynx in 2018 IIRC and found out right away the aftermarket on Saiga's wasn't there anymore, like when I had my Izhmashs. I don't want a 20 dollar Tapco part standing in my way, how can I make it work?

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