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Planning to Buy a SxS for Hunting

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The sad thing is I got into goose hunting because I felt like I needed to justify buying my Saiga to myself [probably part of it was my very frugal father giving me the side eye for dropping a grand on something he couldn't understand the need for] and having pretty much struck out in only getting 5 ducks [and no geese] in the last 2 years. But oddly, even though I'm normally a bit of a quitter when I'm bad/unsuccessful at something.


I've been using my Mum's SXP which I bought her so she could hunt with me, but I was hoping I'd be more successful with it. To actually allow her to use her own gun I'm hoping to get a hunting shotgun and what better than a classic SxS? Along with being an American tradition and having really fast follow ups, plus getting to have two chokes at once, the chambers and where they lock up kinda look like a pair of voluptuous thighs, which is pretty great too.


I'm thinking of a Stoeger, either a 28in Uplander or the 30in Longfowler since they: have 3in chambers, swappable chokes, long enough barrels, the 28in has two triggers, are not 4 figures in price, and they aren't made in Turkey. I don't know if the extra 2 inches or the second trigger would be more helpful, and I'm displeased they don't have ejectors. If there were a 30in barreled, two-triggered, 3in chambered, SxS with swappable chokes and ejectors made in not-Turkey and not the price of a used car I'd love it.


Any advice would be very helpful and appreciated. With the EAA Witness and SXP I bought them pretty soon after making these threads so I WILL be buying a shotgun soon. Might also try picking up Pheasant hunting as guided hunts are dirt cheap and I could use the ego boost and meat to eat. Despite staying motivated it's tough to be reading about people coming home with full coolers and hunting for most of the meat they eat in gun magazines all day then coming up empty again and again.


Thank you all for your time reading this.

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Me too, I see 3 or so flocks that reliably fly over my work every day from like September-December at streetlight level. At the very least whipping out a shotgun would scare off the hobos that keep harassing people in our car park.

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