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What else do you stock?I've seen you list a bunch of stuff, all separately. A list of your current stock would be nice, as well as your business address. I'm always in the market for something, but I don't send money to just anyone.

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personal stuff collected over the years got the bolt from  same guy as Chille. ps feel free to trash me as much as you want


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Posted 20 November 2017 - 07:13 PM

I have a complete & new S12 bolt assembly that I picked up years back from Doug at the now defunct, www.avtomatsinaction.com

He used to get S12 parts in on a infrequent basis, he always had the cool stuff.
I bought my spare S12 Complete Bolt Assembly for $60.+S/H, IIRC.

They're no longer available, haven't been in forever and likely never will be.

I've often half joked that I'd sell my bolt assembly for $500.00 to those who managed to FUBAR their own.
No one has taken me up on it...  Yet.


Evlblkwpnz has given you about the only option besides R&R

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