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Holy hell - what's going on with prices?

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I bought 2 rifles a while back - around $400 each unconverted.  I converted them....and of course Obummer banned them from import.  I knew the prices would go up, and they did.  But they came back down.  I went to check on the market-place because Century Arms is having an auction for one on their web page - their auction is up to $1500 already for a converted Saiga!  I went to gunbroker and looked - they are all pretty much around that price range.  DAMN!  I thought with Trump in office prices would come back down - I guess not!

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And there is an economy of scale issue. ARs took off. They went from $1200 toys with iffy quality control to something you could buy well made for $400. Meanwhile the cost of AKs moved in the other direction due to supply and import issues.


Cost per performance drove demand, demand pushed economy of scale to improve Ars, and to turn Aks into the niche fanboy item that ARs used to be.

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Look at what you used to be able to buy a SVD for, or even cheaper a PSL. Now look at the prices, exorbitant.

I always turned my nose up at the PSL thinking I'd cough up for an SVD soon, wish I'd bought several PSLs now.


People want the real deal Russian AK... Hell, I know I do.

Another Saiga 7.62x39 has been on my list for a long time and now if I want another I'll have to pay to much.

Almost better of to buy a new Arsenal AK now.

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