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I would change a few things next time, starting with the stencil supplier. I ordered rifle stencils and they came in two small sheets with spartan emblems in them screwing up the pattern. Not only that, the spartan things will end up upside down on one side and sideways on the other unless the pattern is ran the short way, which wasn't going to work. The most desirable parts of the patterns were in the corners. Lesson learned, look at the stencils way ahead of time and make sure they don't suck. I used some scraps and patched in the spartan section on one side and used blurring on the other side to hide the gap in the pattern.





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I don't really know anything about Cerakote, but all the ones I've seen previously were shiny, like metal plating. I didn't know you could do matte colors and patterns, that looks like Duracoat to me.

I used a 24 to 1 ratio (matte) when mixing in the hardener. This pic was after rubbing in some CLP, so it was really matte right after it cured. What you are seeing that is somewhat shiny likely has more hardener mixed in or has a clear coat on it. I'm not too big a fan of the shiny stuff either. 

We if you really don't like it do it again.

Blues and pinks might look good

I like it well enough to not change it, but the stencils could have been less disappointing.

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Is this a service you plan on offering in the future?

Initially I will just offer it on builds, but when I am no longer a one man shop I will offer it on whatever comes in the door.


I think it looks fine man. Nice work.

Thank you. I have always been good with a rattle can and wondered how I would do with some decent equipment. I'm fairly critical of my own work and I impressed with my effort, which is not common, lol.


It looks great!


I'd be scared to set it down in the woods to take a piss and not be able to find it again.

I was trying to get that blurry look and I got lucky. It was also the first time I has used my new HVLP gun with Cerakote, so now that I know the gun a little better I can improve. When laying down really matte coats it is extremely difficult to tell what you are doing with similar colors over a flash cured coat that is matte. I am suspicious that may be the reason everyone usually chooses more sheen when they are doing multi-color work. I laid a base coat down and then laid down some Titanium in a few areas before stenciling and it gave it a flip-flop effect that complimented the 3 colors of shading/blurring. I did another like this at the same time, but I am not as happy with it and hoping the customer will let me redo it. The negative with that re-do is I am so busy it may take me 2 weeks to have a refinishing day where I know there will not be any interruptions. He has been a champ about the timeline thus far, so maybe he will let me.



I am spraying Norrell's Moly Resin now as well and will be posting some pics of that soon. It is a very special build (my crown achievement as a builder) in more than it just being my first Moly Resin work. I really really like that stuff. It is super easy to work with, if you have a quality HVLP gun or an airbrush like is recommended. It is really thin though and I would not want to try it with a cheap gun. John Norrell even personally called me about my order and some questions I had about spraying the product, which I was very impressed with. 

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It has been a very long road to get here. Not wanting to spend thousands on a spray booth and thousands on a curing oven, I built my own. They work great and I ended up spending about half as much shop time on them than I would have spent buying them. I know them in and out as well. I initially wanted to do this because I was tired of refinishing not being in my control as far as the timeline goes. Now, the only thing I farm out is engraving and I hope to end that after I get done with CNC programming and fabrication school.

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