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I am making a drive to pick up an AA-12 Shotgun tomorrow. It is 1 of only 12 semiauto versions ever made. Of course I’ll be fixing the Semi issue... I’ll post some pics and stuff but likely not tomorrow. It will be a very long day for me with a minimum of 11 hours drive time.

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Fun, but still I think it is a joke at 13+ pounds and a rate of fire slower than our semiautomatics. I've long said that one could duct tape two S12s with MD20s together and have a better gun than the AA12 for the same weight and a tenth the money.

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Have fun Mike, then sell it for a BUNCH of cash.


I'd rather have a S12 w/a happy switch. Rock -n- fuckin' ROLL!


Probably worth a lot more as a semi than as a post sample.


If there is a drop in solution it won't matter. I've never seen one in person so I can't really offer any input on it one way or the other. Sounds fun though.

Here's a post sample for ya... so worth doing.

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I was mistaken. It is 1 of 10 semiautos ever made. I have serial number X002. The semi actually doesn’t have the coteolability of the fullauto. The full fires from an open bolt so the massive carrier and bolt slam home as the round is firing which transfers that motion forward against the recoil. The constant recoil system does prevent a sharp recoil impulse but the open bolt is the true key. If you watch the videos closely you will notice a couple give aways. First, when the first round is fired the bolt is released from a much shorter distance to close. The first round in a burst will recoil a little more but the following are firing off a carrier closing from much further back which lets the carrier/bolt accelerate to a much greater velocity which greatly tidied the recoil impulse of the filling shots. When the bolt closes on an empty chamber you will notice it drags the gun forward because there is no round to counter the forward energy. You wo t notice this much when I’m firing it but you will in just about any other AA-12 video out there...


The semi version doesn’t have a violent recoil impulse but it definitely moves you more firin from the closed bolt. You have the recoil of the round plus the heavy carrier/bolt moving reward without any forward movement to help counter it. When it returns to the closed position it pulls forward a bit. Even with high power buck shot you don’t get a sudden impact and it’s actually hard to tell the difference between the weaker bulk pack stuff and high power stuff even in the semi closed bolt version which is a nice benifit. But... The time of travel from rear to back closed is slow and you can’t really recover until it is all over and closed.


When Daewoo made their version of the AA-12 they missed this feature also and their select fire version fires from a closed bolt tool. I have a USAS-12 but I have actually never fired it. It would have to feel basically the same as the closed bolt semi AA-12. Maybe a touch quicker recovery from the USAS-12 because it is a heavier gun.


I was actually very pleasantly surprised though with the weight and feel of the AA-12. I was expecting something as cumbersome as the USAS-12 is to handle and carry. The AA-12 was far superior to the USAS-12 in that regard.

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