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Boba Debt

Prototype KVAR AK-47 with Quad Rail

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For those of you that remember I used to sell the quad rail for these rifles in kit form


The quad rail was made from heavily modified off the self parts that cost me over $300 and they required 8-10 hours labor for the modifications


I made less then 20 of them because the work was labor intensive and I got bored so I sold the concept to Century Arms back in 2010 and became their main contact for R&D on the quad rail system.


My original rail was kind of cobbled together but once built it was rock solid and looked great


But for mas production we needed a rail machined specifically for the KVAR bull pup so I work with them to develop it


I evaluated the first article (prototype) and discovered some issues which were addressed on second prototype.


Then the political climate changed and they dropped the project.


I recently decided to sell the rifle made from the second prototype.


Mine was built from the 1st prototype and was raw aluminum and had some issues but the one I am selling was built from the 2nd prototype, it was anodized and the issues were corrected.



Its a very tight rifle that shoots well 


It is chambered in 7.62, has an over all length of 28.5 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds


I would like to get $1500 for it and that includes a custom wood shipping crate and an extra trigger wire which is a $50 value


That may be high but considering that it is impossible to even find a KVAR Bull Pup AK I think it is fair price for 1 of 2  prototype rifles in exsistance


The last time I saw one sell on Gun Broker it went for $1200+ 



If interested send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com














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