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MODERATOR- suddenly we have accident lawyers chasing us in the Forums

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I have banned 78 doggone spam accounts over the last 4 days..

Sooo sorry I'm not omnipresent and let a couple slip by..




Seriously, the Report a post option does the trick as far as alerting us...

I flush 'em out a couple times a day.


I'm even placing new users on mod preview before they post anything..

Makc needs to ban the IP, I can only lock accounts.


I don't know what's diffrent, but the past couple of weeks have been bad..

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If you are super eager to rat them out, there are very harsh rules about lawyers and advertising. It is actually pretty tricky for us to make reasonable claims in our ads, since we aren't allowed to say almost anything meaningful, even if it is true.


Screenshot the spam, file a bar complaint with their state bar association. It is mandatory that lawyers personally respond to any bar complaint, and even having one on your record is a big deal. Fail to respond, and you will lose your license. They will fire their spammers in a hurry.

addendum. My guess is that the lawyers aren't even aware that they have spam exactly. I get hit up constantly by firms promising to expand my brand, increase my web presence, etc. I get cold calls from advertising people at least 3 times a week. I actually answer them to tell them not to call back, since that is the legally triggering language that they know they have to comply with. It thins out the interruptions.


Probably they got some cold call from a company promising them X# of views on some legit ad for a very low price and the non web savvy older lawyers didn't think to ask HOW they were going to get those views.

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so, a lot of these spammers put an emmbeded link to whatever lawyer or heating and cooling company in their profile description, I just re directed all of 'em to pornhub..

Thought it was funny...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was gonna collect the names of the companies and post them.. so we can all smash their google business reviews with one star for their shitty advertising practices.

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