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Vote! In poll propsal to ban "assault weapons"

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This poll so far has been going heavily in our favor with 10,000 plus more votes against a ban than for it. Now is the time to use the demoncraps favorite trick against them - vote and vote often!! Yes its just a poll but it will get the point across that we will not tolerate a ban on the tools of self defense of our choice.




Link to easily write all your federal reps in one shot.



Link to easily write all your state reps in one shot.


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Here's a comment...



The percentage of law abiding firearm owners who go nuts and maliciously kill people for no good reason (self defense) doesn't even equal 1%. Murder is unlawful and murderers do not care. More laws will not make them care. All new laws do is strip the law abiding of their rights. The criminals will still arm themselves with whatever they can find and we will be less adequately equipped to stop them.
People are murdered with all kind of things, but no one wants to ban anything until a firearm is used. The goal of gun control is not to stop murder, because it will not stop murder, the goal is to disarm the people and have greater control of them. If there is greater control over the people, politicians can do whatever they want to us whenever they want to do it without concern of a massive armed revolt. The Second Amendment was written with the ability to fight an out of control tyrannical government in mind and with the intention that we the people might help defend our country from an invasion. It says nothing about hunting or recreational use. It is about self defense on every level, from criminals to a tyrannical gov't. The Second Amendment was a very very serious and purposeful part of our Bill of Rights and it is in place to protect our First Amendment. What separates us from other countries where they are in the street throwing ricks and bottles when the gov't tries to run them over? The Second Amendment does, the AR15 does, the AK47 does, and so on.
Pills are killing more people than anything right now. Nothing is done about it. A few people go nuts and kill people with legally acquired guns and now we all must be disarmed. The "Gun Control" debate is not about saving lives at all, it is about the goal of having an unarmed populace to push around. If things were about saving lives we would do something about this pill epidemic.
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This is really not going the way they hoped lol. Now the author updated with another article and claims its a "conspiracy" (:


People are going wild in the comments for the poll no holds barred.


Share the poll with everyone.

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with our govt completely corrupted by the democrats and turned into a weapon against the American people, election rigging  and the govt agencies the democrats corrupted that tried to frame and over throw Trump ......


that poll shows this is just NO time for this gun control crap I feel 1/2 of America is realizing this is exactly why the 2nd was written and,  if we didnt have the guns we would be over taken NOW and turned into the next Venezuela in real short order

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I signed it once.  I will not sign it again.  To do so is not a proper morel decision of responsible citizenship!  HOWEVER ... that does not seem to matter to the loonie left and socialists who will and do sign such things dozens of times.  Like multiple voting in elections.  THEY feel comfy violating the letter and the spirit of many laws.


But ... I told many friends about the poll.  Some responded.  You see the difference?  We are moral law abiding citizens.  The enemy of freedom has no such morality of action.  They can and will do anything to take over our Constitutional Republic.  So ... do we do what they do or do we hold the moral ground ... and lose the battle?


Dunno.  They say the first thing that fails in warfare is the truth.

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The next thing lost when you are at war is civility.  Then morality.  Then ethics.  Then everything.  To win is everything.  To lose is to lose everything.  Our enemies of freedom definitely understand this.  Do we?  Thus the problem.  Do we as civilized individuals have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done?


I will vote many times on that poll.  If the results does not please the enemy they will simply remove the poll.  Also the results will give them information to "gun deck" future polls.  Do we see the advantage such stupid polls gives the enemy the advantage? We have lots of work to do.  To lose is everything.  Yikes.

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