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Can someone provide a photo?  Perhaps the manufacturing process creates that "dimple"  so an auto sear group pin hole can NOT be accurately located ... or provided?  Dunno fur sures.


Edited Extra: ... How can the BATFE rule on something that has not yet been done?  Sounds like a bad Sci Fi movie.  Sounds like the shoe lace thing years ago.  Silly and dangerous.




All Oregon State, US Code Laws And BATFE rules And NFA Laws Apply.

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More or less the gist of the ATF's position is that if the AR receiver is marked for the auto sear hole in any way, the receiver becomes a machine gun.  The receiver does not need to be drilled!

Sharpie marker felony? That's nuts.

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Not sharpie marker.  It was used against replica AR's that used a circular stamp to replicate the look of the hole and pin.


On the PAP, there's a equilateral Y stamp on the auto sear hole location, a X stamp on the hammer pin location, and another Y on the trigger pin location.  To make the holes, you drill the centers out with the appropriate sized bit.


I'm going to have a chat with my senator about this.  It's either the ATF is going to have to backtrack this, or they're going to have to open up the NFA roles to accommodate all the rifles that have been sold.  Either way, the ATF fucked up!

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I understand. What I meant was.... you said "in any way". So... If you mark the receiver with a sharpie...instant constructive possession, even without modifying anything beyond making a few marks with a sharpie.


I agree. write and bitch.


That same "logic" could be applied to WMDs by looking under your kitchen sink. Got bleach? Got ammonia? Constructive possession of a WMD (chemical weapon).

It's abullshit power grab designed to create felons and justify continued funding of the goon squad.

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