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I was just wondering if anyone has used a Boyd stock for a rifle build - particularly a .30 caliber build.


I like the look of their Pro Varmint stock. As far as being "tacticool" goes, it's a less expensive alternative. Does it need to be bedded or pillared? How thick a barrel can it accept?


Being a laminated wood stock, does it resist thermal changes well to maintain accuracy?


Just wondering what you guys think. Of course, I'll contact Boyds too, but I figure you guys will be more objective.





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A friend of mine used on of their unfinished stocks for a precision .22 build. It took some work to completely float the barrel. He did traditional bedding. I remember him having quite a bit of time in it, but it looked great when it was finished.

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The stock I bought from them for my SBRed Ranch Hand was....  adequate.  The matching handguard just plain didn't fit, so I have a slight color mismatch with the factory one now.  I could understand fitting being required for an unfinished part, but not one sold as being finished.  Also, it was made wrongly enough that attempts at fitting were not likely to be successful anyway.

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I bought their plain model for my Winchester Model 12, and it fits well. It is a different profile in the "pistol grip" part than the original, less curve to it, but it works fine for what I wanted. Good wood used for it.

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I've got an SKS in one and a 30-06 Savage Axis in one. Quality stuff. The Savage took a bit more fitting, but the one for the SKS didn't have a bayo groove. It does now.

I'd recommend them, for sure


2017 Buck


They can be pillared and bedded. I have not done mine. I will someday, and there are videos out there showing how.


On the Savage Axis, the action is tight to the wood and passes the $1 test the length of the fore end. The barrel lug that came in the stock needed to be shaved so the action would seat. The laminate is very stable and void free. I'd trust it at any temp. It's dyed birch and glue, so more solid than plain birch.





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I have a thumb hole stock on a Yugo Mauser 308, I had to pillar and receiver bed it, no free floating needed. The only thing I did not like was the size of the grip. too thin, I bonded a piece of Mahogany and formed it with finger grooves.

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I put a Boyd's stock on my son's Savage 93 .22WMR

Wasn't thrilled with the non-Accustock stock, so I ordered a Boyds Rimfire Hunter, bull barrel in Forest Camo laminate and some new bottom hardware from DIProducts.  The rifle has a standard barrel profile, set in the Bull Barrel stock it is free floating with about an even 1/8" gap all the way to the receiver.

Topped with a Vortex Diamondback Rimfire 2-7x35 on Vortex Hunter 1" low rings.













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Thanks for your responses so far guys. I just have a general idea of putting a 1" dia. bull barrel into Boyd's Pro Varmint or Varmint Thumbhole stock. I like the Pro Varmint stock because it looks like the MacMillan A-5 stock, but much less expensive. I suppose the thumbhole stock's ergonomics lends itself to being a bit more accurate.


Figured I'd get a 26" 1:10 barrel chambered for .308 Win with a recessed crown, get a 700 short action receiver, maybe a Timney trigger, and have the barrel drilled & tapped for a scope base.


Might get another SWFA fixed power MRAD scope with TPS rings & base. NightForce or Vortex scopes are too expensive for me. I certainly can't afford a Schmidt & Bender or Steiner scope either. I just want a rifle that'll shoot really well at 100 yds. so I know it'll be good at longer ranges. The bull barrel will help with that.


I do realize this can cost more than a commercial rifle, but I'm in it for the education of it all. I just want to learn what is involved with building a rifle from components.


I can see Boyd's Pro Varmint "Tacticool" stock in green to contrast with a black bull barrel, black scope with sunshade, and black bipod. It'll look cool. 

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