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saiga12 3gun - trying to lighten the load

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My current Saiga 12 configuration


fully converted, polished bolt

JT competition spring kit,

3 x 12 round mags from SGM tactical

6 way gas plug and performance puck from CSS

custom mag release lever

custom bolt lever

customer safety with bolt retention/lock

ATI folding / extendable stock

UTG aluminum quadrail

magpul flip up adjustable ironsights

JT 7oz steel compensator


overall weight is 11 lbs-ish unloaded


I was checking out some other saiga 12's used at my local 3gun match.. one from RandRtargets.com

easily 2-3 pounds lighter then mine.. and of course the in-line brake that makes me quezzey ... :)


so I have been pricing out some different parts


any suggestions... on the following would be appreciated


replacement butt stock .. doesn't not have to be folding .. but adjustable would be good... and at least a 1inch pad

replacement foregrip/quad rail -  .. looking at a something lighter then the quad rail








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Ditch the quadrail first thing.


If you need a light forend for compliance, the options are SGM and the tapco intrafuse for cheap plastic that is okay.


There are various tube style forends.


You can get a pignose adapter for AR style stocks which moves the bore into line with the stock. I forget who makes that. Then the AR stock of your preference.


You are in open, so I would push out the factory rear sight and use the CSS adapter to pic rail and put a red dot where the rear sight is.


That would be pretty much all you need other than a magwell. The magwell makes a huge difference. I have the JTE aluminum magwell which is functionally the same as the SGM plastic one and the same price. That is still the way I would go. 


I would do a friction job on the action and address the ports if needed and switch back to the factory recoil springs, or 1911 springs.

I really like the tac 47 autoplug, as it is an idiot proof part once tuned in, but it isn't necessary for 3 gun.


Is your ATI stock the one that keeps the trigger group in the original location? If so, Absolutely do a trigger group conversion. It will fix the balance of the gun, improve the trigger, etc. There are lots of threads here explaining the advantages of doing so.

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