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Granddaughter is turning 16, and is into archery. I need recommendations for a re-curve bow and practice arrows. She is a tiny little thing not yet 5' but full of LIFE! Living in Baltimore so I cannot get her measured here in TX - so anyone know what I need to know to get her a set up that works for her? 

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Is she in to more traditional archery, or all the modern equipment? I've known people involved with each.

She might like to check out Kyudo, the Japanese form of archery. Also look in to a thumb ring for the release.  ;)

I also had a friend involved with Yabusame- Japanese mounted archery. That was pretty interesting stuff!

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g o b - the archer really must pick it.........


I was just going to post a topic as to why we dont have an archery section here.


your bow length is determined by arrow draw length.


I always go one size up as well...



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this site would be more complete with a section just for black powder, then another for the rest, air guns/archery/knives


i mean, i know this is a russian made saiga site, but it is a shooting community as well, and most of us shoot more than just a pistol, or just a rifle, or just a shotgun....


i have very few people now that i shoot with, and even less that i know that have good knowledge of our sport, and what leads up to it.

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