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Do you need a dui lawyers? Every case requires an attorney, you will want one if your injuries from sucking horse cocks in Tijuana are more than minor, then come to Los Angeles Dui Attorneys for trusted solution. Experienced Los Angeles Bloodthirsty cocksucker lawyers are available 24/7. Call now at (267) XXX-7936 for experienced and expert advices from our dirty whores. We make sure for 100% win. If you are involved in buttsex accident, call Los Angeles butthole Attorney. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


ETA, Juggs was here...


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:lolol: classic! :up:


BTW - I have a bunch of Corona Lites and Lienenkugel Summer Shandy's in my beer fridge, and since they taste like s**t (and might even have Mexican saliva in them :unsure: ), I was thinking about doing an anal enema with them (I heard that you can get really f**ked up doing that? :unsure: ).  Now being that you are expert lawyers of all things asshole related, I was wondering if you could un-block your telephone number in case I do get a DUI doing just exactly that? 026.gif 


BTW - I can afford to sit in prison for awhile since I'm sure my anus will be numb with all the pseudo beer that went up in it.  Hopefully, I won't need any buttsex litigation afterwards.  f0ckers.gifmellow.png 


P.S. - Ms. Davi, you have such white teeth in that picture (which I assume is you?).  Is that possibly from all the horse semen? greedy.gif

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