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American AIrlines Work Slowdown

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Has anyone else experienced flight delays and cancellations when using American Airlines? Last summer I was accompanying my 80 year old mother on a flight to Israel taking American to connect with El Al. The first day the flight from Cincinnati to JFK was cancelled and we came back the next day to take a flight connecting to Reagan National to JFK. The flights to JFK were delayed and while other airlines were taking off and landing, the American planes were sitting on the side of the tarmac. We missed the JFK connection and they put us on a flight to Boston to catch the El Al flight which was departing at 9:00. We arrived at 9:30 and they wanted to put us on Turdkish Airways and when my mother saw the Turdkish counter she said that the doesn't trust Muslims so we went back to American and they gave us a flight on Air Canada the next day. In the meanwhile they lost our bags and did not put us up in a hotel for the night claiming that there was an LGBT convention which took up all the hotel rooms.
We stayed with a relative in the Boston area that night and in the morning my mother told me to go ahead without her and she'll return to Cincinnati in a few days. When I arrived in Israel, I was informed that my mother suffered a stroke from all the stress that American Airlines caused us and had to return two days later.

YNet in Israel reported about the work slowdown but the fake news media won't report on their fellow DemocRat union thugs.

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Thank you Ronin38.  Unfortunately, the stroke left her paralyzed on her right side and her speech is also affected. it's painful to see her being helpless after being independent. She's been in a nursing home in long term care and I go to see her daily to ensure that she gets good care.

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At 80 it will be a long heal for her.

Make sure she eats

Make sure she does her therapy .

Be with her more than you think you need to be as personal jobs  are not as important as your mom.

Bring grand kids, baby's, dogs, neighbors,foods,pictures and read to her on a regular basis.

What ever faith she is, have them visit her all the time as many fail to visit the sick. Insist on it with them.

Her will to live and move on is the most important thing.

Give me her first name and I will pray for her as I already have.

Fight for and with her, hug hold and kiss her all the time, God bless

Remember a lot of her recovery  is emotional.

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Thanks to everyone. I see her every day when I am able to. No breaks for holidays or weekends. I only stay away when I don' feel well or when my borther comes to town. I appreciate your support.

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Sue the union for the stress that caused her stroke.


Hope she gets well soon,...

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