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i have a crazy notion as to why Mike D. bought an AA-12....

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got an email from armslist this morning about a semi auto AA-12 from sol invictus...






and over on barf a guy is posting pics of a post sample....




maybe im makin story of nothing, buuuuuut, ya never know!

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If they ever released a semi aa-12 how much would it cost? I dont think the origin-12 is a big seller and I have the feeling price is the reason.


How about mag compatibility? Im not sure the aa-12 is compatible with anything else. So at the obnoxiously high price they are sure to charge (based on their article and elaborate sales pitch) this will be a firearm with a severely limited market. Please dont tell me MD abandoned the thriving S-12/V-12 mag based shotgun market for this! That may be a even more sick of a joke than the double stack pump 590, and thats saying alot!


Even if this thing is really produced and offered for sale (IDK? Theres no pricing or availibility info on the site) it still will never offer everything the S-12/V-12/clones have to offer. For one because of the chunky one piece (?) stock.


S-12/V-12/clone is where its at in the tactical semi auto shotgun world, and heres why (go ahead and lump in the aa-12 with the other non S-12/V-12/clone semi auto mag fed shotguns).


theres more S-12 mag compatible guns out then ever before. When alot of these mags/drums were developed S-12/V-12 were the only games in town. Now theres so many Kalashnikov based shotguns out and for sale its hard to keep track of all of them! There is already a turkish and chinese clone of the V-12 being produced and sold (not yet in U.S. to my knowledge) its only a matter of time till we see them here. No other platform offers everything that the Kalashnikov based shotguns offer.




-traditional semi auto gas system designs (mka 1919, sko, 1100, 930 etc.) use fragile rubber o-rings and wear parts that are sure to crap out at the worst time.




-traditional semi auto's (1100, 930 etc.) have recoil systems that extend into the stock, so no folders. This is the reason why you will most likely never see a "shockwave" version of the 930 or 1100.


-Ar based systems use a buffer and tube, no folder or at least no firing more than one shot while folded.


-Pump designs can only be shortned so far due to the amount of travel needed in the action bars to cycle.




-traditional tube fed semi auto designs (1100,930 etc.) have obvious capacity limitations.


-Non S-12/V-12 based semi auto mag fed designs (mka1919, sko, ar based etc.) use non standardized mags with less capacity options and no drums availible.


-Yes mossberg now has 590 double stack SMH! But its not a semi (and a abomination).




-traditional tube fed semi (1100, 930 etc.) when you shorten the gun, you lower capacity + no folder due to recoil system design.


-non S-12/V-12 based semi auto mag fed designs (mka1919, sko etc.). could potentially be shortend but do not offer the capacity options/drums and truly are the minority in popularity compared to S-12/V-12 based designs. A true limited market since there is no standardization in the mag design.


-magfed pump shotgun (870 dm, 590m). Limited on compactness due to the action bar legnth necessary for function. And at the end of the day..its not semi!


The S-12/V-12/clone market is stronger than it ever has been. All of the S-12/V-12 clones released and planned for release (S-12/V-12/KS-12/Cheetah/Lynx/ddi-12/trench-12/tri-star bull pup/RS1-S1/Ranger Tac-12 etc etc.) is evidence of that. Just like manufacturers are stepping in to fill the S-12/V-12 void left by the sanctions, manufacturers will step in to profit from the sale of mags, parts and accessories for these firearms. The only question is..who wants to make money? "The S-12/V-12 market is dead" is a damn myth.

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Last I saw an AA12 for sale, the list price was $13K with a brag that they could get them down to 10k if they got enough orders. 



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